ELEX WooCommerce Product Price Custom Text (Before & After Text) and Discount Plugin (Free)

This plugin allows setting custom before & after text on product price display.

You can apply fixed price and/or percentage discounts seamlessly. These settings can be configured on the individual product level as well as for all products in the store globally.

You can also display the minimum and maximum range of a product’s price by setting the discounts individually on its variations.

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Enhance the detailing of your product prices by displaying custom texts before and after the product prices to give quick information to customers for making purchase decisions. ELEX WooCommerce Product Price Custom Text (Before & After Text) and Discount plugin helps to highlight the offers, units, quantity, tax, and other details along with the product prices as WooCommerce before & after text (prefix and suffix).

The visibility of details drives customers to make purchase decisions and gives an insight into the pricing model you follow. Additionally, the options to apply an instant fixed price and/or percentage discounts on the products could help with conversions.

By providing more clarity regarding product pricing, you will be able to create more opportunities to augment sales numbers!

Top Features

Display Custom Text Before the Product Price

Add a custom text as the prefix to the displayed product price on both the shop page and individual product pages.

Show Custom Text After the Product Price

Display a custom text as a suffix to the product prices on both shop and the product pages.

Apply Quick Discounts

Apply a fixed price or percentage discount or both at the same time on all products in the store.

Set Prefix, Suffix, and Discounts on Individual Product Level

Configure a prefix and suffix (WooCommerce before & after text), and a fixed price or percentage discount for products exclusively on the individual product level.

Display Minimum and Maximum Price Range of Variable Products

Configure different discounts for different variations of the same product and display the lowest and highest price of the product’s variation as minimum and maximum price range.

Add and Hide Prefix and Suffix for Product Variations

Add prefix and suffix for individual product variations. Also, hide the prefix and suffix of individual variations when you have set a default prefix and suffix globally in the plugin dashboard.

Plugin compatibility

ELEX WooCommerce Product Price Custom Text (Before & After Text) and Discount Plugin is compatible with,



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