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Setting up WooCommerce pages – A Complete Guide

In this article, we take a look at how you can set up the pages on your WooCommerce store.


When you want to create a WooCommerce store, you need to have specific pages on it. To do so, you need to use short-codes to set each page. The pages you set on your store, will be visible on the store page. And also you can see links from the home page pointing to these individual pages.

You can either create the pages, using the onboarding wizard at the time of installing WooCommerce, or you can manually add pages to the store from the dashboard.

WooCommerce Pages

Whenever you install WooCommerce, you are greeted by the setup Wizard. It guides through step-by-step methods to set up the store for you.

You can also opt for the set-up wizard by going to WooCommerce>>Help>>Set up Wizard.

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

Upon choosing this you get a WooCommerce setup wizard on the screen.

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

Choose “Let’s Go”. You can always skip this and set up your store manually. 

Setting up the Page 

As the wizard begins, you get the page setup. 

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

Basically it shows the important pages for your store, which is the Shop page, Cart page, Checkout Page, and My Account page. You can click on Continue to automatically set these pages in your store. You can choose which pages to appear on your front end, by going to Appearance > Menus.

Shop Locale

Setting up the address of your shop is equally important when you are setting up a store. Here in the next step, you can include the address, the currency, the unit for your product dimensions, etc. 

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

The Wizard does pick up the default location from your IP address, still you can choose to enter the data.

Shipping and Tax

An integral setting that is never to be missed is the shipping and tax configuration. You can also opt to do it later on your store , or do it in the wizard itself.

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

These settings are available in the WooCommerce general settings. You can choose whether you want to include tax in your product prices or not. You can set up the Tax on your WooCommerce store from the WooCommerce >> Tax settings


To successfully run a store, you need to be careful in including payment options. WooCommerce does have safe and secured payment gateway options. 

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

You can either choose any one of the options  – PayPal powered by Braintree, Stripe, PayPal Standard.  There are even offline options like Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer Payments, and Check Payments.  You can also install additional payment options like Authorize.net etc. if required. 

Finally !! Store is Ready

Once you surpass these steps, you get your store ready.

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

Now you can add your products to your store by going to Products>>Add New and set your store completely and start selling online.  You can always rerun your Setup Wizard and set up again those skipped steps if you want to.

Setting up WooCommerce pages Manually

If you have your WooCommerce already installed and you want to set the pages manually then you can do it using the shortcodes without the help of the wizard.

Shop Page

Just go to pages and add a new page.  Give Page name as Shop.

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

Cart Page

The cart page will show the products which are chosen by the customer. It reflects the cart contents.  On clicking on the cart page, the customer is redirected to the cart page.

Here we use the shortcode"-[Woocommerce_cart]"

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

Checkout Page

Here on this page, we use the shortcode"-[Woocommerce_checkout]"

When the cart is ready, customers would want to check out from your store. Upon clicking the Checkout page, the customer is redirected to this page.

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

My Account Page

This page is used for displaying the information for your customers.  The customer can log in and see the past orders as well as past transactions.

The shortcode used here is"-[Woocommerce_my_account] ".

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

Also if you are keen to add more pages you can always add more by going to Pages>> Add New.

Direct WooCommerce to Pages to Use

Not just creating the pages will help, you need to instruct WooCommerce to open specific pages upon specific selection. This is when you have not set up the pages using the Onboard wizard.

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

You can choose each corresponding option and set the same. Here you can set the Checkout, cart page, and the My accounts page.

To display the products, you can choose the Shop page.set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

Reinstalling Pages

If you have not installed the WooCommerce pages, you can reinstall the WooCommerce pages again.

set up WooCommerce pages || ELEX

To Wrap Up

Following the above steps, you can successfully set up the pages on your WooCommerce store and start selling. If you need to look out for certain plugins to help you with the successful running of your store, you can check these plugins.

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