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  • The basic functionality works with no external server dependency.
  • Integrated to WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk Plugin.
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Are you looking for a lightweight, intuitive, and AI integrated automated chat response solution that help you to easily interact with Customers and convert their concerns to trackable tickets? You are in the right place.

In this age of swift technology, it is crucial to be quick on your customer queries and be there for them as and when needed. Hence, you need to upgrade your customer support with live chat and should respond to them even if you are not available online to offer solutions to their queries. WSChat helps you to easily integrate with Dialogflow by Google, to set and trigger automatic responses for their queries at any time. It offers more advanced features such as record and sends videos from the chat widget, attaches and send files, option to send the entire chat history to an entered email ID, and option to like or dislike your support services by customers.

You can view currently active visitors on your website and initiate a chat to guide them with the products or services you offer. You can reply to customer queries in real-time and also accept feedback from the chat. The plugin also easily integrates with WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System PluginOne of the things that make WSChat stand out from other WordPress live chat plugins is that it is self-contained and de-centralized. Unlike other SaaS-based live chat plugins, you are in complete control of your data, as all the data is stored on your server.


WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Set up Easily & Start Chatting

Set up Easily & Start Chatting

Set up your chat widget, customize the features to be displayed on the header of the widget, reply to the customer queries and initiate chatting from your side if your customers are online.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Data Security - Independent WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Security & Privacy: Complete Control Over Live Chat Data

Unlike other SaaS-based live chat plugins, WSChat makes you the exclusive owner of your data without storing your data to some other servers. All data is stored and managed on your own server rather than storing in multiple locations. As you can take full control of the data, it increases the credibility of your business.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Monitor the Visitors in Real Time

Monitor the Visitors in Real Time

You can view currently active (both registered and unregistered) users on your website in the Active Visitors dashboard. Monitor the details such as IP address, the page they are currently viewing, the operating system of the customer’s computer, and the uptime (the time each customer spends on your site).
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Email Notifications

Email Notifications

You can enable the ‘Email Notification’, for sending an email notification to the configured ‘from’ mail ID when a chat is initiated. You can configure email settings to let users send emails from pre-chat form. And you need to provide details such as a sender name, sender email address, and a common subject line.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Unlimited Agents

Unlimited Agents

Just like our WSDesk plugin, you can create unlimited agent profiles. You can create a new WordPress user, select existing ones, or you can import agents from your WSDesk plugin.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Unlimited History

Unlimited History

There is no limit to store chat history in WSChat. All the chats in the “Recent Chats” will be moved to this Chat History dashboard after 10 minutes of ending the respective sessions.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Agent Alerts

Agent Alerts

Agents are notified with a sound notification whenever a new chat arrives. The 'from' address will get an email notification. So they can see the message and reply as soon as possible from the Active Chats section.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Agent Messaging- Initiate Chat From Agent Side

Agent Messaging - Initiate Chat From Agent Side

The plugin allows you to view live visitors’ information on your website and initiate a chat with them. This allows you to help with their concerns beforehand and is a good approach for pre-sales queries.

Customize the Live Chat Widget to Fit to Your Site

The plugin allows you to set colors as chat widget background, Header Background, Header Text Color, Chat Background, Agent Message Background, Visitor Message Background, and Message Text Color that matches with your website design.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Emoji Support

Emoji Support

WSChat supports emojis to make your customers' chatting experience more interesting.

It will increase customer engagement on your site as it makes the conversation more interesting. And they can use the emojis to express their responses.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Customize Chat Header

Customize Chat Widget Header Options

By default, a ‘mute’ option will be there on the chat header. You can add Attachment, Video Recorder, Send chat history and Chat rating for displaying them on your chat header. You can enable the required features according to the requirements.
  • Attachment: Users can send the attached files to you using this option.
  • Video recorder: Users can record a video and send it.
  • Send chat history: It will help to send the entire conversation to the entered email ID.
  • Chat rating: Users can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the chat to notify their satisfaction with the answers.

  • Check How to Set Up WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin? for more details.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Detailed Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Analyze your customer support performance in the reports dashboard. You can set the desired date range to view reports for that time period. You can view ratings, quality scores, and the number of tickets associated with all agents.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Pre-Chat-Form

Pre-Chat Form

You can create desired pre-chat forms that allow you to communicate with users when you are offline. You can then reply to the messages via emails. You can also show online/offline status to the users.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Chatbot AI (Dialogflow) Integration

Chatbot AI Integration using Google's Dialogflow

Integrate Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to your conversations with the customers to offer quick solutions even if you are not online. WSChat offers easy integration with Dialogflow, a tool in which you can set the training phrases and responses for your customer queries.
Dialogflow helps:
  • To create training phrases and set responses.
  • To fetch values and include them in your responses for customizing solutions.
  • Create custom payloads for sending images, audio, video, and documents to customers.
  • Integration with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc.
  • To offer quick replies to the customers even if you are offline.
  • Easy integration with Firebase for storing response files.
  • To generate project ID and Google service account private key file in JSON/P12 format.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Works-Well-with-Mobile-View-

Works Well with Mobile View

The plugin is AJAX-based and mobile responsive as well. Hence giving you and your users a smooth user experience. There are no external dependencies of calling external libraries, which makes it work effortlessly with WordPress. You can also maximize the widget screen on website as well as on your mobile.
WSChat - ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin | Works Well with WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

Works Well with WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

If you are using WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin for your customer helpdesk, you can easily import agent profiles from it. This will be a time-saver if you have the same customer support agents that handle both helpdesk and live chats for your website.

Drawbacks of SaaS solutions

Although SaaS solutions are projected as a big trend in the market, it sure has a lot of shortcomings. The biggest concern is the control of your data. Once you opt for a SaaS solution, you are risking on how your data will be handled. SaaS providers usually have mirror servers, which means your data will be stored in multiple locations. This could be fatal for your business if there is a breach of data on the servers and your competitions get a hand over your data. Also, since these solutions are connected to multiple machines (or enterprises), any setback could affect all machines, rather than just one machine in an on-premise setup.

Internet & power outages and periodic maintenance of SaaS solutions are just some of the problems to get started with. In peak hours even their servers will be on heavy load, which will slow down the external API calls and this will eventually slow down your website. Such effects on your uptime could heavily impact your sales.

What happens when the SaaS provider runs out of business or is acquired by another company? How is your data being managed after the acquisition? Are there any third-party enterprises allowed to access your data? These are just some of the questions that could be burdensome if you are a small or medium scale business owner. Hence, it is better to take control of your own data and opt for on-premise solutions.

WSChat, unlike other SaaS-based live chat solutions, makes you the sole owner of your data and does not own or store data. All data is stored and managed on your own server. A live chat helps in connecting with your visitors and boosts in interacting with your potential customers.

Live chat is one side of the coin, another side is the helpdesk system. Although live chat helps you in solving basic customer queries about your product/service, having a dedicated helpdesk system will enable you to manage customer queries in a systematic way. When a live chat plugin like WSChat is coupled with WSDesk (our on-premise WordPress helpdesk plugin), you are powered to deliver the best customer support experience to your customers.

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How many agents can I add?

You can add as many agents as you want! There is no limit to add agents’ profiles. You can create users in your WordPress site or select existing ones, or you can import agents from your WSDesk plugin as well.

Can we change the chat appearance based on my website theme color?

Yes, you can change text color and background color of chat section, agent reply, customer reply, header, and so on. Also, you can add custom features like the video recorder, file attachment option, an option to send the chat history to an email ID and like & dislike buttons.

Can an agent send a message to a customer?

You can select a desired active user in the Active Visitors dashboard and initiate the conversation.

Are the chats stored? Can I view previous chat conversation?

Yes, you can manage previous chat conversation in the Chat History section.

Is our data safe & secured?

All your data is stored and managed on your own server unlike storing in multiple locations. As you can take full control of the data, we ensure your privacy and data security very seriously.

Can the plugin handle multiple chats concurrently?

Yes, the plugin can handle multiple chats concurrently.

I have an issue while displaying the chat widget.

The widget works fine for all of the plugins we have tested except few. We will be happy to help you with adding custom CSS to make the widget look good for your theme. No problem!

What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires, the plugin will continue to work as usual, but the download permission will revoke. So, the updates for the plugin will stop.

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      Thank you!!

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