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The WordPress Embed YouTube Video Gallery plugin is a great way to showcase your YouTube videos on your WordPress website. It allows you to embed YouTube videos into your website with ease and create a beautiful video gallery that will attract visitors to your site. The plugin is easy to use and comes with a lot of features that make it stand out from other similar plugins.

Using this plugin can help you create a professional-looking video gallery that will help you attract more visitors to your website. It’s a great way to showcase your YouTube videos and make them more accessible to your audience.

It uses the YouTube API and is designed with a focus on performance. Pagination can be added to improve the layout and loading speed, automatic syncs can be carried out, and there are several customization options available.

With direct WooCommerce integration, you can add one or more YouTube videos to the product gallery on individual product pages, making your products easier to understand.

License Type : Single Site
Single Site
Up to 5 Sites
Up to 25 Sites

100% Money Back Guarantee.

You are protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The license entitles 1 year of support & updates.

  • You are protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Each installation of the plugin will require a license key.
  • The license entitles 1 year of support & updates.
License Type : Single Site
Single Site
Up to 5 Sites
Up to 25 Sites

100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not fully satisfied with our product, We do 30 days full refund. Learn more on Refund Policy.

Easily Create YouTube Video Gallery Page

The plugin enables you to showcase a fully customizable youtube video gallery on your website which automatically sync individual videos, playlists, and even entire YouTube channels to your website using the YouTube API. We have optimized our plugin to handle youtube channels with thousands of videos.

By showing your YouTube videos directly on your website, you can increase the number of subscribers to your channel and increase the amount of time your website visitors spend watching your videos. The plugin enables you to sync your channel, handle, or specific playlists manually every time you upload a new video or automatically in predefined intervals like daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly.

Add YouTube Video to WooCommerce Product Gallery

The plugin even allows you to add youtube videos to the beginning or end of the product gallery of WooCommerce Products. Now your Customers can watch videos of your products included with the product image as in the Amazon marketplace, which helps to improve conversions. 

Top Features

Videos, channels, handles, and playlists can all be embedded

Add individual videos, playlists, handles, or all the videos on your Youtube channel to your galleries. You may also create a unique mix of individual videos and playlists for each gallery you create. The process of adding videos from YouTube to your gallery takes less than a minute!

Add More Flair to Your YouTube Video Gallery

The plugin enables you to showcase your YouTube videos on your website, complete with all the vital information such as – video descriptions, likes, comments, and views. Not only does this elevate your website’s interactive experience, but it also provides your audience with a more profound understanding of your video content. Adding life to your website has never been easier!

Auto-sync gallery on a set schedule or execute manual syncs

If you post videos regularly, auto-sync will help you keep your channel, handle, or playlist on your website up to date. When auto-sync is enabled, your gallery will be updated on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or immediate basis.

You can also manually sync your created gallery simply by clicking on the sync button available in each gallery.

Fully customizable layout

There are numerous customization options available, allowing you to fine-tune how it appears and how your YouTube galleries are presented. Tailor your YouTube galleries to look just how you want them to, so they match the look of your website. Play with the layouts, wrap videos in containers, and add shadow to videos, colors, and navigation controls to make them fit your website. Play button type, shape, background, icon, hover animation, and more can also be customized.

Include intro video to your gallery

You can easily include an intro video to the top of your gallery by turning on the intro video option available in the customization while creating a gallery & adding the URL of the video that you want to present as an introductory video to your gallery.

Add a subscribe button to the gallery

You may add subscribe button to the gallery that will redirect your user to the given youtube channel so that they can subscribe to it.

Live preview

While creating your gallery, you can use the live preview feature to see exactly how it will look once saved.

Direct WooCommerce Integration

You have the option of including single or multiple product videos for every WooCommerce product. Depending on your settings, this video can be configured to show at the beginning or end of each product image gallery.
Perfectly responsive video integration

Perfectly responsive video integration

Create responsive WordPress YouTube galleries that function seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. As a result, your users will be able to enjoy the gallery regardless of the device they are using.

Generate powerful shortcodes for each video gallery

Create a Youtube Video Gallery and receive a shortcode for it. Simply paste the shortcode into the post or page where you want it to be displayed, and your visitors will be able to view the gallery.
Generate powerful shortcodes for each video gallery
Add unique titles and categories for the galleries you create

Add unique titles and categories for the galleries you create

To help you sort through a large number of videos, name your galleries and assign categories to them.

Choose your pagination style

To improve the layout, loading speed, and overall user experience, you may opt for a simple text type or numeric pagination style for your gallery.
Choose your pagination style
Supports inline and pop-up play modes

Supports inline and pop-up play modes

You can enable inline or pop-up video playback options based on your requirements.

YouTube API Authorization

Retrieve Playlists or User channels using the YouTube API authentication to fetch videos from your connected YouTube channel.
YouTube API Authorization

Plugin Compatibility

All the ELEXtensions plugins are developed on the same framework. This makes them fully compatible with all our plugins. You may combine them together to get a better, more powerful & complete solution for your business.


We are doing our best to make them compatible with the other most popular plugins on the market.



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3 reviews for ELEX WordPress Embed YouTube Video Gallery

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    nelsontimothy557 (verified owner)

    For a considerable amount of time, I had been struggling to create an impressive video gallery for my website. However, this product not only assisted me in creating it, but its automatic syncing feature also enabled me to sync my YouTube channel effortlessly. As a result, any modifications I make to my channel are automatically synced. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Avatar photo

    hudsontylor221 (verified owner)

    Just amazing, I could not find any plugin which gives so much of customization options. Highly recommended.

  3. Avatar photo

    johnnyevans907 (verified owner)

    I am thoroughly enjoying the new version of this product. It has enabled me to enhance the visual appeal of my gallery while optimizing my site’s performance at the same time.

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