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Customers often abandon the products they have added to their cart without proceeding with the purchase. There are many reasons which make customers leave the products on the cart. Sometimes they have simply added a product they liked to the cart or they have added it to purchase in the future. At other times, the price is not agreeable or they have doubts about the purchase. In any case, an abandoned cart has the potential to turn into a sale.

How can you get your customers back to the Cart page and make them proceed to the next step to place the order? ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin can help you solve this problem!

With this robust plugin, recover your potential sales by sending emails at a predefined time interval to remind them to complete the order. It has an option to set a time duration after which a shopping cart will be considered abandoned. In addition to that, add a discount coupon with the email to attract customers who left the cart possibly due to the higher product price. 

In a consolidated list, you will be able to view details regarding the abandoned order’s customer email ID, and the details of the triggered recovery email. It comes with an option to set certain conditions based on different parameters such as user roles, total amount, number of items, and product ID, to trigger the emails if and only if the conditions are satisfied. Also, you can get the complete list of recovery emails sent to the customers including the email template, coupon, and the time at which it was triggered.

The plugin comes with 3 default email templates, which you can customize and use to trigger emails to recover the purchases. Also, there is an option to create a new template on which you will be able to create the desired email with coupon codes as per your requirements.

With the detailed graphical report, you will get an idea of how many customers abandoned your cart, how many orders got recovered, and the total conversion rate by the plugin within a specific time period. 

Well, if customers hesitate to purchase the order even after you send an email with a coupon, you can configure it to send more emails after a time period with more discount. Also, in order to avoid spamming their inbox, do not forget to set a time to remove the order from the list. If customers do not want to proceed with the order anymore, they can unsubscribe from the email!

Hence, recover your abandoned carts to convert missed leads to valid sales!



Recover the Abandoned Orders

Send emails in a specific time interval to customers who abandoned the products on the cart and remind them to complete the order. Also, add captivating discount coupons for making them purchase the abandoned products immediately.

Set a Fixed Time for an Order to be Considered Abandoned and Remove Abandoned Orders After a Specific Time Period

Set a time limit after which an order must be considered abandoned. This time will be calculated from when the customer added the products to the cart, and the cart will be considered abandoned if no activity is seen on both the cart and checkout pages for the specified time interval. You can remove an order from the abandoned orders list after a certain amount of time to avoid email spamming.

Send Recovery Emails to the Customers Automatically

Configure to send multiple emails with interesting discount coupons or special offers to the customers within specific time intervals automatically.

View Details of All Abandoned Orders

View the complete list of all abandoned orders as per the minimum threshold time with the cart ID, user’s name, email address, date and time, total price, products on cart, recorded time, and emails sent to the customer.

Set Up Recovery Emails to Trigger Based on Rules

Send the recovery emails based on multiple conditions on the user roles, total amount, number of items, and the product ID. Add multiple conditions and set to trigger emails if all conditions or any one condition from the list has been met.

Add a Custom Email Template

Use default templates available on the plugin, or frame a custom email template as per your requirements.

Unsubscribe the Recovery Email

Customers can unsubscribe from the email if they do not wish to proceed with the order. The store owner will have an option to unsubscribe the order from the dashboard to stop triggering recovery emails to the customer on that specific order. If you need to restrict sending the recovery emails to a customer, you can set it from the User’s settings tab of WooCommerce.

Send Discount Coupons in the Email

Send discount coupons in the mail for attracting customers to buy the abandoned products.

View Email Logs

View all sent emails with the details including cart ID, email address, template name, coupon, and time.

Analyze Order Report

Check the detailed graph-based report to understand the total recovered amount, abandoned amount, and the conversion rate populated by the plugin within a selected period of time.


Check out our documentation on Setting Up, Trouble-shooting, FAQs & Code Snippets.


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What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires, the plugin will continue to work as usual, but the download permission will be revoked. So, the updates for the plugin will stop.

When would the plugin consider an order as "abandoned"?

The plugin would consider the order as abandoned after the product is added to the cart or the customer has reached to the checkout page and the page is left idle after the set cut-off time.

Can my customer stop receiving abandoned emails from me?

Yes, the customer can very well unsubscribe from the email. The plugin also gives an option for the site owner to remove a customer from the mailing list.

How many emails can I send to my customers?

You can set up as many emails as you wish to be sent to the customers till they recover the cart.

Can I set some criteria for sending abandoned emails? Like I want to send emails only if the cart total is above x amount.

Definitely. You can set email rules for each email template you wish to send. You may read through the documentation part for more details.

Can I remove the abandoned order automatically after a certain time?

Yes, the store owner will have an option to set the preferred time to have the abandoned orders removed from the list.

Does the plugin comply with the GDPR guidelines?

Yes, ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery is compliant with the GDPR rules. As a part of compliance, the plugin does not capture any data of end-users and customers without consent.

How do I know if the plugin has sent the emails or how many emails have been sent to my customers?

The plugin gives you a log that shows the details of the email sent to the customers at the email log section and on the individual view order details.

Can I attach a coupon code with the automatic scheduled email?

Yes, You can attach your WooCommerce coupon code with the email. The email will contain an abandoned cart link and once clicked on the link, the coupon will automatically be applied to the cart.

Does the customer gets removed from the email list if the cart is recovered?

Yes, the customer and the order details will be removed from the abandoned order list once the cart is considered as recovered.

Can I send Emails manually to the abandoned orders?

Yes, you can definitely send emails manually to the selected abandoned orders

Can I get a report of how many orders have been recovered?

Yes, the plugin has a graph-based chart that shows the total recovered orders.

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