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Shopping cart abandonment occurs when your customers add items to the cart but leave your website without proceeding with the purchase. There could be many reasons for this behavior, but in any case, an Abandoned Cart has high potential to turn into a Sale, if properly handled.

What if you can remind the shoppers that they haven’t completed their purchase and give them the ability to pick up where they left off? What if you can give a personalized discount to them?

ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin can help you streamline the process and recover the abandoned sales. Easily set up & customize automated reminder emails along with discount coupons to the customers who abandon their shopping carts.



Learn more about each cart that has been abandoned or recovered

Check the details for each cart that has been retrieved or abandoned. Send abandoned cart emails to your customers with exciting special offers for better engagement & recovery of the abandoned cart in order to increase your sales.

Select the WooCommerce order status that will mark the abandoned cart as recovered

The abandoned cart is regarded as recovered every time one of your customers completes a purchase through a recovery email that was sent to them. You can select the WooCommerce statuses for which the cart will be considered as recovered.

Set a timer for the period of time after which the cart will be considered abandoned and remove all previous abandoned cart information

The cart will be regarded as abandoned after the items are added to the cart and no activity is seen on the checkout or cart pages for the specified amount of time. You can set a timer to have the plugin automatically remove abandoned cart lists after a specified amount of time, preventing email spam.

Allow unregistered guest users to recover their abandoned cart

Allow guest users to retrieve their abandoned carts along with registered users.

Send Recovery Emails to the Customers Automatically

Configure to send multiple emails with interesting discount coupons or special offers to the customers within specific time intervals automatically.

View Details of All Abandoned Orders

View the complete list of all abandoned orders as per the minimum threshold time with the cart ID, user’s name, email address, date and time, total price, products on cart, recorded time, and emails sent to the customer.

Set up email rules & configure email triggers to send automated abandoned cart emails

Create rules based on multiple conditions such as user roles, total amount, the number of items, and the product ID. Configure email triggers to send your customers an automated abandoned cart email.

Add a new custom Email Template for the abandoned cart

Add a new custom email template or use the default template available with the plugin to send abandoned cart emails.

Receive an email notification when a cart is recovered

As a shop owner, you can choose to receive a detailed recovery email each time one of your customers recovers an abandoned cart.

Stop sending the Abandoned Email whenever you want

Customers can unsubscribe from the abandoned emails if they do not wish to proceed further & recover their cart. As a shop owner, you also have an option to stop sending automated abandoned emails for the specific cart from the cart detail page. However, you can always send abandoned emails anytime manually from a Cart until it is deleted or cleaned up.

Apply coupons in the abandoned cart email

Apply discount coupons in the abandoned email to encourage customers to buy the abandoned products.

View Email Logs

View a list of all emails sent to customers in the past with details including cart ID, email address, template name, coupon, and time

View detailed report on abandoned & recovered cart amount

Check the detailed graph-based report for a better understanding of the total recovered amount, abandoned amount, and the conversion rate populated by the plugin within a selected period of time.


Check out our documentation on Setting Up, Trouble-shooting, FAQs & Code Snippets.


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What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires, the plugin will continue to work as usual, but the download permission will be revoked. So, the updates for the plugin will stop.

When would the plugin considerd a cart as an "Abandoned Cart"?

An instance where the customer has added products to the cart, or has reached the checkout page but has not placed an order till a certain cut-off time defined by the store owner, will be considered by the plugin as an abandoned cart.

Can my customer stop receiving abandoned cart emails from me?

Yes, the customer can very well unsubscribe from the abandoned cart email. The plugin also gives an option for the site owner to stop sending automated trigger emails to a customer for a particular abandoned cart.

How many emails can I send to my customers?

There is no limit on the number of emails that can be sent to the customer. Based on your business needs, you can set up as many triggers as you want to keep sending automated emails till they recover the cart.

Can I set some criteria for sending abandoned emails? Like I want to send emails only if the cart total is above x amount.

Definitely, this plugin comes with the option to create conditional rules based on different parameters like cart value, number of items in the cart, User role & Product ID. You may read through the documentation for more details.

Can I clean up the abandoned carts automatically after a certain time?

Yes, the plugin has an option to set a preferred time to have all the abandoned carts removed from the list.

Can I include my guest users in the abandoned cart list?

Yes, you can include guest users on your site for abandoned cart lists & allow them to recover the abandoned cart.

Will I get an email or notification if the customer recovers their cart?

Yes, you can opt to get an email notification with all the details of the cart upon its successful recovery.

Does the plugin comply with the GDPR guidelines?

Yes, ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery is compliant with the GDPR rules. As a part of compliance, the plugin does not capture any data of end-users and customers without consent.

How do I know if the plugin has sent the emails or how many emails have been sent to my customers?

The plugin gives you a log that shows the details of the email sent to customers at the ‘Email logs’ tab and on the individual cart details section.

Can I send an exciting offer with the automatic scheduled email?

Yes, you can send an exciting offer by attaching your WooCommerce coupon code with the email. The email will contain a coupon code in it, which can be automatically applied. When the customer clicks the Proceed to Checkout button, they will be directly taken to the Checkout page where the coupon will be already applied.

Does the customer get removed from the email list if the cart is recovered?

Yes, the customer will be removed from the abandoned cart list, which means they will no longer be receiving any abandoned cart emails once the cart is considered recovered. However, the cart will still be present in the cart details tab with the cart status changed to “Recovered”.

Can I send abandoned cart emails manually to the abandoned cart?

Yes, you can definitely send abandoned cart emails manually to the particular abandoned cart even if you have opted to not send automated emails.

Can I get a report of how many orders have been recovered?

Yes, you will get a detailed report on all the abandoned & recovered carts on your dashboard.

Can I add a custom abandoned cart email template?

Yes, the plugin allows you to create or add your own custom abandoned cart email template.

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