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Are you fed up with manually generating Stamps.com USPS shipping labels? Do you wish you could receive an email notification with the label? Making your job a lot faster and easier!

The ELEX Stamps.com USPS Auto-generate & Email Add-On for WooCommerce lets you take a back seat and automatically generates Stamps.com USPS shipping labels, whenever an order moves to specified order status. You’ll receive a copy of the shipping label via email. You can also choose to send a copy of the shipping label & shipment tracking link to your customer’s and/or custom email address(es). In addition to this, the add-on allows you to send an email notification to shop owners when USPS fails to return real-time rates.

This add-on works only with ELEX Stamps.com Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce.

About ELEX Stamps.com Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce

The ELEX Stamps.com Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce is one of the most sought-after Stamps.com plugins in the WooCommerce. You can avail special discounts from Stamps.com, as we are an Approved Integration Partner.

With this plugin, you can –

  • Access real-time rates from USPS (United States Postal Service).
  • Print shipping labels.
  • Track shipments.
  • Pack items into custom boxes.
  • Offer discounts or add a markup on shipping rates, with Price adjustments.
  • Ensure packages with insurance amount.
  • Generate bulk shipment.
  • Configure USPS Flat Rate boxes, and much more!



Receive Order Email Notification with Shipping Label & Tracking Link

The add-on lets you select order status(es) during which you want to generate Stamps.com USPS shipping labels and receive an email notification, with the generated shipping label. If there are multiple packages in order, multiple labels will be generated and notified via single email.

In addition to this, the add-on sends shipment tracking URL that allows the recipient(s) to check the current status of the package.

Compose Notification Emails

You can choose to send emails to Shop owners, Customers, and/or enter a custom email address. If you are using a multivendor plugin, you can set email notifications for Vendors as well. You need to compose your emails by entering the required From email address, Sender name, email subject, and content.

Enable Shipment Failed Email Notification

You can enable this setting to notify shop owners when a shipment creation fails. This may occur when an order is placed with other shipping methods/services other than USPS services. The add-on allows you to compose custom email subject and content for the same.

View generated Stamps.com USPS shipping labels

When you receive emails notifying about the shipment of the order, you can click on the given shipping label link to view the label. A sample Stamps.com USPS shipping label is shown on the left.
ELEX Stamps.com USPS Auto-Generate & Email Labels Add-On | Compatible-with-Multivendor-Plugins

Compatible with Multi-vendor Plugins

Trigger email notification to your vendors (which includes shipment label and tracking link) by integrating WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Support for ELEX Shipping Plugins with the following multi-vendor plugins:

Product Video

Check out the product video to understand how the plugin works.


Check out our documentation on Setting Up, Trouble-shooting, FAQs & Code Snippets.


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Can the plugin work without the ELEX Stamps.com USPS Shipping plugin?

No, the plugin is an add-on for the ELEX Stamps.com plugin. The shipment creation and label generation in the add-on works in accordance with the plugin.

Can I create Stamps.com shipments with this add-on?

The add-on checks whether a shipment is created for an order. If not, it requests the ELEX Stamps.com shipping plugin to create shipments and then retrieves the label URL and sends via email.

What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires, the plugin will continue to work as usual, but the download permission will revoke. So, the updates for the plugin will stop.

Can we try out the Add-on on a demo site?

Yes, you can check out the live demo to try the add-on.

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