Cheapest Way To Ship Golf Clubs?

What is The Cheapest Way To Ship Golf Clubs?

Are you looking for the cheapest way to ship golf clubs? Then this is the right place for you. This guide will give you the best and the safest way to ship golf clubs.

Shipping Golf Clubs

It is important to ship golf clubs safely to anywhere you desire whether you are shipping a bunch of them to a customer, or you are a golfer on a tour. It is always better to ship your golf clubs ahead rather than carry around the golf sticks all along while traveling. As you can see, most of the airlines also charge a lot for checked bags and carry-on bags, hence invariably you are charged high for your golf clubs’ shipping. So here is an ideal way to ship these golf clubs way ahead without getting yourself into too many baggage charges.

Finding the cheapest way to ship golf clubs

Shipping golf clubs through couriers is the best and the cheapest option available. By shipping golf clubs domestically or internationally using a courier system you can do it at reduced costs and even get discounted rates. All you need to efficiently ship the golf clubs is just follow the corresponding shipping carriers’ rules and then obtain the cost or rates for shipping and the right shipping carrier for the same [ Compare the Shipping Cost & Estimated Delivery Date from Leading Shipping Carriers ].

However, when you are shipping you just need to ensure that you pack them well enough.

How To Ship Golf Clubs With FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL

These shipping carriers understand the need for a golfer to ship their golf clubs efficiently, so they are catering their services to meet their needs. They offer exemplary services when it comes to shipping golf clubs. They give you the best services at a modest price. Let us take a look at their services.


FedEx delivers across almost 215 countries and other territories around the world. The FedEx Domestic Ground Service and the FedEx International Economy are ideal services to get golf clubs shipped domestically and internationally at an economical rate. Even they have overnight shipping, 2-3 days shipping, and also other Express Shipping options, which may involve higher costs.


UPS lets you ship your golf clubs anywhere in the US even to resorts, clubs and hotels as per your need. UPS ground service will cost you almost $100 for shipping. However, there are expedited services, which may cost a little higher. The best part of using UPS to ship is that they have hundreds of stores across locations, which makes it easy to ship and deliver. Moreover, their packaging staff can pack and help you ship the golf clubs in the best possible way.


The best part of using USPS is that they offer the free Priority Mail Cardboard mailing tubes to ship the golf clubs. Even the Priority Mail Express service, as well as the Priority Mailboxes, are ideal for shipping golf clubs if they fit in perfectly. But again, if you want to ship using these boxes, then you should make use of those corresponding services alone. You can also pack the golf clubs in your boxes and send them via USPS.


Even though domestic shipping within the US locations is limited, DHL is ideal for shipping all over the world. But again their international options are quite costly.

How much will it cost to ship golf clubs?

Your shipping cost for sending golf clubs completely depends on the destination to which you are sending the golf clubs as well as the cost incurred from the shipping carrier. You might as well see that you get a different rate for shipping the golf clubs to the same destination from different shipping carriers.

Let’s take a look at some of the charges of shipping golf clubs from Brooklyn, New York, to Beverly Hills, California, where the package size is 50x10x12 and weighs 30 lbs.

Shipping Carrier Services Price
UPS Next Day Air Early $377.16
UPS Ground $107.19
UPS 2 Day Air 251.08
FedEx Express $245
FedEx Two-Day $355
FedEx Ground $70.63
FedEx Express Saver $107
USPS Priority Mail 2-Day $112.75
USPS Retail Ground $94.10

Here are the prices for international shipping from Brooklyn, New York, to Hong Kong for the package dimension 50x12x10 with package weight 30lbs.

Shipping Carrier Services Price
UPS Worldwide Expedited $213.18
UPS Worldwide Saver $245.81
FedEx International Economy $484.43
FedEx International Priority $517.50
DHL Worldwide Express $259.32
USPS Priority Mail Express International $$186.90
USPS Priority Mail International $162.50


As you can see, in both cases, USPS offers the cheapest fair while shipping domestically as well as Internationally. Whereas FedEx offers the ideal ground services at the best price. Internationally again USPS offers the ideal price for shipping.

Will your golf club shipping get insured?

You might get the shipment insured to an extent. But again it might not mean that it will be insured completely. UPS, as well as FedEx, don’t have specific insurance for golf clubs, but they have declared values based on weight and the value of the golf bag. The declared value is taken as the maximum liability when any damage occurs or if the item is lost. If no insurance then $100 is applied for shipment insurance coverage. In the case of USPS especially on Priority Mail Express, you get insurance up to $200. You can also rely on third-party shipping insurance like Shipsurance.

How To Pack Your Clubs For Shipping

Whatever you are shipping, you need to ship the items in the appropriate box. Hence when you are shipping the golf clubs, then you need to use the appropriate golf club shipping box so that while shipping no damages are happening. Here we take a look at how we can pack the golf clubs for shipping efficiently.

  • Make sure you use two layers of bubble wrap, and wrap them individually and then secure them with tape.
  • If you have headcovers for the stick, then use them too.
  • You can either bundle them up and wrap them together and tape them. Or you can place them wrapped safely individually and then place it in the golf club bags.
  • Place the golf clubs inside the shipping box, you can also use air cushioning to fill in the empty places.
  • Ensure you seal the bag carefully before shipping.
  • Do not forget to weigh the shipping box to obtain the exact shipping price.

Make sure to use affordable options to ship your Golf clubs

Be it for a vacation, or for business purposes, ship your golf clubs way ahead to ease your travel. Choose to ship your golf clubs using the most affordable shipping options. Make use of these popular shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL etc, to find the optimum options.

You can also include these shipping plugins which help to integrate the popular shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx etc. in the best way in your golf store.

Using these shipping plugins, you can not only fetch real-time shipping rates but also you can even print shipping labels for shipping. Moreover, you can also obtain accurate tracking details.

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