How to Ship Furniture? Cheapest Way to Ship Furniture

Are you looking for ways to ship furniture at a cheaper rate, then here is an ideal guide for you. Here in this article, we take a look at the cheapest way to ship furniture.

Shipping furniture is costly or cheap?

Whether you are moving from one locality to another, or another state, or just gifting someone furniture, you need to find the best way to ship the furniture without any damage. You might find a lot many options to ship the furniture, but finding the right one, which is affordable, is indeed an ordeal. Various factors actually decide the shipping cost. Here are a few of them:

Item size –The size of your furniture is an important factor when it comes to shipping. The bigger the size of your shipment, the costlier it will be.

Weight of the shipment – Heavy furniture packing is also a tough job, as the compound weight of all these will directly reflect on your shipping charges. Moreover, when not packed rightly, there are chances for damages.

The distance of your shipping – Apart from the weight and dimensions, the next factor affecting the shipping cost is indeed the distance. If you are shipping to a larger distance, then surely the cost will be directly proportional to it.

But here with our guide, make your furniture shipping quite easy and effective. Here we take a look at the cheapest way to ship the furniture across any location [ Compare the Shipping Cost & Estimated Delivery Date from Leading Shipping Carriers ].

How much does it cost you approximately for shipping your furniture?

As we discussed above, various factors determine the cost of the shipping even if it is your furniture. Some of them are:

  • Weight and dimension
  • Value
  • Distance
  • The shipping carrier is chosen.

Item size, dimensions and weight are the basic factors that actually help us calculate the cost of shipping. Calculating the shipping cost accurately will actually help us to reduce the cost of shipping and also saves a lot of money in your business. Ensure you measure the dimensions correctly to be sure that you don’t pay more unnecessarily. Sometimes some furniture needs extra care of cushioning while shipping or maybe an extra layer to keep it intact and safe throughout the transit. It is ideal to take extra insurance on your shipping, just to ensure you are covered well in case of any damage while in transit.

If you are shipping to a nearby location, then you can go for affordable trucks, which will just ship your furniture without much hassle and deliver them quickly and easily. If the distance increases, typically the cost also increases. You need to find reliable sources of shipping your furniture to distant locations at affordable rates.

What is the cheapest way to ship your furniture?

If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship your furniture, then you also need to consider the following factors like :

  • Weight
  • Item size
  • Shipping distance

Apart from these, the other factor that reflects on the price is the shipping carrier. Choosing the right shipping carrier is important when it comes to shipping. Most of the shipping carriers charge you higher for the first and last-mile delivery for order fulfillment. To make sure you are not charged more for shipping your items, measure the dimensions correctly and then weigh the items accurately. There are certain guidelines to follow to make sure while shipping heavy items at a cheaper rate.

Which Shipping carrier is ideal to ship your furniture?

If you are looking for the perfect shipping option to ship your furniture, then you can see that UPS and FedEx have some ideal options to ship the furniture safe and affordably.

Shipping Furniture with UPS

UPS has a complete solution to ship your furniture either to a neighborhood location or even to international locations. The UPS shipping solution lets you choose the packaging material when it comes to packing the furniture. Also, it has various packaging options like custom crates, protective wrappings and even blankets to ensure that your furniture is intact while shipping.

Shipping Furniture with FedEx

FedEx freight shipping is yet another interesting option to choose while shipping furniture. They also offer next-day delivery within the US at a competitive rate, which is indeed the best. FedEx also has various time-definite delivery options, which is also ideal when it comes to shipping quickly.

How to Ship Furniture

Now, let us see how we can ship furniture. It is indeed a big process. It entails packing, careful disassembling of the furniture, and then choosing the right shipping service. Here are some important things to keep in mind, while shipping furniture.

Get the right-sized shipping box

To ship your furniture, get the right box. It can be a cardboard box, a wooden crate depending on where you want to ship your furniture to and how you are shipping. If the item is irregular in shape, then make one using the corrugated box sheets to fit into your dimensions. Moreover, ensure not to make sharp corners but keep them round to accommodate the furniture.

Ensure your remove the detachable parts

If you can easily detach the parts of your furniture, it would be a great way to pack them easily. Like for example, you can detach the cot by removing the headrest and legs etc. And if you have any fragile portions, then make sure you pack them in bubble wrap to safely transfer them.

Wrap using Styrofoam

Styrofoam is an ideal way to wrap securely when you are shipping furniture.

Box your furniture securely

If you are making a box to wrap your furniture, then make sure that you cut out a cardboard sheet to make a perfect lid for it. Also, tape the box correctly to wrap it safely.

Strap around with polypropylene

Use polypropylene to strap around the box to keep it intact and safe while in transit.

Measure and weigh the package well

Measuring the package is important when it comes to shipping. Right measurements can actually save you loads.

Check for the shipping rates in the corresponding shipping carrier site

Once you have measured correctly, you can easily find out the shipping rate from the shipping carriers to ship at an affordable rate.

Choose the right shipping carrier

Once you compare and arrive at an affordable choice of shipper, you can ship your furniture peacefully. Most of the shipping carriers offer pickup or you can even drop off your package at your convenience.

So what’s the Best Way to ship furniture?

Shipping furniture is indeed a hassle, but when planned accurately, it can be managed smoothly. To ship your furniture cheaply, all you need is the accurate calculation of your furniture dimension and weigh them correctly and then pack them well. Once done, you can ship them using the ideal shipping option which will charge you according to the various factors like, distance, the weight of the package and the chosen shipping option as discussed above.

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