How to Build a Web Based Ticketing System for Free?

Customer satisfaction is essential to your business’s growth. A satisfied customer definitely contributes to the survival of a business no matter how big or small. Customer service becomes more difficult and important when you have fewer resources to perform critical tasks and fewer employees who wear multiple hats. But do not let the lack of resources lead to your competitors stealing your customers as just about everything in your business is affected by the success or failure of your customer support process. It’s highly doubtful that you’ll be profitable in the long run if your customers are unhappy. Closely monitoring your customer support solution is crucial for business stability and quality improvement. 

Let’s understand why a Web Based Ticketing System is required and its various benefits

A free ticketing system simplifies your customer service process by grouping all customer requests under one screen and allowing support agents to respond to all requests from a single, simple interface.

Individual customer support cases are represented by helpdesk tickets. A ticket is generated every time a customer reports an issue, and it is used to track all of the progress made toward resolving the customer’s problem until it is finally solved. A help desk ticketing plugin automates the time-consuming and repetitive admin work related to customer support case management. You can perform all major help desk activities, such as managing end-user trouble tickets from ticket creation to resolution by using a free customer service system.

Build a Web Based Ticketing System for FreeThere are several different help desk ticketing systems available, but they vary in functionality. WSDesk, for example, provides a full suite of customer support features, all in one platform. It’s also free, making it an excellent choice for small businesses – for more information, refer to the ELEX WordPress HelpDesk product page. You can also download the plugin from right here. However, to select the best solution for your requirements, you must first comprehend how a help desk ticketing system can assist you.

The advantages of using the ELEX WordPress HelpDesk & Customer Ticketing System for your customer service

The ELEX WordPress HelpDesk & Customer Ticketing System comes with several features to help you provide the highest level of customer service. You can receive all of your customer’s questions, concerns, and suggestions as tickets with this plugin. 

WSDesk’s free version includes all of the basic features needed to set up an online support system, such as ticket generation and management, email piping, unlimited customer support agents, unlimited support tickets, personalized email replies, complete ticket history, file attachment to tickets, and much more.

WSDesk is an easy and user-friendly WordPress Ticketing System Plugin that will help you manage your customers’ requests in a more efficient manner than some of the other popular options. With WSDesk, all of your customers’ complaints are converted into trackable support tickets, making your job easier and faster.

  • Email Piping: Create tickets and ticket responses directly from emails. 
  • Unlimited Support Agents and Supervisors: To better manage and divide your tickets, you can create an unlimited number of support agents and supervisors.
  • Ticket View with Tabs: You can view all of your tickets on a single page. Multiple tickets can be opened as tabs and accessed from the same page.
  • Faster Page Loading: AJAX-based design aids in the loading of the information. There’s no need to reload the page every time you want to see the most recent information.
  • Agent Performance Report: Get a weekly report on your agents’ performance and easily analyze how you can improve customer service.
  • Quick-View and Quick-Reply: Get a quick look at the most recent update on a ticket and then send a reply without having to fully open the ticket.
  • Attachment Support: To better communicate with customers, you can attach photos (jpg, jpeg, gif, png), documents (doc, Docx, CSV, pdf, Xls, xlsx, txt), and zip files.
  • Email Filtering and Blocking: Block specific email ids from sending and receiving emails to protect against spammers.
  • WPML support is pre-installed in French and German.

How to set up the Free ELEX WordPress HelpDesk & Customer Ticketing System Quickly

Before we begin setting up the plugin, you will have to download and install it from the ELEX product page or from WordPress

To install the plugin, go to the plugin settings in your WordPress admin panel, click Add New > Upload Plugin, and then select the WSDesk Basic zip file that you have downloaded.

Free ELEX WordPress HelpDeskThere are two ways to access the plugin settings once it has been installed:

Navigate to the WordPress left sidebar menu and select WSDesk.

Navigate to the WordPress left sidebar menu, then to Plugins, then to Installed Plugins, and finally to WSDesk – WordPress Support Desk.

WSDesk – WordPress Support Desk.The WSDesk Quick Setup Wizard will be displayed first. This wizard guides you through the process of configuring some basic settings that will assist you in getting started with WSDesk.

1. Configure the Support Email, the Starting Ticket ID, and the Page Titles.

You can configure five basic settings in the first step:

Support Email: Enter the email address you want to be used for support replies.

Starting Ticket ID: If necessary, you can enter a custom starting ticket number.

The plugin generates three pages by default: a support page, an individual ticket page (for viewing a single ticket conversation), and an existing ticket page (to view the old existing tickets).

Support Page Title: This title will appear at the top of your support page.

Individual Ticket Page Title: Displayed at the top of each individual ticket page.

Title of Existing Ticket Page: Displayed at the top of the existing tickets page.

2. Ticket Fields

Ticket FieldsTicket Fields allow you to personalize your Support Form.

Customers can provide information about their issue/problem using the ticket fields.

By default, the support form will include three fields:

Email: The ticket raiser’s email address.

Subject: The ticket’s subject line.

Description: The issue is described in detail.

According to your needs, you can add new fields and rearrange them.

3. Using IMAP, connect your email address to WSDesk

Using IMAP, connect your email address to WSDeskOnce IMAP email integration is complete, your emails will be converted to WSDesk support tickets automatically. You must enter information such as the IMAP Server SSL URL & PORT, the email address, and the password for the account from which the emails are to be retrieved.

4. Add WSDesk Support Agents

Add WSDesk Support AgentsTo make them WSDesk agents and supervisors, you can either use existing WordPress user profiles or create new ones by clicking the add agent button in the top right-hand corner.

5. Generate a ticket

Generate a ticketThe final process indicates that the configuration is complete. To begin, click the Create a ticket button.

The plugin will take you to your support page. You’ll notice that the title of the support page matches the title you specified in the quick setup wizard.

Your customers can now access the support page with the ticket fields you’ve set up. Customers can use this page to submit a new ticket or check the status of an existing ticket. To create a new ticket, they must enter their email address, a subject, and a description of the query or issue.

After submitting the ticket, the customer will see a screen similar to the one shown below.

How will the tickets be viewed by support agents?

When a customer submits a ticket on the frontend of the site, your agent can view it in the backend. Navigate to WSDesk > Tickets in your WordPress admin panel to see all of the tickets. On this screen, you can filter tickets using a variety of methods. Tickets can be filtered by Ticket Status, Agents, Tags, or Users.

Agents can respond to tickets by simply clicking on them.

To Conclude

That’s it! We have successfully built our free web based ticketing system with the help of the ELEX WordPress HelpDesk & Customer Ticketing System. To know how to manually set up the WSDesk plugin, you can go through the product documentation for a step-by-step guide. 

If you enjoyed using the free version of the WSDesk plugin demonstrated in this article, consider upgrading to the premium version for added features and benefits.

If you have any questions regarding web based ticketing systems, please let us know in the comment section below.

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