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  • The Best Free WordPress Support Desk Plugin.
  • Manage customer issues with support tickets.
  • Supports unlimited tickets and agent profiles.

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WSDesk (Free version) packs all the basic features required to set up an online-support, like Ticket creation & management, Email piping, unlimited agents, unlimited tickets, customizable email reply, complete ticket history, file attachment to tickets and much more, in just free version!

WSDesk is a Simple and User-friendly WordPress Support Ticket System Plugin which would help you in managing your customer queries seamlessly. With WSDesk, all your customer complaints turn into trackable support tickets, making your job effortless and swift.

Why choose WSDesk?

Offering excellent customer support is critical for the success of any organization. WSDesk has been designed keeping into consideration every issue we have faced in the process of finding the right support system for our website. Apart from being very easy to use, this plugin offers all essential feature required for a helpdesk system. It is light and AJAX-based, thus it won’t interfere with your website’s loading speed.

And moreover, it’s free!

What is a Help Desk or Support Ticket System?

In customer service parlance, a ticketing system or support ticket system is a software that takes all incoming customer support requests, create a unique customer service ticket and then routes it through a defined customer support process based on the SLA.

People call it different names such as Support Ticket System, Customer Support System, Service Desk, Support Ticketing System, IT help desk or Support Desk Software. But ultimately, a help desk software typically allows the support team to manage, track, sort, and search for issues (user queries) making ticket management much easier for the agent to help the customer more quickly solve the issue to their satisfaction.

Why you need a support ticket system to handle customer support?

Better customer experience starts with better help desk software. It can turn support tickets into amazing customer experiences. Help desk system enables support agents to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. A great help desk is at the heart of great customer support.

Help desk software helps streamline customer support with time-saving tools like triggers and automation. It’s intuitive and easy to use because it’s built with both customers and support desk agents in mind. A help desk’s shared inbox enables the support team to collaborate and resolve issues without worrying about overlapping or missing support requests. Every request sent to the support email becomes a ticket in the helpdesk. Support tickets can be easily categorized and prioritized and then assigned to the right people in the support team.

Issues such as multiple agents responding to the same ticket or missing some of the tickets are taken care of as each support agent can see who is working on what ticket and it’s status. It time to get started with a customer support ticket system if you already don’t have one.

Different types of support ticket systems

  • Web helpdesk software: Also referred to as cloud-hosted or software-as-a-service (SaaS), web helpdesk is hosted on the vendor’s server. Customers need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use this kind of customer support system.
  • On-premise helpdesk software: An on-premise helpdesk system is a customer support systems which is usually installed in its own server after buying a license. Such helpdesk systems usually involve a one-time setup fee and additional customizations charges based on the requirement.
  • Enterprise helpdesk software: These are help desk software solutions with robust features, featuring advanced modules other than standard help desk features such as ticketing, time tracking, and knowledge base. Some enterprise helpdesk systems also include modules such as IT asset management, account management, service request management, and survey management.
  • Open-source helpdesk software: This is one of the popular helpdesk software types as some of these apps are offered free.

Benefits of open-source helpdesk software

An open source help desk allows developers to access its source code, as opposed to proprietary software. So, an open source helpdesk can be modified or enhanced beyond the level of simple integration and adding plugins. Developers can add features or modify processes or fix bugs in the system.

WSDesk (WordPress Support Desk) is an open source support ticketing system which works with WordPress and WooCommerce. This is the best helpdesk software available for WordPress/WooCommerce platform if the usability and customer support are considered.


WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin | Unlimited Agents And Tickets

Unlimited Tickets & Agents

WSDesk offers no restrictions on Agent profiles and tickets. You can handle unlimited tickets and create unlimited agents profile at no cost.
WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin | Simple Interface

Simple Interface

WSDesk’s AJAX based design makes it easier for a support agent to use the whole interface without reloading the page. Ticket search and quick settings for tickets are some of the advantages with which you can make your customer service run quicker and smoother.

Email Piping

If you have a dedicated email address of your domain, you can convert your unread emails to tickets using IMAP or Google OAuth. You can delete emails after they are imported to WSDesk. Create tickets directly through emails, and send ticket-responses too via emails. Also, provide ticket status updates to customers through email.
WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin | Email Blocking

Email Filtering and Blocking

Filter emails from spammers by blocking specific email IDs to send and receive emails.
WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin | Custom Ticket Views

Tabbed Ticket View

See all your tickets on a single page. Open multiple tickets as tabs and access them from the same page.
WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin | Reports and Agent Satisfaction Rating

Agent Performance Report & Analysis

Get weekly performance report of agents and easily analyze how you can improve customer experience.
WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin | Include Attachment

Attachment Support

Attach photos(jpg, jpeg, gif, png), documents(.doc, .docx, .csv, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .txt) and zip to deal with customers in a better way. The basic version supports only a single attachment file.

Free version

✔ 7 Days Reports and Analysis

✔ Basic Short Codes Supported

✔ Text Only Content for Agent Reply

✔ Single Attachment Field

✔ Email Support System

✔ Unlimited Agents

✔ Customizable Ticket Fields

✔ Ajax Based System

✔ Agents Management

✔ Customizable Support Form

✔ Import Zendesk Tickets

WSDesk Backup & Restore

 Auto Tagging And Assigning

✖ Auto Suggestion System

✖ Ticket Custom Views

✖ Triggers & Automation

✖ Agent Notifications

✖ Automated Emails

✖ Canned Responses

Bulk Edit & Merge Tickets

Change Requester Email

✖ Agent’s Satisfaction Rating

✖ WooCommerce Fields & Reports

✖ One Year of Support & Updates

Premium version

✔ 7 Days Reports and Analysis

✔ Basic Short Codes Supported

✔ Text Only Content for Agent Reply

✔ Single Attachment Field

✔ Email Support System

✔ Unlimited Agents

✔ Customizable Ticket Fields

✔ Ajax Based System

✔ Agents Management

✔ Customizable Support Form

✔ Import Zendesk Tickets

✔ WSDesk Backup & Restore

Auto Tagging And Assigning

Auto Suggestion System

Ticket Custom Views

Triggers & Automation

Agent Notifications

Automated Emails

Canned Responses

Bulk Edit & Merge Tickets

Change Requester Email

Agent’s Satisfaction Rating

WooCommerce Fields & Reports

One Year Support & Updates

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How is WSDesk different from other support plugins?

Unlike other SaaS Cloud-based systems, never lose your flexibility and control over your data. All the data such as your tickets and settings are saved with you instead of third-party cloud storage. Also, WSDesk is the only plugin that offers features such as email-piping, email blocking, etc. free of cost.

Will WSDesk work with my theme?

WSDesk is compatible with any theme that you use.

How can I receive updates for the plugin?

You can go to the “My Account” section of the website and download the latest version from the “Downloads” tab.

How can I upgrade to Premium version?

After you have purchased the Premium plugin, you have to delete the basic version and then install the premium. Note that the settings in the basic version will not be impacted and the data will be retained.

Does WSDesk support WooCommerce based stores?

Absolutely! WSDesk provides seamless integration with WooCommerce.
WSDesk enables you to view customer order-summary, where the revenue generated by that customer is shown. Also, while adding products, all the products at your WooCommerce store will be automatically added to the list. It also offers WooCommerce Reports where you can easily see top categories and top products of your store, based on previous sales analysis.

How long can I use this Free version? Is there a trial period?

There is no trial period for our free versions. You have a lifetime usage.

What if I face issues with the plugin? Do you provide support for free products?

If you are facing any issues, you can raise a support ticket by choosing “Query Category” as “Issue with the Free Plugin”. Our support team will contact you based on the priority.

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WSDesk - ELEX WordPress Helpdesk Plugin (Free Version)