Is it possible to Print and Sell the Product from different location with ELEX EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce?


We are a small publishing company specializing in guitar books. We’re releasing our first book in a few days. We’ll be selling from a special WordPress site developed primarily for this book (but we have many other products on the way). We’re using Woocommerce. We are in California, our printer is in Pennsylvania. We will sell the book along with some downloadable from our website. Our printer (who is a small, digital book printer) will print the books and ship them for us.

Our mission (should someone decide to accept it) is to create a simple, but efficient method to handle orders and collect money at our end and transmit the shipping info to the printer and keep track of everything. We will offer a USPS method and probably an expedited method (UPS 2-day) and we’d like to generate tracking info for us and our customers.

Does that information help? Your product was well recommended. We’d appreciate your guidance.

ELEX Support:

Could you please tell us whether your SHIP FROM ADDRESS is California or Pennsylvania.

Also, our Easy post plugin automates USPS rates as so we assume that you are interested  in shipping via USPS


I indicated below that our printer would be doing the shipping for us. He is in Pennsylvania. That’s the main issue we’re trying to solve.

We’re interested in sending via USPS and UPS.

ELEX Support :

As you mentioned that you will ship from Pennsylvania.

You can use Pennsylvania as the SENDER STATE and can configure the plugin settings by entering the Pennsylvania ZIP CODE.


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