How do you set up an independent HelpDesk Ticketing System for your Magento Store using WordPress?

Magento being open-source is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in use. It’s flexible and easy to design features that can give the look and feel of an ideal eCommerce platform. Magento also offers catalogue-management tools and powerful SEO and marketing. Magento’s basic features can be scaled up using several plugins which makes it better for your eCommerce store. Although Magento makes an impressive eStore, many more features need to be added on to make it effective. To keep your eCommerce cogent all you need is an active customer support ticket system. Even though Magento has a lot to offer in providing an excellent support ticket system which can be inbuilt with the Magento platform, it is ideal if you have an independent support helpdesk ticketing system.

What are the benefits of an Independent helpdesk Ticketing system?

Managing a small or big business, handling customers is always a major task. Consider a scenario where you are managing a big store using Magento. When the number of customers contacting support for assistance increases, then it becomes crucial for your eCommerce website performance. To keep the website performance steady and at the same time work on the support system, it is important not to load the website with more data. When you want to keep your customers engaged with prompt support as well as keep the performance of your store unhampered, it is ideal to have an Independent helpdesk ticketing system. When you consider an independent support ticket system, there are numerous advantages to ponder.  Here are a few among them :


The major concern in having a helpdesk ticketing system on your site is performance. Handling multiple queries and overloading the eCommerce site with data from the support team will automatically deteriorate the performance of your website. To uphold the website robustness, it is ideal to have an independent subdomain for your website This will help in managing your support ticket system efficiently and deterring the blockage in the eCommerce performance.

Complete Data Security

With an independent support system, you are automatically hosting it on your own server rather than any other server. This way, you keep all your data under your control. You can easily export your data as well as archive your data. All your knowledge base articles will be under your control. Data security is a high concern when you consider any support system as users are submitting much more data.

Quick Responses

If you have an independent support desk, then you can easily provide quick responses to the queries incoming. The support team can focus on queries to keep customers engaged. Faster responses can always increase the credibility of your business. In a  way, your customers will feel valued.

How can you keep an independent support helpdesk ticket system for Magento?

Magento is a very flexible eCommerce platform. Hosting a support desk on an independent platform irrespective of the platform it is hosted on makes it easy to work efficiently. A subdomain can be from any domain provider like GoDaddy which can host your support desk. A subdomain can be easily mapped to the existing Magento eCommerce platforms following these steps.

  1. Create a subdomain like
  2. In the .htaccess in the Magento root folder provide permission.
  3. Validate your subdomain in Magento in the URL Rewrite Management. When the path is set right, it is easy to redirect to the page.

When you have a domain from Godaddy, then follow these steps in the domain provider to get your support page subdomain to work uninterruptedly. You can easily use CNAME to point to the subdomain from the main page

  1. Log in to GoDaddy and open up the Product page from the accounts section.
  2. From the domain settings page, open your domain.
  3. For additional settings check for Manage DNS.
  4. Look for CNAME  and enter the corresponding data.
    Host – hostname should not exceed 25 characters.
    Point to –  the destination site you want to point to.
    TTL – Time to hold cache information
  5. Then Save the settings changed.

Usually, this will set the pointer to the subdomain from the main Magento site. You should be able to achieve it by adding a CNAME record. You can also check how to configure a subdomain in Magento.

Once you get your subdomain mapped to your Magento site, then in your subdomain you need to get your support desk plugin configured. When you consider SaaS-based or even other Support Helpdesk plugins, WordPress WSDesk stands high on the advantage that it can be hosted on an independent platform.

Why WSDesk?


WSDesk is a diversified plugin rich in features that can enhance your customer experience. WSDesk is WordPress compatible and can be easily hosted on an independent site to work efficiently. Here are some prominent features of WSDesk that make it a promising support helpdesk plugin to use.

Features of WSDesk

  1. Simple Interface using AJAX.
  2. Unlimited agents and tickets.
  3. Email Piping.
  4. Automation and Triggers.
  5. Email Filtering and blocking.
  6. Quick Reply Templates.
  7. Canned Responses.
  8. Organized Ticket View.
  9. Unlimited Report Generation.
  10. Agent Performance analysis reports.
  11. Backup and restore.
  12. Sms notifications.
  13. Form customizations and much more advanced settings.
  14. One-click import from Zendesk.
  15. Unlimited attachments.

Both the free and premium version of WSDesk can work well-versed than any other native support ticket system. This makes WSDesk a prominent Support Ticket system to be used widely.

Checkout WSDesk – WordPress HelpDesk Plugin (Basic) and WSDesk – WordPress HelpDesk Plugin (Premium).

Get to know how WSDesk can act as an independent support ticket system to help you enhance your customer experience.

To conclude

As shown above, a Magento eCommerce platform can also have a WordPress hosted support ticket plugin to manage a support desk efficiently. In either case of hosting a native helpdesk on Magento or even independently hosting a WordPress support ticket plugin like WSDesk, everything coincides to enhance your customer experience. Ultimately, when you use a WordPress hosted support helpdesk ticket system plugin, it will benefit you with many more features and also you will benefit from the features of both platforms. All in all, your website performance becomes commendable.

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