How to build an independent support ticket system for your eCommerce Store(Shopify,WooCommerce,Magento,BigCommerce)

A support system acts as the backbone of a business. It is important to maintain a transparent communicative channel for businesses to flourish as well as to keep customers closer. Hence, a helpdesk support system is vital for keeping your communication with the customer transparent and quick. Managing your customer queries and eCommerce product page will be difficult at times. This happens when numerous queries and uploads are happening on the database. To lessen this burden, it is ideal to build an independent support page with a WordPress helpdesk plugin installed on it. Building an independent WordPress helpdesk system for your eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce is easy using WSDesk.

WSDesk has some optimal solutions that will augment the quality of the support system in an overall manner. When you own an eCommerce platform, like Woocommerce, you can choose to integrate a support ticket system plugin that will smoothen the process of communicating with the end-users. WSDesk has incorporated a successful ticketing system as well as complete automation of the support service to streamline all the support processes in an eCommerce platform.WSDesk organizes and streamline the support process and helps employees to save time and augment response time with effective automation.

Why do you need an independent Support Ticket System?

If you are managing a small or large eCommerce business, you will have to deal with multiple customers who are from various locations or demanding various solutions. In such cases, it is important to manage and solve your customer queries on time to upkeep your customer satisfaction. When you have a smaller business, it might be easy to deal with individual customers giving individual attention as needed. As the business grows, you may not be able to provide equal attention to customers, this is when you need a completely automated system to handle queries as and when they arrive.

Benefits of Independent Support Ticket System

WSDesk is one such WordPress helpdesk plugin, which also manages the ticket system efficiently. Let us try to understand why we need an independent support ticket system in a business. Here are some key points that project the need for it:

  1. Quick and easy responses

    When a customer is made to wait, you lose your credibility. Keeping your support system as an independent domain will help to ease the response time of your eCommerce site. With an independent website for your support desk, you can keep a communication link to the customer intact without hampering the performance of your eCommerce website. With a faster response rate, your customer feels valued and you can also keep a positive outlook for your brand. Using auto-suggestions, ticket tags and much more features, the end-user will get quick responses
    autosuggestion front end form | WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

  2. Easy to assign tickets without wasting time

    Auto-assigning tickets whenever a ticket arrives in the ticket system makes it all easier to manage. You do not have to wait for admin or anyone to redirect your work. It helps in managing a team efficiently, probing to deliver high-quality work from the support end. Triggers and automation in WSDesk help to automate the assigning of tickets in an easy way. 
    Triggers and Automation | WSDesk | WordPress HelpDesk Plugin

  3. Complete ownership of the data

    Managing an independent support helpdesk system, you get complete ownership of the data and all data management related activities. When you install the plugin on your local system you get to control the data completely as well you need not worry about a privacy breach. When you compare with a SaaS-based support system, an independent helpdesk gives you an on-premise approach and more data control. You can easily archive, retrieve and save your ticket data into the system using WSDesk.
    Backup and Restore | WSDesk | WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

  4. Greater flexibility

    An independent support ticket system will enhance the performance of your website in an overall manner. When managing a support system integrated with the eCommerce platform, handling numerous tickets will hamper your page performance. This can be minimized using an independent support ticket system.

How can we launch an Independent Support System using WordPress helpdesk plugin?

In the case of keeping a helpdesk support system in your own system, it can make your website slow at times. This can hamper your website’s performance and can have an impact on search engine rankings. In such cases, it is ideal to keep your support system as an independent entity. There are numerous benefits to keeping the support system independent. Various helpdesk plugins are available in the market which facilitates the same. WSDesk is one such WordPress helpdesk plugin that can easily manage a support desk independently in a seamless manner.

Being extremely flexible, WSDesk can be easy for an eCommerce platform in two ways. One is that you can install WSDesk into your existing WordPress site or the WooCommerce platform. Another is that you can also use WSDesk and install it in a subdomain as a completely independent site.

Integrating WSDesk on the same eCommerce Site

If you are getting WSDesk on the same site, it can be easily integrated into eCommerce products and services. In this manner, the support and the eCommerce store can be in sync instantly. The major disadvantage of this system is when the support system has numerous tickets to handle, it may cause the overall website to become slow.  It might also hamper the response time of the page.

WSDesk as an Independent Support system

To get rid of that limitation, WSDesk lets you install the plugin in a completely independent subdomain. You can do this by creating one like ‘’ from your main domain and then install WSDesk on it. In this way, you can keep your support desk active as a separate domain. It also helps to keep a hassle-free eCommerce website without hampering the performance of the page. In doing so, you need to ensure a link to your main website and the subdomain support page to make the user get the look and feel of your main domain. To get it you can use similar themes and customizations supporting it.

A disadvantage of the Independent Support System

A major disadvantage of this method is syncing the data is slightly inconvenient as both sites are different. You can find a solution to integrate them together and bypass that problem using another solution. With WSDesk, the end-user can interact with the support team using email or other options without using the support website. The problem appears once the user has to check a previously logged ticket in the WordPress helpdesk plugin. The user then needs to create a user-ID to log in on the support page, as there is no sync with the main domain. Even when this disadvantage prevails, hosting an independent WordPress helpdesk site using an efficient WordPress Helpdesk plugin like WSDesk is ideal to augment the performance of the site.

To summarize, even when there are slight inconveniences in hosting an independent Support system using WordPress helpdesk plugin, it is still a stabler option. Owning a subdomain with any eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or BigCommerce will facilitate keeping the support system independent. As all we do is use the helpdesk plugin in the subdomain and link it to the parent eCommerce platform. Helpdesk plugins are platform-independent when we consider linking it to other eCommerce platforms. WordPress helpdesk plugins like WSDesk ease the functions of a support desk with better streamlining of processes. As an add-on to facilitate better and faster communication, you can also opt to support customers using a chat plugin called the WSChat which unlike other SaaS-based platforms works independently without making external API calls.

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