Top 5 Help Desk Software to Achieve Proactive Problem-Solving in 2024

With efficient help desk software, you can handle customer queries and technical issues in a structured way. The workflow also offers a step-by-step approach to support teams organize and solving problems efficiently. These ticketing systems ensure consistent support with fluent communication. Thus, building trust and credibility by creating a prompt experience with a feedback loop. Later, these inputs help your business to improve both its products and services. Now, let us dive deeper into an overview of an efficient IT help desk and the related tools available.

What is a Help Desk Software?

Help Desk as the name suggests is your single point of contact to look for help in case of a query or conflict. The software takes up the queries from its customers and works towards its solution by generating a trackable ticketing number. This ticketing number in turn helps track and organize issues for faster resolution. 

The Help Desks Software may offer support in the following ways:

  1. Offer Customer Support by answering customer queries 
  2. Manage Business Operations such as logistics, marketing, operations, etc.
  3. Maintain communication with Vendors or Suppliers for easy flow
  4. Support Internal Teams by actions like troubleshooting systems, resolving access issues, security issues, etc.

These help desk software not only resolve external queries from customers but also requests from within teams. By segregating and organizing queries and compiling them into a detailed knowledge base such as how-to articles, FAQs or reference guides these software offer effective independent solutions. 

Customers can also refer to a shared inbox or a live chat solution for their specific, unique queries. However, not all these software will include all of the tools mentioned. 

Note: There is a difference between Help Desk, Customer Service, and CRM.

While a help desk is about offering technical support regarding services/solutions, a customer service is about people/customers experience and a CRM is all about boosting sales by building and improving customer engagement. 

Types of Help Desk Systems Available

A help desk system can be categorized based on the type of software or as per the intended user. Based on this distinction you can prioritize your requirements and choose a ticketing system accordingly. 

According to the type of technology, the help desk can be of the following types,

  • The Cloud-based help desk is hosted online through a third-party vendor. You can use the application using a monthly or yearly subscription
  • Self-hosted solution is the one built in-house or purchased from a company. You can directly install it to your server and get going
  • Open-source software is the one that can be accessed and customized by anyone

According to the type of user, a help desk can be of the following types,

  • Customer-friendly help desk software is meant to resolve queries using shared inboxes, documentation, collaboration tools, live chat, and more 
  • Internal teams use help desk for their day-to-day IT or HR-related issues and simplify their daily workflow

What is the Workflow of a Help Desk?

A help desk process flow includes a set of conditions and steps to resolve a customer/internal query. For customers, the workflow includes a set of conditions, which when met triggers a response. Whereas within teams these automated workflows are designed to assist you in your everyday, repetitive tasks and hence speed up your work. 

A help desk workflow must involve every step from the moment a ticket is generated until it is resolved and customer feedback is collected. 

Workflow of a help desk

These software are easy to use and intuitive no matter how technologically advanced you are.

Key Performance Parameters for an Efficient Help Desk Software

Help Desk plays a crucial role in offering support and building trust among the customers. Hence, following the correct metrics for these ticketing systems becomes very important. These metrics must be measurable values that show performance in terms of efficiency, speed, and feedback. 

The purpose of these IT help desk metrics is to ensure a robust and authentic support system for query resolution. Track the performance of your ticketing system by following factors:

  • First Response Time: The time taken between a customer sending a query and receiving the first response from the ticketing system
  • Average Resolution Time: It is the average time taken by the system to resolve a customer query or raised ticket i.e. to go through all the steps from opening a ticket and marking it as ‘resolved’
  • Ticket Volume: It is the total number of tickets that were raised with the IT help desk over a selected period
  • Ticket Resolution Rate: It is the ratio of the number of tickets received by the help desk to the number of tickets resolved over a selected period
  • Customer Satisfaction Score(CSAT): This score is achieved by reviewing the feedback shared by the customers about your service/service or support

Top 5 Picks to Upgrade Your Customer Care in 2024

Here is a list of some of the top help desk software with an efficient workflow, 

  • Hiver: World’s 1st Gmail-based Helpdesk

Hiver is designed to streamline team communication within Gmail. You can smoothen the workflow for teams by managing emails collaboratively in a unified interface. The software easily integrates live chat with email and offers real-time solutions using a mobile app. Moreover, it is easy to use and offers capabilities to reduce response time.

hiver help desk software

Ratings: 4.6/5 

Free Trial: 7-day Trial Plan Available

Price Plans: Premium features start with Lite Plan at $10/user per month

Best for: Streamlining Team Collaboration

Key Features: Multichannel Support, Automation, Shared Inbox, AI tools, Analytics, Knowledge Base, Snooze and Reminders, Mobile Accessibility

  • Help Scout: Help Center for Customers, Vendors or Clients 

HelpScout is a feature-rich help desk software that offers strong customization with scalability. With its robust API capabilities and customer service automation driven by personalized rules, this system enables teams to tailor the platform to their specific needs and workflows. The helpdesk feature within Help Scout is focused on managing and organizing customer conversations by providing a collaborative environment for support teams. 

help scout

Ratings: 4.4/5 

Free Trial: Plan Available

Price Plans: Advanced Features start at $20/user per month(Standard Plan)

Best for: Robust API

Key Features: Multichannel Ticketing(using email, social media, live chat), Automation, Shared Inbox, Proactive Messaging, Knowledge Base, Analytics, AI features, Project Management Systems, and more

  • Zendesk: Omnichannel Ticketing with Multichannel Support

Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that offers a suite of tools and features to help drive better conversations and maximize agent efficiency and out-of-the-box reporting. The tool makes robust help desk software with capabilities like omnichannel support, built-in issue tracking and assignment, advanced automation, powerful customer self-service options, and in-depth analytics. It integrates seamlessly with 1000+ software titles to enhance functionality, is easy to set up, and works well without any coding knowledge.


Ratings: 4.3/5 

Free Trial: Plan Available

Price Plans: Paid Plan begins at $19 per month(Basic Plan)

Best for: AI-Powered Support Experience

Key Features: Complete Solution for Ticketing, Messaging, Knowledge Base, Help Center, Voice and Powerful AI, Analytics

  • Zoho Desk: Best Free Help Desk Software

ZohoDesk provides a simple help desk tool with powerful automation and integration capabilities. The ticketing solution enables streamlined workflows through integrations, automation, reporting, and time tracking. It also flawlessly integrates with many apps and provides built-in time-tracking tools. 


Ratings: 4.4/5 

Free Trial: 15-day Trial Plan Available

Price Plans: Advanced Features start at $800/user per month(Standard Plan)

Best for Superior Customer Service

Key Features: Multichannel Ticketing(via email, social, live chat), Community Forums, Knowledge Base, AI Tools, Automation, Analytics

  • Freshdesk: Intuitive Helpdesk Solution

Freshdesk is a customer help desk software by Freshworks that is designed to streamline customer support operations, improve team collaboration, and enhance customer satisfaction. The tool comes with advanced features like smart automation and notifications, ticket assignment and merging capabilities, and an agent activity log for transparency. It is a user-friendly, intuitive help desk solution that is capable of streamlining and simplifying ticket management for customer support teams. 


Ratings: 4.4/5 

Free Trial: 14-day Trial Plan Available

Price Plans: Advanced features are available at $999/agent per month billed annually

Best for: Customer Support Teams

Key Features: Ticket Merging, Automation, Knowledge base, Community forums, Collaboration, Omnichannel Support, Self Service, Customization, Analytics

Create Trust With an Apt Solution

By implementing an efficient help desk software solution you can have a significant impact on your business across various dimensions. These ticketing solutions contribute to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and creating an ecosystem of trust and incessant support. With an efficient help desk solution, you can offer responsive and high-quality customer support, which is integral for building and maintaining long-term customer relationships. Thus, contributing to an overall business success. So make a smart choice by implementing a trusted IT help desk solution. 

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