Error: Unable to access the requested resource, Authorization failed in ELEX EasyPost Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce


I set up everything for an Easypost, API key, API mode is live, all sender credentials set Easypost carrier to USPS and FedEx.Everything is set up correctly but when I try to do a test order it tells me: “There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.”.

I asked to trade in the USPS plugin for this plugin because we wanted the ease of buying shipping and printing the label within the woocommerce dashboard. But as I said EasyPost is not calculating the shipping like it is supposed to.

Real-time rates are turned on, API is live, everything. It is not working.

All it says is – Unable to Get Rates: Unable to access the requested resource, authorization failed.

Please help.

ELEX Support:

This error appears when the Easy Post API key is not correct as it says authorization failed

Kindly contact Easy Post and check the API key. Please insert the correct API Key.

Also, check whether the API key that you are using is for the test or live mode.


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  1. wholesaleport
    I have the same problem.I followed the setup guide step by step,copied and pasted the API (test) from Easypost to the plugin under TEST mode,but nothing....I get the same error message.I messaged Easypost as well they say the API is correct.
    • Azhar Nayeem
      Hello, If your API key is correct, then it could be because of the shipping service for the destination address. Please check if the selected shipping carrier provides shipping service to the destination zip code. Check for multiple addresses to confirm.

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