Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins in 2024 – An Ultimate Guide

Consider a scenario when a potential customer clicks on your website, packed with many questions but hesitant to reach out. Before they click away, a friendly live chat window pops up, offering instant assistance. They engage, ask questions get their answers, and convert into loyal customers or leads. This is how valuable a WP live chat plugin is for your website.

With a WordPress live chat plugin, you can achieve improved customer engagement, better conversions, and a thriving online presence for your business. But with a wide variety of live chat plugins available, choosing the one that suits your business needs and perfectly serves your audience can be a real challenge.  

“Customers may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Read the full post below to build an understanding of a Live Chat Plugin, and find the best WordPress live chat plugin for your business needs in 2024.

What is meant by a WordPress Live Chat Plugin?

A live chat for WordPress is a technical add-on to your website that allows real-time chat functionality, leading to a more interactive and useful connection with the visitors. This feature allows them to directly communicate with you or your team through a chat window, offering instant support and better customer relationships. 

These WP live chat plugins integrate seamlessly with your WordPress platform, leading to a dynamic presence. Some of these live chat plugins offer features like chat history, predefined responses, and multi-channel support for a comprehensive customer service experience.

wp live chat

Essential Features of a WordPress Live Chat Plugin

The core features of a WP live chat plugin are listed below,

  1. A Rectangular Chat Pop-Up: As soon as the visitor visits the website, a chat window pops up on the website. This leads to a user-friendly interface for both visitors and your team to interact in real time.
  2. An Admin Dashboard: It is the central hub for managing visitor chats, monitoring their activity, and assigning conversations to team members. An agent dashboard helps keep track of raised tokens, customer engagement, and generated leads.
  3. Mobile-Responsiveness: The live chat plugin needs to ensure a seamless chat experience on all devices, considering today’s mobile-first browsing habits.
  4. History of Chats and Transcript: The WP live chat must store previous conversations for reference, analyze trends, and improve customer service. These data points help you bridge the gap and result in better responses.
  5. Canned Responses and Macros: These auto-generated replies over chats are the responses that are pre-determined based on FAQs in the past. These responses not only save time but ensure consistency in communication.
  6. Chat Routing and Assignment: This feature helps distribute chats based on agent availability, expertise, or language skills. Thus, leading to zero lag in communication.
  7. Offline Messaging: This feature allows visitors to leave messages when agents are not available, capturing leads and fostering engagement.
  8. Integrations: They help connect with essential tools like CRM, email marketing, and analytics platforms to streamline workflows.
  9. Reporting and Analytics: It provides valuable insights from chat activity, agent performance, and customer satisfaction leading to better results. 

Why Use Live Chat in WordPress?

An efficient WP live chat acts as a game-changer that transforms your website into a dynamic hub of communication and engagement. Following are the reasons why you should consider adding a WP live chat to your WordPress website:

wordpress live chat plugin

  • Offers Instant Customer Support

With live chat, you eliminate the communication gap between you and your visitor. The tool helps gain customer trust by offering instant assistance to their questions/doubts. 

  • Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Live chat not only simply answers questions but allows scope for personalized interactions and understanding customer needs. You can guide the visitors, offer product recommendations, and resolve doubts, if any. This eventually leads to a memorable and enhanced customer experience.

  • Boosts Conversions and Sales

As per data, a live chat feature scales the conversion rates by up to 38%. This feature gives a more personalized and premium experience to the visitors. This makes them feel satisfied by clarifying doubts in real-time, leading to building trust in the brand and pushing the visitor along the marketing funnel.

  • Focuses on Relevant Prospects

You can attain valuable insights about visitor behavior and purchase intent. This helps businesses identify quality prospects by engaging in conversations and understanding their pain points. Thus, allowing you to customize your marketing messages, targeting specific audiences and solutions.

  • Reduce Support Ticket Volume and Costs

By offering a faster and more convenient way to resolve issues, live chat can significantly reduce the burden on your support team. This translates to cost savings and allows your team to focus on more complex inquiries.

  • Improve Website Engagement and Activity

Live chat encourages visitors to stay on your website longer and interact more, leading to higher engagement metrics and potentially better SEO rankings.

  • Offer 24/7 Support

With live chat, you can provide extended support hours or even 24/7 availability, catering to a global audience and building trust through accessibility.

5 Best WP Live Chat Plugins to Create Customer Satisfaction

Following is the list of top WordPress live chat plugins to serve your visitors precisely,

1. HubSpot

Upgrade your customer service to the next level with HubSpot Live Chat Plugin. The plugin aims at streamlining communication and enhancing your customer experience. 


Key Features: The HubSpot plugin offers real-time chat functionality, canned responses, chat routing, offline messaging, basic chatbot functionality, chat history and transcripts, and more.

Pricing Plan: The basic plugin is available for FREE. For premium features, you may choose a price plan be it Starter, Professional, or Enterprise

Best suited for small to medium-sized businesses and businesses using HubSpot CRM.

Pros: User-friendly interface, free plan available, integrates well with other HubSpot tools, scalable solution

Cons: Limited chatbot functionality in the basic plan, potential integration complexities with non-HubSpot tools   

2. LiveChat

LiveChat Plugin offers an intuitive and feature-rich live chat platform to businesses of all sizes to create exceptional customer experience via a prompt communication window.

livechat plugin

Key Features: The LiveChat plugin offers real-time chat, canned responses, chat routing and assignment, offline ticketing, an advanced messaging system, detailed reporting and analytics, and more.

Pricing Plan: You may avail of a 14-day free trial with limited features. For advanced features, you may sign up for a paid plan.

Best suited for businesses of all sizes focused on customer service.

Pros: User-friendly interface, scalable solution, advanced features, and data-driven insights.

Cons: Limited free trial and high pricing for premium features.

3. WSChat

This WSChat WordPress Live Chat Plugin by ELEXtensions, helps you to effortlessly feature a live chat widget to your website. Thus, helping you to effectively engage with your visitors in real time and generate valuable leads.


Key Features: With WSChat you can avail real-time chat, chat history, file sharing, multi-language support, push notifications, offline messaging, and more.

Pricing Plan: It offers a free plan with limited features and a premium plan based on License type.

Best suited for individuals and small businesses, and WordPress-focussed websites.

Pros: Easy-to-setup and use, cost-effective, and resource-efficient.

Cons: Limited features in the free version

4. Pure Chat

Pure Chat aims to elevate your customer service experience with a powerful and user-friendly live chat plugin. 

pure chat

Key Features: This plugin offers SMS notifications, unlimited chats, advanced widget customization, canned responses, unlimited chat history transcripts, chat notifications, file transfers, and more. 

Pricing Plan: Apart from a 30-day trial, the plugin offers premium features with a Growth and Pro plan.

Best suited for growing businesses and businesses prioritizing engagement.

Pros: User-friendly interface, free plan available, scalable solution, visitor tracking, etc.

Cons: Limited customization options for free and Growth plans.

5. Tidio

Tidio is an all-in-one customer service solution with live chat, AI chatbots, and multichannel communication. This plugin offers specialized features for WordPress that ensure greater efficiency for your business.


Key Features: The plugin offers one place for multi-channel communication, offers canned responses, response time under 3 minutes, on-the-go access, video call feature, and more. 

Pricing Plan: A Free plan is available for limited features. You may also sign up for premium plans for advanced features.

Best suited for small and medium-sized businesses, and businesses focusing on user experience.

Pros: Simple interface, free plan available, affordable pricing, focus on user experience, etc.

Cons: Limited features in the free plan, Limited customization options, Basic reporting and analytics

Final Words

In today’s fast-paced digital ecosystem, customer experience matters the most. Websites are no longer just online platforms but are interactive platforms where building relationships and fostering engagement are crucial for growth and success. By enabling a WordPress live chat plugin, you can empower your business by connecting with visitors in real-time, unlocking a plethora of benefits, and ultimately, turning website traffic into successful leads. So think no more and sign up for one of the best WordPress live chat plugins as mentioned above. 


Q1. Do live chat plugins affect the performance of my website?

Ans: A live chat plugin might affect your website performance in terms of speed if the plugin size is larger. To minimize the impact choose a lightweight plugin, use only needed features, stay updated, and monitor website performance more often.

Q2. Do live chat plugins comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR?

Ans: Most of the live chat plugins comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR. However, it is essential to choose a plugin that explicitly states its compliance. 

Q3. What are “canned responses” and how can they be helpful?

Ans: Canned responses are pre-written messages stored within the live chat plugin that allows the agents to quickly respond to FAQs or common inquiries, saving time and ensuring consistency in communication. It serves as a training aid for new agents as well.

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