8 Best Free WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugins

How often have you gone through your WooCommerce store data to find dozens of abandoned carts? It’s a disheartening sight and makes you second-guess your store’s success.

Abandoned carts are a regular occurrence that every e-commerce business experiences. When a client adds products to their shopping cart but does not finish the transaction, money is lost and conversion rates are reduced. Fortunately, WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins may assist in recovering lost revenue by urging customers to finish their transactions. 

In this post, we’ll look at the top free WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins and examine their features. Whether you run a small or large e-commerce site, using a plugin to establish an abandoned cart recovery plan may make a major impact on your sales and earnings.

Crisis of Abandoned Carts

If you’re an eCommerce store owner who uses WooCommerce to power your sales, you know that abandoned carts are a huge problem. Visitor traffic is hard-earned, and losing out on potential sales due to abandoned carts detracts not only from your bottom line but also the efficiency with which you build relationships with your customers.

Fortunately, there are now solutions that can help you reduce cart abandonment in WooCommerce, such as the ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons plugin. This powerful plugin helps you identify and capture every potential sale lost by providing an easy way to recover those orders from customers who get distracted or simply forget. It can even generate dynamic coupon codes for each customer’s cart, helping to entice them back quickly and easily. All these capabilities come completely free of charge!

ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons

Have you ever lost customers due to abandoned carts? If yes, then you need an effective tool to reduce cart abandonment and recover customers. The ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons plugin is just the solution for you.

This plugin helps to reduce your cart abandonment rate by sending automated emails with dynamic coupons to recover abandoned carts. It sends reminder emails at well-timed intervals, convincing customers to re-activate their carts and make a purchase.

Another great feature of this plugin is that you can set up notifications for the admin to know when a cart is recovered. The plugin also allows you to send personalized and targeted messages to customers who have abandoned their carts, thus delivering a great customer experience.

With adaptive default designs, the email templates within this plugin will remain responsive no matter what device they are viewed on. This ensures that the emails are easily readable across all devices, thereby offering a seamless experience for your customers. So if you’re looking for an effective tool to reduce cart abandonment, ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery is the perfect option!

ELEX WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin

Highlighted Features

  • Automated and Scheduled Email Campaigns.
  • You can also opt to get notified when a customer abandons a shopping cart.
  • The plugin comes with an Abandoned Cart dashboard which shows all the vital information about your abandoned carts like the total number of abandoned orders, customer details, etc.
  • Automatically Generates Coupon Codes.
  • This plugin is simple to use and understand because of its user-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, you can create customized discount codes for abandoned carts within minutes.
  • These features make ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons one of the most effective free WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins available today.


CartBounty is a comprehensive and efficient platform that helps you save and display all shopping cart activity from when a product is added. With its automated abandoned cart recovery system, you can save your time and focus your energy on other important tasks. 

CartBounty provides you with various options to recover abandoned carts, including sending email reminders using WordPress, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, or MailChimp. You can also send push notifications to customers who have left their carts behind, encouraging them to complete their purchases. 

Apart from these, CartBounty offers efficiency tools that can increase your chances of recovering more abandoned carts. For instance, you can use the Exit Intent popup to minimize cart abandonment and increase sales. You can also provide instant coupon codes to motivate customers to complete their purchase using Exit Intent and Early capture tools. 

In addition to this, CartBounty helps you reduce cart abandonment using dynamic browser tab notifications. It also allows you to save contact details from 3rd party plugins and custom email fields. Moreover, you can customize actions and filters for additional configuration and development. 

You can prevent bots from leaving abandoned carts using Google reCAPTCHA and reduce checkout abandonment by saving and restoring checkout form data after page reloads. CartBounty’s user-friendly interface and advanced features make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to recover abandoned carts and improve their sales.


Highlighted Features

  • Monitor and report on your shopping cart in real time.
  • Recover abandoned carts with webhooks and automate processes in apps like Make, Pabbly, etc.
  • By using Early capture, capture the user’s contact information right after they click “Add to cart”.
  • Optimize your recovery chances by sending your users dynamic discount coupons.
  • When the page is reloaded, the checkout form data is saved and restored, reducing checkout abandonment and improving the user experience.


Retainful is a robust abandoned cart plugin that can help you reduce cart abandonment rates for your online store. With Retainful, you can automate the process of sending cart recovery emails to customers who have left items in their carts and capture leads with popups, maximizing your revenue potential.

One of the key features of Retainful is its hassle-free cart recovery process. The plugin helps you track and remind customers with personalized emails, automated workflows, and unique checkout links, which can help you recover abandoned carts and convert leads into sales.

Retainful sends customers a unique cart recovery link, enabling them to recover their cart with just one click. You can also customize emails to match your brand and prompt buyers to complete their purchase, which can help you maximize your sales potential. With Retainful, you can recover abandoned carts, increase your sales, and provide a better customer experience for your online store.


Highlighted Features

  • You can easily customize the abandoned cart email templates to match your branding and skip the design process entirely.
  • Streamline the checkout process and reduce cart abandonment by sending unique one-click recovery links.
  • The Add-to-Cart pop-up allows you to capture customer emails early. The customer’s email address is requested when they click “Add to cart”.
  • Popups are triggered when customers leave your shop without making a purchase. 
  • Provide clear, compelling communication in multiple languages for all customers.

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

With this plugin, abandoned carts can be tracked, regardless of whether the user reached the checkout page or provided any identifying information, including an email address. It comes with three built-in email templates that offer out-of-the-box functionality. This abandoned cart plugin allows you to track which products are abandoned most frequently by accessing a Product Report.

Implying this tool, you will be able to reclaim lost orders as well as identify the product left in the cart, and also the information about the customer who left it. A notification will be sent automatically to you as the admin when orders are recovered. You can greatly increase your sales and minimize your abandonment rates by using this plugin. 

abandoned cart lite

Highlighted Features

  • Verify that the cart has been abandoned by the logged-in user or the guest client.
  • Maintaining a record of the recovery percentage.
  • Once a cart has been abandoned, it sends a reminder email.
  • Easy-to-use abandoned cart templates.
  • Rich Text Editor for HTML copying & template creation.
  • An overview of how often a product is abandoned and retrieved.
  • Sending personalized reminder emails is easy with seven merge codes.

HubSpot for WooCommerce

Hubspot is a well-known WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin that helps reduce cart abandonment rates by tracking abandoned carts. This plugin provides you with every detail of an abandoned order and email interaction with that customer.  With this abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce, you can send automated cart recovery emails that can later be analyzed using email analytics. A customized cart recovery email is sent based on segmenting the email list. 

Hubspot also offers features that allow you to create ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google for retargeting. However, the downside of this plugin is the pricing, which may not be budget-friendly for smaller businesses or startups with limited financial resources. Using the WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin, you can view details about each contact’s abandoned carts, orders, website activity, and email interactions. Small businesses or beginners with limited needs can be overwhelmed by the plugin’s extensive range of features.


Highlighted Features

  • Track your cart in real time.
  • Dashboard for Analytical Information.
  • Creating responsive email templates.
  • Easy management of WooCommerce customer data through HubSpot.
  • The HubSpot analytics tools allow you to track and measure the performance of customers and their abandoned carts.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart plugin

Consider using the YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart plugin for abandoned cart recovery. This plugin sends coupons with special discounts on abandoned items to remind customers of their incomplete purchases. 

You can customize the email templates and track the real-time statistics and reports of abandoned carts. Improve your conversions and recover lost sales by using the YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart.

YITH abandoned cart plugin

Highlighted Features

  • You can send automated emails only to administrators, customers, and subscribers with the YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart.
  • An automated email will be sent to the user’s contact information if “Recover carts of guests” is enabled. 
  • The YiTH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart feature allows you to specify the number of minutes left after the cart was abandoned.
  • The initial emails can be sent with a single click using one of the available templates. 
  • Customers may also choose their preferred language through YITH since it offers varied languages.

WordPress Abandoned Cart Recovery by Recapture

Employing Recapture, you can send customers emails and SMS messages to remind them to complete their purchases.  Recapture allows you to customize your emails with the customer’s name, the items they left in their cart, and personalized recommendations or discounts. A key feature of Recapture is the ability to capture a customer’s email address as they type it in.

An email will be sent to customers when they abandon their shopping cart, with instructions on how to recreate their shopping session. It is also possible to send an image of the items left in their cart using recapture.

Segmenting your campaigns allows you to send highly targeted and relevant emails to each customer to increase effectiveness. It is also possible to specify when and how many emails should be sent. You can increase sales with Recapture by recovering abandoned carts.

recapture abandoned cart plugin

Highlighted Features

  • Each triggered email campaign has pre-created content.
  • Email creation is quick and easy with the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Intuitive reports help Recapture improve your store’s revenue.
  • You will receive useful reports directly to your inbox. 
  • Instantly create your email campaigns.

ShopMagic Abandoned Cart

ShopMagic Abandoned Cart plugin helps you to recover your abandoned carts by tracking them. You must install the ShopMagic plugin first, which is also free. This add-on collects the email addresses of visitors who have added items to their carts but did not complete their purchases.

After a certain amount of time that you determine, an automated email will be sent to the customer reminding them of what was left in their cart. It allows you to customize your email messages to your customers and streamline your processes. You can create specific triggers and criteria for your automation. You can also use the site’s built-in no-code editor to easily update and test your emails.


Highlighted Features

  • By capturing consumer emails before checkout, ShopMagic’s Abandon Cart extension allows you to generate future leads. 
  • By utilizing ShopMagic Abandoned Carts, you can target customers according to their status, purchasing frequency, budget, and specific items viewed. 
  • By sending Delayed Emails, you can promote future purchases at a time that is convenient for the customers. 
  • Combining Request a Review and other fantastic features, you can automate targeted outreach for reviewing.
  • Create customized and follow-up emails for customers, both registered and guests.
  • The Mailchimp integration is available.

Last Shot

When it comes to running a successful business, customer behavior and sales recovery are key. That’s why you need the right plugins to help you achieve your goals. In this article, we have highlighted plugins that provide valuable insight into customer behavior, track abandoned carts, and provide suggestions on how to improve visitor experience.

The abandoned cart recovery plugin is one of the most essential plugins for WooCommerce stores. It is possible to automate the recovery process with the right plugin by considering all the significant aspects to save yourself time and effort.

Look for a plugin that can automate your business seamlessly, which is easy to set up, and is scalable, so you can focus on growing it. Pick a plugin that will provide efficient, effective, and cost-effective abandoned cart recovery for your business.


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