Best 6 APIs to Integrate with Australia Post MyPost

One of Australia’s oldest and biggest providers of mail and shipping services is Australia Post. When it was first established in 1901, it was known as the Postmaster General’s Department (PMG).

With a staff of 75,000, it is also a significant employer in the nation. A vast fleet of around 14000 vehicles connects Australia Post’s network of 4330 post offices, 33,039 lockers, and 15,036 post boxes. Additionally, it charters up to 17 planes each day to make cargo both domestically and internationally.

Through its 12.3 million+ distribution locations, the firm has access to practically all of Australia, serving 228 million customers annually. It distributes over 400 million parcels annually and maintains a total of 481 facilities for sorting, storing, and processing goods. Leading shipping business in Australia, it brought in $7.5 billion in revenue and $53.6 million in profit in 2020, with non-postal revenue accounting for 73% of the total profits. Australia Post provides both companies and people with a wide range of services.

While the organization provides document services, receiving and sending of goods and money, as well as receiving and sending of products to people, it provides much more to corporations. It provides businesses with labeling, packing, and cross-border shipping services. Additionally, it provides marketing services including business letter writing and direct mail. 

Australia Post offers specialized services for e-commerce businesses, including rapid delivery options, order packaging, provision for pickup sites, and reverse logistics. Additionally, it provides online retailers with value-added services including the acceptance of cash-on-delivery and eCommerce insights. Additionally, it enables cross-border eCommerce by allowing companies to transport their goods to foreign clients.

Australia Post became one of the first companies to offer integrated logistics and shipping services over time by using the most recent technology. Businesses may interface with its platform to take use of its features and effectively deliver products.

What is Australia Post MyPost?

Australia Post MyPost homepage

Shipping companies often are not ready to give any kind of discount to fledgling online businesses with little to no regular volume of orders. You’ll ultimately pay the same shipping fee as everyone else. It seems that owners are having difficulty making ends meet when it comes to shipping while working to maintain their small business viable in today’s ever shifting market. While bigger firms usually negotiate lower shipping prices owing to the volume of their orders, smaller businesses are frequently exposed to changing market rates and price surges. MyPost Business is the shipping service you require to start taking advantage of business savings for your new company as soon as feasible.

MyPost business is an easy-to-use and effective choice for business owners who wish to mail packages with Australia Post. You may transport items in a number of ways using the corporate account and digital platform. It is intended for businesses that send out less than 2,000 shipments annually. For monthly purchases of 10 to 200, MyPost Business, which offers volume-based savings in five categories, is essentially the best place to start.

As you spend more, the savings become more significant, and your weekly cap is adjusted. You have nothing to lose by trying it out because making an account is free of charge. Additionally, There are no minimum shipment quantity restrictions, no income verification or credit checks, and you may register a MyPost Business account for no cost, which has helped a number of new businesses manage local and international shipping.

Benefits of Australia Post MyPost

  • All-in-one Dashboard: The MyPost Business online interface enables you to manage and track all of your shipments and delivery without having to go to any external websites. This includes both domestic and international shipments. Additionally, you may see history and shipment logs.
  • Volume based Discounts: The main benefit of using MyPost Business for business shipping is that organizations may start saving money on commercial shipping as soon as they start sending more than eight packages per week. Even when your firm is just getting started, you are not required to pay retail prices.
  • In-store and Online Access: You have the option of making purchases and creating shipments both online and offline. Your shipments will be counted as you examine your volume-based savings band as long as you scan your particular MyPost Business QR code at the post office.
  • Bulk Upload Orders using CSV files: This function can help you save a lot of time and effort if you frequently get a high number of orders. You may create orders in bulk by adding all your order information to a CSV file rather than individually creating each shipment.
  • Multiple Shipping Options: MyPost Business provides both types of shipping to match your unique needs.
  • Tracking notifications: You have the option to automatically send shipment tracking information to the customer’s registered email address whenever your order is generated. Using this tracking URL, both customers and business owners can keep track of the shipments.
  • Support: Owners of MyPost accounts may take advantage of 24/7 assistance. All day long, a live chat window is accessible.

Now that we have a detailed understanding of Australia Post as well as Australia Post MyPost, let us take a look at the best APIs to integrate with them.

ReachShip API

ReachShip API

One of the best shipping APIs to help you automate your shipping process is ReachShip. You may examine and compare shipping prices from a wide selection of top industry carriers, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Australia Post MyPost Business, among others, using the ReachShip Multi-Carrier Shipping API. 

Utilizing a variety of services provided by ReachShip will greatly streamline your shipping procedure. From the accuracy of submitted addresses until cargo arrival, it monitors and manages the whole shipping process. In terms of producing and managing shipments, this shipping API connection is the simplest and most effective one available.

Additionally, printing mailing labels or requesting shipment estimates are completely free. The only fees that apply are those that are particular to the shipping carriers, making this one of the most helpful tools for streamlining your shipping process. You may offer a top-tier delivery service with no maintenance by integrating this API.

ShipStation API

ShipStation API

Another effective API option that may be included in your company is ShipStation. The ShipStation API is a great resource for sending and receiving data from ShipStation. It is possible to carry out operations including generating orders, modifying products, obtaining orders, shipping, and managing client data using this API.

You have the choice to interface with more than 420 carriers via the platform’s API, including Australia Post MyPost among them.

ShipStation accomplishes this by automatically compiling and combining order data from over 70 sales channels, applying a preconfigured set of shipping preferences to each order based on your preferences, processing, and printing customized shipping labels and packing slips, and automatically updating each store with shipping status and tracking information.

Programmers can create software that can interact with the ShipStation system using the API. The API may be used to automate many different tasks, including managing shipments and orders, generating labels, getting shipping quotes, and more.

ShipEngine API

ShipEngine API

You can create trustworthy shipping solutions using ShipEngine, which has an uptime of over 99.9%. The ShipEngine API’s commitment to assisting developers in building shipping services without sacrificing speed or simplicity makes it a dependable partner for eCommerce websites. All that is required of you is to synchronize your integrations; ShipEngine will take care of the rest.

You will have immediate access to shipping APIs after integrating this API, allowing you to quickly compare rates, check addresses, create labels, track delivery, and more.

You may get help from this shipping application programming interface (API) at any point during the order completion and delivery management process. This covers everything from analyzing prices provided by more than 108 different carriers to confirming addresses found anywhere in the globe, creating shipping labels in real-time, and monitoring your goods until they reach the consumer.

Both user-friendly and effective, Australia Post’s MyPost carrier service. Additionally, you may receive this service’s API key for free when you sign up.

Starshipit API

Starshipit API

To make the process of completing orders simpler, Starshipit links eCommerce retailers with their chosen courier services. To automate your delivery process, create rules for location, weight, SKU, and shipment mode. Through Starshipit, you may even choose your courier costs, and we don’t snip the ticket.

It is simple to start automating your shipping process no matter what platforms you use because they offer one of the biggest numbers of connectors on the market, including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Cin7, Brightpearl, and Xero.

Thanks to address search and auto-correction, Starshipit eliminates human mistakes. Order packing and shipping time is shortened by the automatic completion and submission of customs and shipping documents as well as the ability to mass print address tickets.

Starshipit also makes it simple to interact with customers. Send email and SMS alerts proactively at each stage of the sales and delivery process to lower the volume of support team-managed inquiries.

Leading domestic and international couriers such as Australia Post MyPost, DHL Express, DHL eCommerce, Royal Mail, New Zealand Post, Toll, Toll IPEC, Hunter Express, Sendle, Quantium, and many more are among those you can integrate with.

EasyShip API

EasyShip API


The cloud-based shipping software called Easyship is designed to easily handle international eCommerce. Users may handle local and international shipments through more than 50 different couriers and shipping companies, such as Australia Post MyPost, DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. The automated updating of courier names and tracking numbers in eCommerce businesses as well as the emailing of tracking information to customers are made possible by store sync integrations.

It offers customers real-time shipping pricing estimates that take into account any applicable taxes and customs fees. With category-based calculations, automated preparation of tax paperwork, and the option to choose who will pay any necessary fees, customs duties and taxes are computed automatically for every nation. Additionally, Easyship provides a dashboard to manage orders and tracking as well as fulfillment, and shipping options for crowdfunding projects.

Shippo API

Shippo API

You may include Shippo, another potent shipping API, in your company. With the aid of the Shippo API, your eCommerce store’s shipping procedures may be automated and customized.

Customers can obtain shipping estimates, create labels, and more without ever leaving your website thanks to this feature that operates in the background of your eCommerce site’s checkout process. Customers may instantly compare shipping prices from several carriers and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Once the cargo has been dispatched and delivered, you and your customers can choose to get real-time tracking updates when you connect to the API. The API will handle everything, so you no longer need to cater to each shipping carrier’s requirements separately or deal with shipment issues.

Additionally, it enables online retailers to offer customers a single-view tracking page where they can receive automatic notifications when their orders have been picked up or are on their way to be delivered as well as real-time delivery updates on their parcels with access to more than 85 global carriers, including Australia Post MyPost accounts and the best prices for each one.


You may do more business faster and more efficiently by developing automated processes for API-integrated apps. These processes can take the place of time-consuming manual work and effortlessly convey information that would typically require manual intervention.

One may automate laborious operations and optimize their eCommerce business by integrating with Australia Post MyPost services. We hope this article has been helpful.

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