ELEX Abandoned Cart Recovery vs Addify Abandoned Cart Recovery: Which is Better?

Owners of online stores face a big issue with abandoned carts. You must first determine the primary causes of cart abandonment before developing a strategy for recovering abandoned carts. Unfortunately, it is far simpler to say than to really accomplish. There are several factors, such as the page’s design and loading speeds, as well as the possibility that a user may simply change their mind, that might have an impact on their choice to abandon their cart.

Fortunately, there are several plugins available that you may use to recover abandoned shopping carts. For the greatest results, if you’re using WooCommerce, find and install the top WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin.

You may track users who leave shopping carts empty and subsequently contact them with recovery emails using a number of plugins. It might be difficult to choose the best one for your company when the time comes.

The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin by Addify and the ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons plugin are, in our opinion, your finest options. To better comprehend each plugin, we shall go through its features and unique characteristics.

However, it’s crucial for you to first comprehend the major causes of why so many of your users can quit their shopping carts.

Why Do Prospective Customers Leave Their Carts Unfulfilled?

Customers may leave their shopping carts for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Unexpected shipping fees: If you add the cost of shipping towards the end of the checkout process, you can anticipate a greater percentage of cart abandonment. Customers value openness, thus it’s critical that you give a precise amount. Your cart abandonment rate will undoubtedly increase if an unexpected fee is applied at the end.
  • Cost comparisons: This one should go without saying: if a client discovers that the identical product is being sold for less money elsewhere, they’ll likely quit their shopping carts and buy from that location instead.
  • A change of heart:  A buyer’s disposition could change in the middle of their transaction. If people change their minds, they’ll just leave their shopping carts empty and leave the website.
  • lack of payment methods:  Failure to offer clients an appropriate payment option is another reason they can remove items from their carts. Instead of placing the payment choices on the final checkout screen, your website should display them prominently.
  • Convoluted checkout: This one is also significant. To avoid losing consumers, you must make sure that the checkout page is not unduly difficult.

Now that we have gone through the main reasons behind cart abandonment, let us have a brief look at each of the plugins mentioned above.

ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons

ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons plugin

The potential loss brought on by abandoned carts may be unpleasant in addition to the typical product damage, which is often taken into account in any business’s budget. An abandoned cart, however, could generate revenue if it is converted at the right time and with the right resources. By utilizing a WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin, you can automate the procedure. Therefore, quick action is necessary to prevent the enormous losses in revenue that may otherwise occur.

By sending emails to customers reminding them to complete their orders within a specific time window, the ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin enables company owners to retain current customers and future customers.

It uses a configurable email follow-up system that sends a series of reminder emails at predetermined intervals to entice customers to complete their orders.

Options include adding promotional codes, setting up trigger rules, personalizing email templates, removing abandoned shopping lists, and examining logs and in-depth reports. 


  • Check the details for each cart that has been rescued or abandoned.
  • You can select the WooCommerce statuses for which the cart will be treated as recovered.
  • After a predetermined amount of time, the plugin will automatically remove listings for abandoned carts.
  • Create rules that take into account a range of factors, such as user roles, the overall sum, the number of items, and product IDs.
  • Receive email notification when a cart is found.
  • Give out coupons in the recovery emails.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin by Addify

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin by Addify

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery is a premium plugin from Addify that has been authorized by WooCommerce Marketplace as an official extension.

This plugin contacts potential customers with follow-up emails in order to recover income from WooCommerce abandoned carts. These emails provide discounts or other incentives to customers to come back and finish their purchases.

First, WooCommerce abandoned carts are tracked and logged by the abandoned cart recovery plugin. Afterward, you can make a decision regarding abandoned carts based on your business criteria.

Emails can be sent manually or automatically. The timing, volume, and frequency of follow-up emails are all under your control. Additionally, the plugin enables you to send various emails to various user roles and exclude specific goods from cart recovery emails.


  • You may see the last 30 days’ worth of data regarding recovered abandoned carts, outstanding orders, and even their recovery.
  • Users who are signed in and those who are not can both use the plugin to retrieve abandoned carts.
  • View Data for Pending Orders.
  • Individualized Discount Coupons.
  • View the Complete Email Log.
  • Create a variety of unique email templates.
  • Performance graph for recovering abandoned carts.

Now that we have a brief of each of the plugins, let us take a look at some of their features that are unique to each.

Unique Features: ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery 

Notifications: The ELEX plugin allows the admin to receive notifications once the abandoned cart has been recovered. This allows the admin to be up to date on the status of recovery without having to manually go about it.

Cart Expiry: Set the period of time after which the cart will be regarded as expired. Automated email triggers won’t function for such carts once they’ve expired. By automating the entire procedure, one can focus on writing emails.

Stop Auto-Trigger: The admin has the option to stop sending the automatic emails at any point once the plugin starts doing so if a cart is abandoned. You can stop an email for a single customer instead of stopping it for all of your customers.

Dashboard: The plugin dashboard provides a wide range of capabilities that can assist streamline the entire data analysis process, including:

  • Even for few days, we have the ability to base our data filtering on other dates. (Most plugins restrict their data by default to the most recent 30 days.)
  • Verify the overall conversion rate.
  • Total bonus earned from the carts that were retrieved.
  • Information like the top 3 coupons that end users used to check out and recover abandoned carts, the top 3 email templates that website owners utilized when sending emails to clients, and the total number of carts that were retrieved utilizing the store owners’ abandoned cart emails.

ELEX plugin dashboard with statistics and graphical reports

Email template: A wide range of modification options are available for email templates, including:

  • Including discounts from WooCommerce in the email template
  • Dynamic coupon linking to customer’s email address
  • Dynamic coupon linking to items in abandoned cart
  • Creating a new template by adding a personal email template
  • Making a new template by copying one of the current email templates.

Email Triggers: You may tailor the email triggers by establishing a number of rules based on various criteria, such as And/Or based conditions for the number of products in the cart, the total cart value, user roles, and product identifiers. You can also multiple email triggers for a single rule.

Customizable email triggers and rules

Status: For the various stages of recovery, the plugin offers three alternative statuses. As follows:

  • The abandoned cart is regarded as recovered if every item in the customer’s cart is bought.
  • The abandoned cart is deemed partially recovered if even one of the products is bought.
  • The cart is regarded as a bonus recovery if any of the stuff in it is bought along with any other item(s) that weren’t in the abandoned cart.

Manual Email: An administrator can manually send an abandoned cart recovery email whenever a cart is abandoned.

Restrictions:  Have the ability to use a customer’s IP addresses, email addresses, and domains to determine whether a customer’s cart status is abandoned.

Test Emails: Send test emails to the appropriate email address to evaluate how the prepared email template feels and appears.

Email logs: Access email logs that include the cause of any email delivery failures, just in case one occurred.

Help: customer support is good. You have the option to include FAQs for quick problem solving and Raise a Ticket for more effective customer support.

Unique Features: WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin by Addify

Pre-Capture Email IDs: Both logged-in and non-logged-in users can retrieve abandoned carts with the Abandoned Cart Plugin. It uses a modal popup to pre-capture emails for users who are not signed in. If you enable privacy text, this popup will either appear before you reach the checkout page or, if you disable it, it will appear on the checkout page.

Pre-Capture Email IDs for non-logged in users

WPML Compatibility: The Addify plugin offers the option to integrate with WordPress multilingual plugins that help ease the language barrier by offering various language options for your website. (The ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery and Dynamic Coupons plugin is releasing this feature soon.)

Now that we have gone through the unique features of each of the plugins, let us go through a few factors one should consider while selecting a plugin for their business needs.

Criteria to Choose the Right Plugin for your Needs

Each eCommerce company still has to choose its ideal recovery plugin. This can be challenging since, as was said above, each plugin has areas of specialty and offers a variety of services. Therefore, the main factors you should consider to choose the best option are stated below.

  • A Good Support System: The degree of community and support that a plugin has is crucial. The help area of a plugin with lots of active users and continual development is likely to be quite busy.
  • If you ever need assistance, pay attention to your support network; the more active it is, the greater your chances of finding someone who can assist you. Another important aspect to consider is the plugin’s group forum.
  • Necessary features: Making a list of necessary features and sorting them in descending order is the best method for locating the ideal plugin. The search will start when you have made sure you have not missed any requirements. This will assist you in locating the essential plugin with the characteristics your company needs.
  • Compatibility: An excellent plugin with plenty of functions but incompatibility with the website’s other software renders it useless and even problematic. As a result, you should carefully examine your plugin’s compatibility.
  • You should first read the plugin’s description to ascertain what versions of WordPress and PHP it is compatible with. The majority of plugins don’t function on the out-of-date version. Therefore, you should update PHP and WordPress if you are still utilizing an old version of either.
  • Documentation: Don’t forget to read the provided documentation and frequently asked questions. If the author includes thorough documentation, you’ll spend less time fiddling around and figuring out how to utilize that plugin. Additionally, you will understand how to use this plugin correctly for maximum effectiveness.
  • Pricing: After figuring out all these details, the cost of the plugin is the main criterion that define if the plugin is worth it or not. The price of the plugin in comparison to the features offered is a useful and dependable way of determining if the plugin is right for you or not.


Based on your situation and needs, such as traffic, your products, or services, you should select a plugin. Making a decision while keeping information in mind is likely to confuse you, prevent you from using the finest tools, or even cause you to overlap the plugin. 

In order to make your decision-making process easier, we have taken into account this and compiled this list of differences.

For companies of all sizes, the ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons plugin is ideal since it automates all the essential steps in the procedure.

With the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin from Addify, you can get started slowly and learn the ropes by managing a few components of the recovery process.

The price difference between the plugins is not much as the Addify plugin is $59, while the ELEX plugin is $79. For a short while though, the ELEX plugin is at a discounted rate of $40, you should grab this offer while it lasts.

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