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How to Easily Integrate Australia Post eParcel with WooCommerce using ELEX Australia Post plugin

Getting your shipping process streamlined is one of the primary concerns of every WooCommerce store owner. Popular shipping carriers offer several services to help you consistently manage your shipping requirments. Australia Post’s eParcel service is one such option that can help you streamline your shipping process. If you are shipping more than 1000 parcels a year, you can make use of this service for your shipping needs. You can integrate eParcel services of Australia Post to your WooCommerce store using ELEX Australia Post plugin. You can display Australia Post shipping services and rates, and print domestic and international shipping labels using this plugin. In this article, we will discuss how you can integrate Australia Post eParcel with WooCommerce.

Advantages of using Australia Post eParcel

eParcel is a great solution to help you handle large number of shipments on your store. Let’s quickly look at some of the advantages of using this service.


It helps you get better rates for your everyday shipping needs. eParcel offers competitive pricing, which can really help you increase your profit margins.


eParcel is a flexible solution as it offers multiple options to help you integrate it to your store. Depending on the eCommerce platform you are using, you can choose the right integration option. If you are using WooCommerce, our Australia Post plugin is one of the best options to integrate eParcel, as it offers complete automation on your WooCommerce store admin itself.

Fast delivery options

Depending on the specific need, you can choose an express or normal service for your shipments. That means your customers will be happy to get a variety of services on your store.

Better customer experience

eParcel is extremely easy to get started with, and you will be able to accurately track your shipments at all stages. Since there are multiple delivery options, your customers will always have the option to choose the most suitable delivery services for their needs. For faster delivery they can choose an express service, those who are looking for an economical option can opt for one of the normal services. Moreover, there will be regular updates about the whereabouts of the parcel to both the sender and the recipient.

Safety of the packages

Australia Post offers transit cover for the packages delivered through them. That means the shipments will be protected from loss or damage while in transit.

Easy return solutions

eParcel also offers convenient return options that you can make use on your store. Offering a smooth return process would be one of the important aspect that customers would take notice on your store. You will be able to make sure repeat purchases and better customer loyalty as a result of this.

How to integrate Australia Post eParcel with WooCommerce?

You can integrate Australia Post eParcel with WooCommerce in a few simple steps.

  1. Establish your eParcel agreement with Australia Post – You will need an Australia Post Charge account to be able to use eParcel services. If you don’t have an Australia Post, you should first sign up for an account with them. Once your account is setup, you can simply talk to your account representative to get eParcel included in your account.
  2. Install ELEX Australia Post Plugin – You can purchase the plugin here, and install it on your WordPress site.
  3. Start sending shipments using eParcel service – With the help of the plugin, you will be able to display your eParcel rates to customers as well as generate shipping labels and manifests. All this you can manage right from your WooCommerce store admin.

How to use the plugin?

Let us take a more detailed look at how you can use the plugin after integrating Australia Post eParcel services. Please note your store’s currency needs to be set as Australian Dollars for this plugin to work.

After installing the plugin on your WooCommerce store, you need to provide the API key on the designated field on the plugin to integrate Australia Post services with your store. If you already have set up an eParcel service through the Australia Post representative, you need to enable Contracted Account field on the general settings of the plugin.

The plugin supports a range of Australia Post domestic and international shipping services. You can selectively enable the services you want to display to your customers. You can also choose to make price adjustments to the services as well using the plugin.

You will be able to choose a parcel packing method from the available three options. These are:

  • Pack items individually.
  • Pack into boxes with weight and dimensions.
  • Based on order total weight

You can choose one of the options according to the store strategy and the plugin would take care of the box packing automatically.

Printing labels

Once you have set up the eParcel option with your Australia Post account, you can print shipping labels from your WooCommerce store admin using this plugin.

After receiving an order, you can go to the order detail page and click Generate packages button to start the process.Based on the choice of box packing, the plugin will provide the weight and dimensions of the package. You can choose the specific Australia Post shipping service for the order also here.

Once you click the Create Shipment button, the plugin will create the shipment for that specific order. Along with this, a tracking code will be also generated, which the customers will be able to see in their My Account page. You can also automatically set up to send the tracking code through the order completion email.

If connected to a printer, you will be able to generate and print the shipment label directly from the WooCommerce admin.

Printing International shipment label

To print international shipping labels, you need to choose a product classification option additionally. This will be also a determining factor for the rates charged for the package.

Also note, the international shipping document contains four different labels – one to attach on the shipment, one for Australia Post, one for Customs and one for store owner.

You can also generate and print order manifests after printing labels. As there is a separate dashboard for this, you will be able to print multiple order manifests at once.

You can find more details on the various options available with this plugin in the documentation.

Contact our support team for any queries regarding the plugin.

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