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How to display product dimension in Shipment labels in WooCommerce Stamps.com Plugin? (Code Snippet)

The WooCommerce Stamps.com Shipping plugin does not show product dimensions in shipping label, by default. You can print these product dimensions in your labels using the code snippet given below.

But remember, the following code snippet can only be applied to shipment labels of Stamps domestic service.

Code snippet to display product dimension in Stamps shipping label

Add the following code snippet in the functions.php file of your website theme.

add_filter('wf_stamps_request', 'xa_print_pkg_dimension_stamps', 1, 100);

function xa_print_pkg_dimension_stamps($request) {
$obj = new WF_USPS_Stamps();
if($obj->packing_method != 'weight_based'){
$request['printMemo'] = true;
$request['memo'] = 'Pkg Dimension(L*W*H) = ' . $request['Rate']['Length'] . '*' . $request['Rate']['Width'] . '*' . $request['Rate']['Height'] ;
return $request;

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