Modifying product title and price in label (Code Snippet)

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The below code snippet can be used to modify product title and price of each product in stamps label.
Kindly copy and paste the snippet in Appearance –> Editor –> functions.php.

add_filter('wf_stamps_request', 'wf_customize_stamps_products_title', 10, 2);

function wf_customize_stamps_products_title( $request, $order ){

    $new_product_titles = array(

        //Config this array with product name with corresponding values

        'Mobile phone'=> array(

            'Description' =>'Cell Phone', //new description. Leave this blank if no need to change.

            'Value' => 500 //new price of the item. Leave this blank if no need to change.



    if( isset($request['Customs']['CustomsLines']['CustomsLine']) ){

	    foreach ($request['Customs']['CustomsLines']['CustomsLine'] as $key => $customs_items) {

	        if( array_key_exists($customs_items['Description'], $new_product_titles ) ){

	            if( !empty( $new_product_titles[ $customs_items['Description'] ]['Value'] ) ){

	               $request['Customs']['CustomsLines']['CustomsLine'][$key]['Value'] = $new_product_titles[ $customs_items['Description'] ]['Value'];


	            if(!empty( $new_product_titles[ $customs_items['Description'] ]['Description'] )){

	               $request['Customs']['CustomsLines']['CustomsLine'][$key]['Description'] = $new_product_titles[ $customs_items['Description'] ]['Description'];





return $request;

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