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Frequently Asked Questions: ELEX EasyPost Shipping Method

Q1: The plugin is not taking the License key provided in the API key section in my elextensions account.

Ans: The API key you need to enter in the plugin settings is the EasyPost API key. You need to register with EasyPost and add the billing information and you’ll get the Live and Test API key in the Easypost Dashboard.

Q2: Can I use only weight in the products for rates and shipping?

Ans: Right now, we only have ‘Pack items individually’ and ‘Pack into boxes with weight and dimension’ options. Hence, you need to have weight and dimension configured in the individual product settings.

Q3: Plugin works fine in Test mode, but FedEx rates are not showing in Live mode while other services work fine.

Ans: Please make sure you have configured the API credentials for the Live mode in the EasyPost Dashboard for FedEx under carrier accounts.

Q4: Not able to create a shipment.

Ans: Please make sure you select the correct service in the WooCommerce orders before creating a shipment. The plugin automatically selects the service chosen by the customer for creating a shipment. But you can manually select the service before creating shipment as well.

Q5: I am not able to get rates and not able to create a shipment. I already have configured the carrier accounts and used the correct API keys for test & live modes.

Ans: Please make sure you have added the billing information. If you don’t add those details, EasyPost treats the account as fraud and you may have to contact them to clear that and make your account active.

Q6: How to add flat rate services?

Ans: You can add the flat rate services in the ‘Flat rate boxes’ setting under the ‘Rates and Services’ tab. Choose the desired flat rate boxes and save the settings.

Q7: How to change the shipping address default to Commercial or Residential address?

Ans: The plugin has the option in the Rates and services tab to mark the Rates type as Commercial or Residential. But it will work only for the carriers that have additional charges for residential address type.


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