How To Hide Product Price With The Help Of The Name Your Price Plugin?

One of the most crucial features of any eCommerce shop is the price. It’s one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a product or service. Aside from carefully considering your pricing strategy and connecting it with your aims, concealing prices from your clients may be an intelligent idea in some cases. Some businesses, for example, may wish to keep their wholesale and membership rates hidden from retail consumers. Other eCommerce sites conceal pricing in order to gain email addresses.

We’ll teach you how to install and utilize the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin on your WordPress site in this post.

Before that, let’s have a look at a few scenarios where hiding pricing in WooCommerce can be a good idea.

Why should WooCommerce prices be hidden?

While most wholesale web companies keep their costs hidden, it’s also frequent practice when launching a product or as a marketing tactic. Let’s look at some scenarios when not showing pricing might help your business.

  1. Wholesalers and Distributors: As previously said, wholesale retailers are one of the most typical enterprises where product costs are hidden. This is primarily to prevent displaying retail consumers wholesale prices. Prices are normally only visible to confirmed wholesale customers and hidden from regular visitors to these businesses.
  2. Initial Product Launch: To build buzz, most eCommerce shops add things to their store before they start. This is a typical marketing tactic for generating interest in a product before it is released and getting people and the media to speak about it. Brands normally reveal certain details about the product they are preparing to debut, but the pricing is kept hidden until the launch day. This is how Apple, Samsung, and many other tech giants introduce their most important products.
  3. E-commerce Websites for Members Only: Prices are frequently hidden in member-only internet retailers. Because only registered members may buy things on these websites, the pricing for non-registered users is usually hidden.
  4. Marketing Techniques: Price concealment may also be used as a marketing technique. Stores may display product information but not the price, forcing customers to contact them for more information. This might be used to grow their email lists or establish a more intimate relationship with potential consumers.
  5. Catalog Page: Some shops have websites that display their items and information about them, but they do not allow online sales. The main purpose is to provide a product catalog, so consumers can view what’s in stock, rather than sell.
  6. Products that are out of stock: When things are out of stock, and you don’t know when they’ll come back, you might want to conceal their pricing, so buyers can’t buy them.

Hiding the Price Using a plugin

Customers may name their own pricing for your WooCommerce items with the ELEX Name Your price plugin. The plugin allows you a lot more choice when it comes to pricing your items. Customers who visit your WooCommerce store can recommend a price for your products. Store owners might enforce a minimum acceptable price to prevent losing money by giving their customers pricing choice. This plugin is great for researching the market and figuring out how much your clients are willing to pay for your goods.

ELEX Name Your Price plugin product page

The following are some of the plugin’s key features:

  • After (Suffix) and before (Prefix) the product price, add custom content.
  • Quick Discounts can be added to the price of your goods.
  • Set prefixes, suffixes, and discounts for particular products.
  • Show the minimum and maximum pricing ranges for variable items.
  • Excellent ELEXtensions Plugin compatibility.

Let’s look at how to set up the WooCommerce Name Your Price plugin for your WordPress site quickly and easily.

Begin by downloading and installing the free plugin. To do so, go to the ELEXtensions or WordPress websites and download the ELEX Name Your Price plugin. After the download is complete, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin > Install Now to install the plugin.

Click Activate Plugin after the installation is complete.

Activate the plugin

The plugin is now operational. Let’s continue on to the step-by-step procedure to hide the product price.

Step 1: Access the plugin

Go to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins > ELEX Name Your Price Plugin > Settings in the admin settings to access the plugin. You may simply go to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Name Your Price to use the plugin.

Step 2: Tailor the parameters to your liking

As soon as you enter the plugins dashboard, you will be provided with a bunch of features. Let us take a look at what each function does. To allow clients to specify a price at which they wish to purchase a product from your store along with utilizing the other functions of the plugin, enable the Product Min Price

ELEX Name Your Price plugin settings

Set Min Price: This is the lowest price you want consumers to be able to buy your products for. If necessary, you may also leave it blank.

Min Price Label: Enter a custom text that will show next to the part where the buyer must enter the minimum price.

Min price Description: Type a custom description in the min price description field that will be displayed to customers.

Hide Price: The Hide Price option is another useful function. You may remove the price from the product page using this option. The consumer will only see the product’s minimum price, as well as the option to enter their ideal price for the product.

As the name states, the Hide price feature is what we are going to utilize to hide the price on your WooCommerce store. Just enable this feature, and it will hide the price for all the products in your WooCommerce store.

Once you are done customizing the settings, click Save Changes.

With samples, we’ve demonstrated the plugin in action…

With the Hide price feature enabled, we activated the minimum price setting and set the minimum price to $10.

If the buyer submits a price that is less than $10, the website will show a custom notice that says “Custom pricing cannot be less than $10.”

ELEX Name Your Price plugin in action

If you wish to hide the price for an individual item, scroll down.

Hiding the Price for Individual Products

After you enable the plugin, you may also determine the minimum price at the individual product level, based on your store’s needs. Following that, all items will be eligible for the global minimum price you set in the plugin dashboard. To do so, go to WordPress Dashboard > Products and choose a product for which you want to establish a minimum price.

Go to the General tab by clicking Edit under the product and scrolling down to the product info metabox. In the Name Your Price box, enable the setting and click Hide Price.

Hide price for indivitual product


This tutorial has shown you how to hide the product price with the help of the ELEX WooCommerce Name Your price plugin. By allowing your loyal customers to establish tailored pricing for the things they’re interested in, you’re putting your store’s income in their hands. It will not only excite your customers’ interest in making future purchases with you, but it will also improve their trust in you. Hiding the price is just a bonus factor to the entire plugin.

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