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Frequently Asked Questions : ELEX WooCommerce DHL Shipping

Q1: Cannot get rates if there are more than 99 items.

Ans: DHL has a maximum number of package per request set to 99. If you have more than 99 items, you’ll have to use weight-based packing or pack into boxes with weight and dimension. The plugin will then pack the items together in a box and send a fewer number of packages in the request.

Q2: Cannot get shipping rates with the test credentials provided by DHL.

Ans: Please make sure you have weight and dimension in the products, and when you’re using test credentials you can only get the Retail rates so you’ll have to disable the option ” Show DHL Account Rates” option in the plugin settings under Rates and services tab.

Q3: How to solve this error – DHL Express Create Shipment Error:111 : Error in parsing request XML:Error: Datatype error: In element ‘GlobalProductCode’ : Value ‘undefined’ does not match regular expression facet ‘([A-Z0-9])*’?

Ans: That error message shows up when the services are not available while creating a shipment. The services won’t show if you don’t have weight and dimension in the products or if the address is invalid according to DHL.

Q4: Shipping rates are much higher than what DHL account manager provided. Why?

Ans: If you have the live API credentials, then to get the DHL account rates, you need to enable “Show DHL Account Rates” option in the plugin settings, under the Rates and services tab. Also, if your DHL currency and shop currency is different, you need to add a conversion rate in the plugin settings.

Q5: Why is there same service name multiple times?

Ans: Those services names are same but have a different global product code. This is because the services have doc-type and non-doc type. Depending on the countries customs requirement, the API will return either of the services. You can contact DHL for more clarification.

Q6: Do we have to pay for the shipment once we generate the label?

Ans: The billing happens when the labels are scanned by DHL pickup. So you’ll not be charged until the packages are picked up.

Q7: Why am I not able to see the shipment in MyDHL page shipment history?

Ans: The shipment data takes time to update in the history. Most of the time, it reflects only after the labels are scanned.

Q8: Pickup says its booked, but DHL didn’t receive any data. How is this possible?

Ans: There’s a bug when the pickup from same day is always requested for the next day. Make sure there’s a pickup confirmation number after it says its booked.

Q9: The postage does not change when I change the package dimension in the order page.

Ans: The order page will only show the shipping cost related to the default package details. This is because there’s no API call on changing the dimension on the package details.

Q10: DHL Paket cannot open the labels after few days. Why?

Ans: The label data is not stored in the orders, so the DHL label URL provided in the orders are only valid for few days. You’ll have to download it and keep or cancel the shipment and then create new shipment again to access the labels.


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