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How to complete the Checkout process on ELEXtensions.com?

If you are having trouble purchasing our ELEX plugins, follow the instructions explained in this article.

Steps to process Checkout on ELEXtensions:

1. Select the desired plugin from our plugin archive to proceed to its product page. On the right side of the page, you can see the license (or the number of site subscription) options. Select the desired subscription and click on Add to cart button.

A sample screenshot is shown below.

Process Checkout at ELEXtensions | Add to cart button
Add to cart button


2. Next, you’ll be taken to the cart page from where you can proceed to the Checkout page for payment.

Process Checkout at ELEXtensions

We accept payments with PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway and Stripe. For India, we also accept RazorPay payment option.

Process Checkout at ELEXtensions || Razorpay

Method 1: Payment using Paypal

Here we have two options

  1. Using an existing PayPal account
  2. Pay with Debit or Credit Card (without using PayPal account)

Enter your billing details, email address, and password (if you have not logged in to ELEX) and click on Continue to payment button to proceed further.

Pay using PayPal

Process Checkout at ELEXtensions

You’ll be redirected to the PayPal website for payment. If you are using an existing PayPal account enter your login credentials and proceed with the payment.

Process Checkout at ELEXtensions | PayPal payment

 Payment using Paypal (Pay with Debit or Credit Card (without using PayPal account)

If you do not have PayPal Account, and if you want to use a Debit or Credit card, click on the respective button to proceed further, as shown in the screenshot below.

In the next step, enter your card details, confirm your billing address, and click on the Pay Now button.

Process Checkout at ELEXtensions | PayPal Debit/Credit Card payment
PayPal Debit/Credit Card payment

Once the payment is successful, you’ll see a confirmation message on the ELEX screen.

Method 2: Checkout using Stripe

Apart from PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway we also accept payments using Stripe.

Here you can provide the card details and then proceed with the checkout.

Method 3: Checkout using Razor Pay

Apart from Stripe and Paypal, we also accept payments via RazorPay.

Here you can provide the credit card details with the card security code and then proceed to checkout. This is recommended for Indian WooCommerce store owners who can pay securely using Credit or Debit card or even Internet banking through Razorpay. Once done, you will get the confirmation message on your ELEX Screen.

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