10 Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Strategies to Improve Your Sales

Let’s imagine you are a successful business owner. Your consumers are super happy with  your items, you’ve worked out inventories, and you have a good quantity of traffic. Have all of your bases been covered? no, not always. You can still be losing a significant amount of revenue by abandoned carts.

A consumer leaves their shopping basket in between 60 and 80 percent of online transactions. That suggests that your sales figures could only be about one-third of what they might be.

Now, you might not be able to convince everyone who abandoned their carts to complete the checkout process and treble your revenue. It’s possible that some customers never intended to make a purchase in the first place. However, it’s worthwhile to make an attempt to convince as many people who are still having second thoughts as you can because a sizable portion of them are amenable to persuasion.

In other words, it’s challenging to persuade people to make online transactions, especially for the first time. It’s also difficult to get beyond the many emails that each of your connections receives each day (269 billion emails are sent every day). This story isn’t all inherently bad, either. We’ll demonstrate how to use the appropriate techniques to cut through the clutter.

In this post, we’ll go through the best practices to improve your sales by eradicating Abandoned Cart issues whilst recovering them.

Defining an Abandoned Cart Email

An example of Abandoned Cart emails

An abandoned cart email is used to re-engage website visitors who add items to their shopping carts but then leave the page without making a purchase. Abandoned cart emails remind customers of the items in their cart and persuade them to finish their transaction.

Customers often explore liked-product pages at online retailers. However, they go a step further by indicating a desire to purchase it by adding the item to their basket.

You can tap into this urge by using an effective abandoned cart email to persuade customers to come back to your online store and finish their purchase. Additionally, it gives you the ability to strengthen bonds with your clients and enhance their online purchasing experiences by offering them specialized offers.

Customer-First DataTM, which you obtain directly from your prospects and customers, is used in abandoned cart emails (information they proactively give you, or information you observe about them on your owned channels and website).

Now that we have a basic understanding of the term cart abandonment and recovery emails let us take a look at a few strategies that will help combat the same.

Important components of abandoned cart emails

Emails sent to clients who have abandoned their carts are simple to make and effective in wooing away hesitant buyers. Every abandoned cart email must contain the following two elements:

Include the products that have been abandoned

Include the product that has been abandoned in the email

It’s entirely likely that after some time has passed, your buyers change their minds and decide to make a purchase after all. After abandonment, it could take them a few hours to remember why they were drawn to the objects in the first place. This is a warm lead as opposed to the frigid reach out of a typical business email structure.

More significantly, it’s possible that they never even tried to abandon the cart. Customers who didn’t finish a transaction mention “Website Crashed” (24%), and “Website Timed Out” (15%) as explanations. Either might have been the result of an issue with the internet provider, and your consumers might still be extremely eager to make a purchase. The simplest approach to win back those clients is by saving their cart, showing the things they want to buy, and providing them a link to the saved cart.

Attention-grabbing content

Consider abandoned cart emails as an extra marketing chance. You take care to make sure that all of your marketing materials are engaging, so don’t skimp on this one. Additionally, an abandoned cart email could be far more welcoming than you generally send because of the function it fulfills.

What elements go into a successful marketing email? It’s crucial to have an eye-catching subject line, compelling writing, and quality photos. 

Smart internet sellers know how to use the psychological sales trigger of scarcity. Customers worry that a product they want to purchase could sell out.

This kind of intensity, combined with information that eases you in, makes for excellent reading.

Strategies for Recovering Abandoned Carts

Every email on abandoned shopping carts should have engaging language and a simple mechanism to return to the cart, or at the very least, show the products that were abandoned. The following qualities are excellent if you can manage them even though they are not strictly necessary.

Do Not Send Just One Email

Your conversion rates can often rise by up to 20% when your first email is sent 1-3 hours following the cart abandonment.

Sending a second email to contacts who haven’t made a purchase within 24 hours can increase conversion rates by up to 50%.

As mentioned above, the ideal approach to follow up right away following a visit to your website where things were placed in the basket but no sales were completed is with quickly abandoned cart messages. The easiest way to remind them of what they left is via an email or push notification that is delivered right away.

Send at Appropriate Moment

Send the abandoned cart emails at even and pre-decided intervals

Even while it may be tempting to send your email right away after the basket is abandoned, many clients find this to be unsettling. A modest reminder between 1 and 4 hours after desertion appears to work best, according to our research. For expensive goods and services (holidays, vehicles, investments, etc.), the price comparison and decision-making process take longer since consumers prefer to talk to their loved ones or conduct online pricing comparisons. In these situations, it would be better to delay sending your initial email for a few more hours to allow them more time to finish their research.

Usually, sending the abandoned cart email within an hour after the abandonment yields the best results. Since individuals are routine-based and you have the highest chance of contacting them at the same time of day that they were shopping previously, studies have shown that sending a second message exactly 24 hours after the first message is ignored by the customer produces the best results. 

The success rate drastically decreases after 24 hours, but you can also try sending a third abandoned cart message a few days or exactly one week after the initial one and gauge how well that does.

Give out a discount

Provide a discount for the abandoned products in the recovery email


Because the final price is more than they anticipated, most shoppers remove items from their shopping carts.

People often add up the costs of each item they add to the cart when calculating how much they will spend. Even when they do, they frequently underestimate the costs of shipping and taxes.

It is simple to generate discounts. Simply choose the amount, create a discount code, and include it in the email sent in response to abandoned carts.

You now need to carefully consider if discounts make sense for your company. Although you are aware that many customers are leaving their carts unfilled, no two locations have the exact same combination of issues. Although you have a decent possibility of inspiring your clients to buy following a reduction, you also don’t want to lose too many sales.

It’s a delicate balance to strike, so you must determine whether or how to give discounts.

Provide social references

Showing what others have said, accomplished, or achieved with the same things is one of the best ways to persuade clients who aren’t sure whether to buy.

Include a prominent area presenting the best testimonials from other consumers who also bought the questioned product(s). Include product or service ratings if at all feasible.


It’s a fantastic idea to create some alluring images if you know a little HTML or can make some adjustments to current graphics.

We are all aware of how crucial it is to develop appealing themes for beautiful websites. We also understand the power of excellent product photography.

Consider abandoned cart emails as another marketing channel once more. This email should be as attractive as all of your other ones are.

Because the marginal difference between excellent graphics and no visuals is not as huge as the marginal difference between an email and no email, HTML is a nice-to-have but not a must. Don’t worry if developing excellent images is difficult; instead, concentrate on writing persuasive prose.

Use an informal/ humorous tone

Use a conversational, even funny tone as opposed to a formal, pushy one.

Speaking in terms of customer service in these emails also works well. Below is a short list of a few examples:

  • “Be sure to”
  • “Have you had any issues with your purchase?”
  • Is there anything you need that we can provide?

Additionally, Include a contact email or phone number for customer assistance in the text as well as work to lessen the impression that the email was automatically sent by your email system.

Place the cart’s contents on hold

Recall how we said the scarcity strategy exploits the prospect of your product selling out to motivate a purchase. There is still another technique to benefit from the scarcity effect.

If you promise to retain the things for the consumers for a certain but defined period of time, you could persuade them to proceed to checkout.

Customers are aware that popular goods regularly sell out in tiny shops because they lack well-developed supply systems. They might be more inclined to buy if they know the items will be kept for them.

We realize that you want to ship to the consumers who have already paid in case supply is low, therefore this method is nice to have but not necessary. And you should without a doubt. Therefore, only offer to store the cart if you are certain that your inventory is ample and you can afford to hold the things for many people who might not pay.

Do not postpone the CTA

The CTA buttons must be positioned at the start of the recovery email, and you must link them to the recipient’s shopping basket. Always employ CTAs with a hint of urgency to persuade potential customers to notice and click.

Make sure your CTA, rather than a generic product or category page, links straight to a checkout page with the products ready to go. Make checking out as simple as you can. In this situation, watch out for advertising and other promotions on your website to prevent consumer distraction.

Keep your footing

In emails about abandoned baskets, avoid providing excessive detail or information about marketing. Additionally, since this is not a regular marketing email, it is recommended to stay away from mentioning current or impending promotions in the text. The last thing we want to do in these circumstances is divert the recipient’s attention from what these particular emails are designed to do.

The final email

The majority of what we’ve covered here is contained in one email. Although its design is less showy and more practical, it more than makes up for it in other ways.

The recovery email should start off by providing a discount. The consumer is then informed that the shopping cart will be held for a specific amount of days, and a link is provided to take them there immediately.

If one needs help, it also provides a phone number and an email.

Finally, it demonstrates how fervently it seeks to comprehend why its clients abort their transactions. Therefore, it developed and connected to a brief consumer survey.

This accumulation of knowledge comforts the buyer and boosts purchases.


The finest cart abandonment emails highlight the items that were abandoned, provide a clear call to action to come back and make a purchase, and, in some cases, add suggestions for related items.

It’s difficult to send automatic, tailored cart abandonment emails at the ideal moment, with the ideal enticement, and with the ideal content.

Check out the ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons plugin to complete this operation on your WooCommerce site effortlessly.

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