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How USPS manual postage payment works? How system functions?


Can you walk me through how USPS manual postage payment works? How system functions?

Customer orders and pays.
I’ve label and tracking code in the admin panel.

What do I do with the label then? Print it out? Can I pay it via usps.com account?


The USPS Web Tools Label APIs are not integrated with Payment. To use the Label APIs and print labels with postage, you must have a permit or postage meter to pay for labels.
You may also print the labels without postage and pay at the Post Office. 


I still don’t understand how it works.

So I’ve labels in the admin panel, I print it out and what are my options of paying for it? Credit card? Cash at the office?

I want USPS to come and pick the item, I don’t want to go to their offices, is this available?


Using the plugin you will not be able to pay for postage.

However, there are other ways for making payment :
– Through USPS® Share Mail™ Prepaid Options, USPS Corporate Account™
– Having a USPS Corporate Account™
– Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit & Debit
– Fedwire®

For more information on these options, you can check the USPS link –https://www.usps.com/business/postage-options.htm

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