How USPS manual postage payment works? How system functions?

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Can you walk me through how USPS manual postage payment works? How system functions?

Customer orders and pays.
I’ve label and tracking code in the admin panel.

What do I do with the label then? Print it out? Can I pay it via account?


The USPS Web Tools Label APIs are not integrated with Payment. To use the Label APIs and print labels with postage, you must have a permit or postage meter to pay for labels.
You may also print the labels without postage and pay at the Post Office. 


I still don’t understand how it works.

So I’ve labels in the admin panel, I print it out and what are my options of paying for it? Credit card? Cash at the office?

I want USPS to come and pick the item, I don’t want to go to their offices, is this available?


Using the plugin you will not be able to pay for postage.

However, there are other ways for making payment :
– Through USPS® Share Mail™ Prepaid Options, USPS Corporate Account™
– Having a USPS Corporate Account™
– Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit & Debit
– Fedwire®

For more information on these options, you can check the USPS link –

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