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How Efficiently I Managed My Startup Using WSDesk

I used to work for an MNC. There we were using Zendesk as the helpdesk. No doubt, it is one of the best helpdesks. Now I started a small startup and I had to manage a lot of customer concerns. One of my colleagues suggested me to try WSDesk which is the best helpdesk plugin for small businesses. Based on recommendations I decided to use WSDesk and through this article, I will share my and my team’s experience with this helpdesk.

WSDesk is a platform that helps businesses turn their WordPress eCommerce website or online store into a web-based support desk. Thanks to it, enterprises can deliver fast and efficient assistance to their clients, helping customer enjoy their products and services better, improve user satisfaction, and give their brand that positive ratings and feedback. Consequently, WSDesk is the perfect solution to enhance customer and brand loyalty and boost revenue.

Some of the best things that I have noticed by using this plugin are:

  • Ownership- Got the complete ownership of the customer’s ticketing database.
  • Free of any monthly charges or per agent costs.
  • Email piping.
  • Well managed user interface.
  • Best in Reports and Analytics.
  • Hassle free backup and restore features.



This is one of the major advantages that WSDesk has apart from other cloud-based helpdesks.  Previously all our companies data was under external control. The fact is that once you start using the support of cloud-based software you lose all your flexibility in exporting, deleting and redirecting your data eventually you would end up handling over the soul of your company to them. This is where WSDesk rescues us. Now we have the ownership of our customer’s ticketing database with a well accustomed WordPress platform.

Free of monthly charges

WSDesk comes with free of any monthly charges or per agent costs. While I was working in previous MNC they used to pay a huge amount monthly to Zendesk which could not be afforded by small companies like us. WSDesk comes with a one-shot payment of $89 which is quite reasonable for the features they provide. Even it’s free version comes with a lot of interesting features such ‘Email Support System’, ‘Unlimited Agents’, ‘Reporting and Analysing Tool’ etc…

Email piping

This is one one the essential features for a helpdesk plugin. Email piping is nothing but, a feature that allows you to receive and reply to tickets through your email. We receive a lot of customer queries on the weekends and this feature helps us to manage our tickets on these days. Many of the other helpdesk plugins have this feature only in their premium versions but WSDesk provides this feature in its free version itself.

Best in Reports and Analytics

WSDesk provides us with a built-in performance insight with an inbuilt reporting tool. Since my company is in a growing stage, it is important for me to improve my customer satisfaction. By using the reporting tool I easily manage my agent performance and thus keeps on improving our customer satisfaction.

Hassle free backup and restore features

Here is a recent incident that I came across. One of my new support agents deleted many of my sensitive customer tickets by mistake. I store all my solved tickets for future references. Since my support agent was new he deleted all the solved tickets. But I just restored all those deleted tickets with just one click from trash.

A well-managed user interface


When migrated from Zendesk to WSDesk I didn’t feel any discomfort with the user interface. The UI of WSDesk is as good as Zendesk. They have managed to include all the features in an elegantly and user-friendly manner. Many of its competitors failed to do so. Other helpdesks have many complicated features that make beginners tough to use it. From my experience, I can surely say that WSDesk does a much better job here.

The plugin also provides an option for existing Zendesk users to migrate all their current tickets to WSDesk with just one click.


Since I had plans on starting my new company, I have been searching for a perfect helpdesk plugin. I tested many of the other plugins and was not satisfied with all of those. When I started using WSDesk it was having all the features that I needed and it also helps me save some bucks. Now, I and my team are very happy with this WSDesk helpdesk plugin.


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