How to Improve and Optimize the Performance for WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

This is a business case related to requests from customers using WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Helpdesk Plugin.

The Problem

Even If you are running a product-based or service-based business, you will need a service/ticket desk to handle all your customers’ requests and complaints. But sometimes, it gets hard to maintain all the request data in one place without losing the performance and the functionality of the system. Here our ticketing plugin WSDesk-ELEX WordPress Helpdesk comes in handy. As ours is the leading helpdesk plugin in WordPress, we do a complete analysis on how to increase customer experience often. So we found that there is an issue with handling a large number of tickets in one place. Customers are facing an issue related to the slow loading of tickets and are finding it hard to organize the ticket data.

In this business case article, we will go through how we have increased the user experience by organizing data in a better way with our WSDesk WordPress helpdesk plugin.

Arriving at a Solution

To manage the ticket data and increase the performance of our plugin, our product development team came up with some new features.

  1. Archive tickets
  2. Lite Mode
  3. On-Demand loading of long ticket thread

Archive Tickets

This feature is helpful when you have a large number of tickets or request data, which you might not need in the day-to-day operation. You may need the data to audit or create a performance report. Our product development team added one more field as an Archive Tickets tab to handle all that data.

To archive the tickets, please follow the steps mentioned in the above screenshot. Open the WSDesk tab in your WP-admin dashboard. Then go to Settings and open Data Management. Here you can select the date range and Status of the tickets you want to be archived. Then click the Start Archive button. In a few minutes, all your selected tickets will be archived and will be stored in the archived tab. See the below screenshot.

You might need to restore some data for future use. For that, you can simply restore the Data Management Tab. Just follow the same steps, and select tickets based on date range and status. Then, click the Restore button. All the selected tickets will be restored in a few minutes.

This way, you can manage all your data using just one plugin.

Lite Mode

The main reason behind introducing lite mode for WSDesk WordPress Helpdesk plugin was to decrease the response time for the tickets, which contain a high amount of data that takes time to load the ticket dashboard page. In this way, we can disable some ajax functionalities. Also, the value-added feature is that you don’t have to install any other lite mode plugin. You can enable the lite mode from the WSDesk plugin itself.

With Lite Mode, you get three features to increase the ticketing dashboard performance. These are mentioned in the above screenshot.

  1. Hide the ticket counts in the Ticket dashboard.
  2. Disable quick view option in the Ticket dashboard.
  3. Disable refresh the tickets dashboard when the ticket tab is closed.

On-Demand loading of long ticket threads

Sometimes you have a very long conversation in tickets between customers and agents. To organize such tickets, we had an option as Show More/Show Less to hide unwanted conversation. But all of the conversations were pre-loaded and long conversations were hidden, which has given the tickets a cleaner look.

In the above screenshot, you can see, by clicking on ‘Show More’, we are showing previous details. If you click on ’Show less’, all the previous conversations will be hidden.

But, the long conversations with large mail threads were creating performance issues as sometimes these threads will have a large amount of HTML data. So, we have made this option to load the data on-demand when it is clicked. By default when the ticket is loaded, the last x number of lines will be pre-loaded and clicking on “show more”, on-demand loads the complete thread. This approach has solved a long-running issue of performance while loading tickets with large email threads.

These are the main three features we have added to increase the performance and user accessibility of our WSdesk helpdesk plugin.

Please visit the product page of WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Helpdesk Plugin to find the full set of features and capabilities. To know what our customers are talking about the ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin, please check customer reviews.

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