WooCommerce Shipping Insurance

The Best WooCommerce Shipping Insurance Coverage Plugin

In this article, we take a look at the best WooCommerce Shipping Insurance Coverage plugin. Here we look into the features of ELEX WooCommerce Shipsurance Add-On for Shipping Method Plugins.


When dealing with shipping, assuring the customers the guarantee of delivery without any damage is a fundamental aspect. This mostly encourages customers to purchase more goods that are fragile or to be shipped with proper care. If you want to offer shipping insurance upon your package for any damages occurring, being stolen or lost, etc, then the Shipping insurance coverage plugins come handy. Build the trust factor of your business, with your customers with guaranteed delivery of shipments. You can make use of the ELEX WooCommerce Shipsurance Add-On for Shipping Method Plugins to do so.

Why Shiping Insurance is required?

With shipping insurance, it offers full coverage for your shipping. It also helps with hassle-free claims. When you are into regular shipping of products every day, then you can design specially catered services for your product shipping for both domestic and international shipping. Also with a streamlined electronic claims management process, you get the insurance claim quickly.

Why Shipsurance?

Shipsurance deals with professional shipping insurance coverage in the most effective way that helps to reduce the paperwork for the same. Here are some features that make Shipsurance the ideal insurance coverage for your Shipping needs.

Features of Shipsurance

  1. Fast and hassle-free processing of insurance claims.
  2. Offer discounted coverage for the shipping carriers associated with you.
  3. Easy to integrate with popular shipping plugins.
  4. It also covers insurance for both domestic and international shipping.
  5. Offers full, half, and flat-rate coverage type for shipping insurance.
  6. It helps you save almost 90% of insurance costs.
  7. Offers multiple reporting options.
  8. It covers large freights to smaller parcels.

Why ELEX WooCommerce Shipsurance Add-On for Shipping Method Plugins is the best WooCommerce Shipping Insurance Coverage plugin?

WooCommerce Shipping Insurance

The plugin is an efficient method to incorporate shipping insurance on your WooCommerce store. It incorporates all the features of Shipsurance. The add-on works efficiently with all the ELEX Shipping Plugins as well as can be effectively integrated with any other third party WooCommerce shipping method plugins you use.

Here are some features that make the plugin the best WooCommerce shipping insurance coverage plugin.

Works with any Shipping plugin independently

The plugin has no external triggers for activation. It can work with any shipping plugin effortlessly. With the add-on integrated, makes no difference to the order placing or processing of the order on the WooCommerce store. It all works the same way.

WooCommerce Shipping Insurance

Set Specific Coverage for your Shipments

Basically, for insurance coverage, the plugin offers three coverage types for claiming. They are –

Full Cover: Here, the insurance covers the amount that is equal to the total amount on the checkout page.
Cover Percentage: Here, you can enter the desired percentage of the total amount for insurance coverage.
Flat Rate: To offer a fixed amount for insurance coverage, you can enter a fixed amount to be covered here.

WooCommerce Shipping Insurance


The Shipsurance considers the total amount that is calculated as Items’ total amount plus the Shipping charge to calculate the percentage coverage and the full coverage.

Offer Insurance Coverage view on Individual Orders

Whenever a customer places an order on your store, you can see the insured amount on the order, in the individual order pages.

WooCommerce Shipping Insurance

Offer Shipping Insurance on Return Shipments

If you are dealing with return shipments, then also you can get your shipments insured with Shipsurance. Once the return order is processed and accepted, then you get a Shipsurance reference number. This number is necessary while filing and claiming insurance, in the future.

WooCommerce Shipping Insurance

Effortless Integration with Shipping plugins

No matter which shipping plugin you use, the plugin is compatible with any of the third-party WooCommerce shipping plugins as well as the ELEX Shipping Plugins.

To Wrap Up,

These features make ELEX WooCommerce Shipsurance Add-On for Shipping Method Plugins, the ideal add-on for your WooCommerce store to reinforce the trust among the customers.

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