Grow Your WooCommerce Store Exponentially With the Best CRM Platforms in 2024

Are you tired of the typical ways to track your customers and keep them engaged? With an efficient CRM platform take the high road and make the most of your ever-expanding reach and customer base. For an e-commerce store, customer relationship is indeed one of the most important areas to prioritize and upgrade. It is through your customer relationship that you can scale exponentially in no time.


“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein 


As per the latest reports, the customer relationship market is projected to grow exponentially around 10.59% by 2028. So, with a potential CRM solution, automate, collaborate, and customize your communication efficiently with your existing as well as potential clients. Now, let us dive deeper into the role of a CRM platform in your store and a comparative study of the best CRM tools available in the market.

Role of an Efficient CRM Tool in Your WooCommerce Store

A valuable CRM tool can create a strong reputation among your customers and make your business excel in leaps and bounds. It can play a crucial role in optimizing and enhancing your WooCommerce store’s performance as well as experience. Following are the points in which a CRM tool can help your business grow,

  • Streamline Customer Data and Responses

With the help of a CRM, you can centralize your customers’ data like contact details, purchase history, preferences, etc. This creates a comprehensive view of your buyer’s journey and strategizes a marketing and sales campaign accordingly.

  • Personalized Experience for Customers

The CRM system helps create a personalized experience for your customers by sending them customized emails, offering tailor-made promotions, suggesting relevant products, etc. These customers make a note of these efforts, enjoy the benefits, and stay loyal to your business.

  • Improved Customer Support and Satisfaction

A CRM platform provides a unified space for generating tickets and resolving customer queries/issues. It helps track the problem areas or issues, strengthen the customer relationship, and earn credibility.

  • Automate Marketing and Sales Campaigns

With the tracking of customer data and buyer behavior, it becomes easier to identify the gaps to introduce sales opportunities and serve the prospects effectively. You can also create marketing campaigns, track conversions, and keep your marketing strategy and efforts under check.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency and Order Management

With an efficient CRM tool, order management becomes seamless for your WooCommerce store. The tool helps keep track of orders, manage inventory, maintain on-time delivery, etc. for a better customer experience.

  • Data-driven Insights to Improve Store Performance

With a record of customer-related details and buying patterns, you get a better understanding of customer behavior, trends, and respective interests. These insights can help your WooCommerce store to improve its marketing and sales strategy. Thus, making better business decisions optimal for your store’s performance.

  • Adaptability as per Store’s Growth and Scalability

A CRM tool is efficient enough to expand its capabilities with the growth of your WooCommerce store. It very well accommodates the increasing customer data, offers smooth automation, and adapts as per the evolving business needs.

  • Efficient and Personalized Communication

CRM tools empower your WooCommerce store by improving customer service and offering customers a personalized experience. It helps optimize the store’s performance and build long-lasting customer relationships.

A Comparative Insight of Best CRM Platforms in 2024

Let us do a comparative analysis of the best CRM tools and choose the one best suited for your WooCommerce store,

crm platforms compared

Agile CRM

This CRM software offers the most affordable and comprehensive platform to manage the entire buyer journey of customers at your store. The Agile CRM tool combines lead generation, sales, marketing, and customer service under one powerful platform. 

agile CRM

The chief features of this powerful customer relationship management tool are,

  1. Under the Sales section, you can access sales essentials like 360° contact overview, contact management, calendar planning of sales campaign, sales enabling features, and telephonic features too
  2. You can also avail of Marketing Automation, Web Engagement, Social Media Marketing tools, and Mobile Marketing features as well
  3. The tool offers multiple Help Desk features, Service Automation, Live Chat options, and also features to improve the knowledge base
  4. Apart from these in-depth features, the Agile CRM offers multiple ways to improve Productivity 


This CRM platform helps your store in effective data-driven decision-making for your marketing goals. The tool is known for its flawless marketing automation. It also helps you build relationships with your customers via conversations that are more personalized and engaging.

drip crm

Drip CRM helps you add the following elements to your existing WooCommerce store,

  1. Customized Emails that can keep the engagement ongoing and keep your customers in the loop for upcoming deals and offers
  2. Pop-ups or Onsite Campaigns are another feature that makes it easy to stay connected and guide your visitors/customers through their buying process
  3. The software helps you create well-defined Segmentation based on behavior and engagement based on the data inflow. Thus, engaging your customers based on their preferences and behavior
  4. The Automation feature is yet another advantage that helps run multi-channel, evergreen marketing campaigns on autopilot. It allows you to set your daily marketing tasks and let the automation make it happen for you
  5. This CRM system helps you with clear Insights on your marketing campaigns to adjust, improve, and create an impressive impact. The detailed dashboard offers you a clear understanding of the details and gaps.


FluentCRM is one of the most highly-rated email marketing automation tools available in the market. The tool is easy to configure and integrate with WordPress and comes packed with excellent features that make up for a good CRM. 


The main highlights of this high-conversion CRM tool are as follows,

  1. It is a self-hosted email marketing automation plugin for WordPress and helps manage Email Campaigns using KPI metrics and data-driven actions
  2. Gives you a 360° Overview of contacts including their purchase history, preferences profile, etc.
  3. Offers Smart Contact Segmentation for better and customized marketing strategy for target audience
  4. Email Marketing Automation and Sequencing help capture leads, engage with prospects, and nurture your audience regularly with accuracy
  5. With Granular Reporting get an in-depth understanding of the campaigns and their impact


This CRM software is one of the most powerful tools for your WooCommerce store. The integration has an efficient CRM, analytics, and email marketing platform. It helps the store owner to easily manage store data and make better decisions for scalability.

metrilo crm

The key features of Metrilo CRM are as follows,

  1. The tool specializes in eCommerce Analytics and gives you a clear picture of the customer database including profiles, behavior, and order history
  2. Email Marketing helps keep potential and existing customers in a loop using targeted emails based on customer preferences and behavior
  3. Metrilo serves as a robust eCommerce CRM that runs smoothly without any painful integrations
  4. The tool helps your store identify valuable customers and improve Customer Retention by building goal-oriented strategies

Constant Contact

This CRM is one of the oldest and most popular email marketing tools available for effective communication. It offers some amazing beginner-friendly features like easy-to-use predefined email templates, an intuitive UI, and super useful analytics.

constant contact crm

Constant Contact helps you to create impact by following features,

  1. The CRM platform offers effective Email Marketing that helps you create, send, and track communication using a library of pre-designed templates
  2. Marketing Automation again helps you in automating the entire process of scheduling and sending emails timely as per customer requirements
  3. You can create an email list using the List Building feature and Reporting to track your marketing campaigns
  4. You can also upgrade your store using A/B Testing and Integrations for a better experience
  5. The tool helps you expand your reach on social platforms using SMS Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  6. Constant Contact is a perfect way for marketing and sales teams to align their goals, convert potential leads, and generate promising ROI


This CRM platform offers an excellent optimization for your WooCommerce store leading to massive conversions. It helps you to create offers with visually appealing templates, behavior automation for the right reach, and the ability to test and adapt in real time.

optinmonster crm

The OptinMonster CRM serves your WooCommerce stores in many ways,

  1. It is one of the best Email Capture Tools for WordPress to run targeted campaigns
  2. The Drag and Drop Builder helps to create visually impressive forms meant to create the highest conversions 
  3. The tool comes with some fabulous Campaign Ideas to choose from and create attention-grabbing offers for marketing campaigns
  4. With Seamless Integrations OptinMonster helps your store to react and adapt in real-life
  5. This CRM offers Actionable Insights for some real data and tools that you can enable to improve your lead generation strategy

Grow Exponentially with a Potential CRM

Now with a clear and comparative understanding of the best CRM platforms, enabling one will surely be a game-changer for your business. Whether you are running a small e-commerce store or a large setup, having a reliable and advanced CRM tool will always give you an edge over your competitors. The benefits as mentioned above are potentially rich and undeniable. So why wait now? Choose and invest in a strong CRM software that aligns best with your business goals and store’s needs. Start your journey with a smooth, efficient, and automated system to take away all your customer relationship concerns and attract growth like never before. 

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