WooCommerce Shipping with UPS

How to Make WooCommerce Shipping More Effective with UPS

UPS offers a great option for WooCommerce store owners to handle their shipping requirements. Offering the shipping services of UPS, a global leader in shipping with presence in over 200 countries, would be a great way to improve customer experience on your WooCommerce store. Here is a quick look at how UPS can improve your WooCommerce shipping strategy.

Services for businesses of all sizes

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can find a suitable option to ship with UPS. You will be able to get an estimated time and cost for each shipping services. This will help you choose the most suitable option for your business. Moreover, UPS offers several features like address book, shipping history and email notifications to help you streamline your shipping process. Furthermore, with plugins like ELEX EasyPost, you can completely automate the shipping process on your WooCommerce store.

With UPS, you will get access to a range of high quality shipping services irrespective of the size of your business.

Express services for critical, time-sensitive goods

If you are selling perishable or fragile goods, and you would want them delivered in quick time, you can totally rely on UPS Express services. These services make sure that your shipment will be delivered on time. This gives you quite an edge with your customers, who would really appreciate good delivery experience if it is consistent. With the UPS Express services, you can be assured of the following aspects.

  • Reliable care for your high priority products.
  • Flexible shipping options specifically designed to suit your needs.
  • Accurate tracking options for all your shipments irrespective of the service or shipment size.
  • Round-the-clock customer service.

Tools to centralize your shipping process

The shipping process involves a lot of separate components that need to work in harmony. An option to centralize the whole process will give you much better scope to meet the expectations of your customers. With tools like ELEX EasyPost Plugin, you will be able to centralize UPS shipping services extremely well. With the help of the plugin, you will be able to display live UPS rates with estimated delivery dates. Also, you can print shipping labels from your WooCommerce store admin, for which the cost will be automatically deducted from your UPS account. You can also pass on the tracking information to your customers along with the order completion email. Moreover, you can set up suitable boxes on your store based on available UPS boxes.

Easier to incorporate multiple retail channels

UPS has an option for marketplace shipping, which will help you get a centralized view on all your eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. When you are able to manage shipping requirements of all your retail channels, it will reflect on better customer experience as well. Here is a quick look at how UPS Marketplace Shipping will help you:

  • Integrate popular marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.
  • Easy process to save your time.
  • Automatic status updates to store owners as well as customers.
  • Merge inventory data for accuracy.
  • Multiple payment options, including PayPal

Better returns management

Returns are an unavoidable scenario when you are managing a WooCommerce store. UPS, with its simple returns management process helps you provide a seamless return experience on your store. With advanced technology and streamlined services, UPS helps you reduce the overall time taken for a product return, and effectively makes the customers more happy.

UPS offers seamless solutions that will enable you to handle return requests more effectively.


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