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WooCommerce Hide Shipping Method for Category – A Step by Step Guide

Here we demonstrate how to hide shipping method for any specific WooCommerce Product Category using a WooCommerce hide shipping plugin.

Let us consider, suppose you want to hide shipping for certain product category like Clothing. Let us make use of the ELEX Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods Plugin.

Step 1:

Install the plugin and activate the same.

Step 2:

Set the hide shipping criteria firstly.

WooCommerce Hide Shipping

In here we are creating a rule for the product category Clothing.

Step 3:

Wherein in the next tab, we specify which shipping method is to be hidden.

WooCommerce Hide Shipping

Upon creating this rule, you are specifying to hide the shipping method- local pickup, whenever the product category is clothing.

Let us see what happens when the product from another category is selected for purchase For example if the customer is purchasing a cap, which does not fall under the clothing category then,

WooCommerce hide shipping

You can see that all the shipping methods are listed on the cart page.

Step 4:

Now suppose you are adding a product from the WooCommerce product category -Clothing, then you can see that the Local Pick up is removed from the shipping methods.

Hide WooCommerece Shippin



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