What is Google Shopping and How can you link it with WooCommerce?

Smarter ways to showcase your eCommerce products will surface your eCommerce products on to your customer easily. Now if you look up to Google Shopping as your simpler way to shop, then proceed. Here we have a discussion on what exactly Google Shopping is and how to link it to WooCommerce.

Google is a unique platform, where people search for everything they need to know. According to research conducted, on average people use Google at least three times a day minimum.

Moz results on Google | WooCommerce Google Shopping

Google Shopping – A prerequisite for retailers

Predominantly Google Shopping is used to showcase products by retailers. Google Shopping helps retailers shop to be found when a shopper searches for them on the internet. Google shopping is the smartest way to reach a target market for any kind of eCommerce platforms. Here is what an ideal Google Shopping result looks like.

GoogleShopping | WooCommerce Google Shopping

You can see, the results are encapsulating the price, the vendor and the short description of the product you searched for. The following results look much better again on the Google Shopping page.

GoogleShopping detail | WooCommerce Google Shopping

The Google Shopping interface has a much more promising look. It contains various aspects like filtering the page view with regard to the season, vendor, price and much more. When you navigate further into Google Shopping, you can privilege yourself with a much more detailed view of the product including the variation like color or size of the same product.

Variation on Google Shopping | WooCommerce Google Shopping

Furthermore, there is a link to the corresponding vendor who sells you the product. A prospective buyer can navigate ahead and make a purchase.

Why does a retailer choose to market their products on Google Shopping?

Eye-catching ads, convincing presentations, driving content and on-the-spot triggering action buttons, are few notable features of Google Shopping. All of this makes Google Shopping an unavoidable factor for a retailer. In order to reach a larger audience, Google Shopping is an ideal window for any small to big retailer. In a way, a retailer can pay upfront for shoppers to land on their pages.

What makes Google Shopping important to a retailer?

If you take a look at the average spending share in most countries, you will see that Google Shopping has already surpassed the text results.

Results of Google Shopping | WooCommerce Google Shopping

Source: Crealytics

How is this shift to Google Shopping happening?

It is obvious that the Google Shopping results are bringing in a genuine buying prospective customers, hence good conversions. Moreover, the studies prove that Google Shopping clicks are more likely to convert into a buying decision than the text ads.

Google Shopping conversion | WooCommerce Google ShoppingSource: Crealytics

Google Shopping is designed with a perspective to reaching customers who are explicitly searching for specific terms like color, style, product name etc. Hence these shoppers are easy to become a prospective customer at ease. Google Shopping is a profitable solution for marketing for businesses. It is bringing in good exposure and enhancing brand awareness.

Benefits of Google Shopping over traditional text results

Certain exclusive benefits which are attributed to Google Shopping are :

  1. It helps to put your product in the spotlight.– Whenever a user searches on Google for a particular product, Google Shopping displays a set of products that matches the keywords given in the search query. With Google Ads enhancing the visibility of your product above the text results, your product will be displayed above all the results.
  2. Better performance than other ads – Researches show that the purchase intent for image results put up by Google Shopping is much better than the other text-based ads.
  3. Good Return of Investments (RoI) – With every penny invested in Google Shopping by businesses, they are earning better returns in terms of other channels to bring in sales.
  4. Qualified leads with efficient Google Ads – With visually impelling ads that show up in Google Shopping results which contain all the necessary aspects for a shopper to be convinced -like the price, vendor etc. it makes it much more compelling for the shopper to buy it. In a way, this brings in much more qualified leads who are genuinely into shopping interests.
  5. Google shopping is much easier to manage – Google Ads do not require you to be an expert developer, all you need to do is follow a certain series of steps and know where to focus when it comes to business.
  6. Broader reach for your products: If your products have the potential, it appears multiple times in the search results for a single query.

Why choose to link Google Shopping to WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is undoubtedly a popular platform to host your eCommerce business. Just by creating an eCommerce platform, will not bring you business, you need to strategize your business. Choosing a WooCommerce platform to integrate with Google shopping will augment your product visibility. You can easily find many quick options to connect Google shopping with WooCommerce.

How can a WooCommerce platform user bring their products to Google Shopping?

Being a popular resort for every eCommerce user, no doubt that Google Shopping is in demand. Getting the products on Google Shopping is again a tiresome multi-level process, but worth the effort.

To start with, all you need is :

  1. First, Google Merchant Center account – which will house your product feeds generated.
  2. Secondly, Google Ads account – which is ideal for focussing and optimizing target markets.
  3. Google Product Feed generator plugin that supports WooCommerce like ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin.

Read about how you can integrate Google Shopping with WooCommerce here. 

Advantages of integrating Google Shopping with WooCommerce

To promote WooCommerce Google Shopping, it is important to follow certain steps beforehand.

  1. Easy to create product feed with Google matching attributes using WooCommerce product feed plugin like ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin. 
  2. Extensive mapping of product categories of WooCommerce to that of Google product categories.
  3. Easy synchronisation of the product listing with that of Google Shopping.
  4. Easy to fetch updates happening on the products on the WooCommerce platform to reflect on Google Shopping.

If you are considering WooCommerce integration with Google Shopping, check out automatic Google Product Feed generating plugins which ease the process. ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin is a fine product that does generate error-free Google Product Feed. Take a look at how you can promote your WooCommerce Google Shopping using ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed. 

Also, discover a few hacks to supercharge your marketing campaigns using ELEX WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin.


In short, Google Shopping is a crucial factor for eCommerce success. To conclude, Google Shopping is the quickest way to find products for a shopper. It also lets shoppers get a comparison of similar products sold by various vendors, giving them a better picture and choice to proceed. Google shopping results also display reviews and rating which becomes the benchmark for selling a product.

In other words, your eCommerce success is upon how you understand your customer and how you implement the right strategy.


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