What is USPS Presort Mailing?

Mailing is indeed a tedious job. When you have to dispatch several mails, it seems to be an expensive affair. So how are small to medium businesses going to handle the cost of shipping in bulk? Most likely these businesses are going to spend lots of money on mailing until they finally stumble upon some of the more affordable options. USPS Presort Mailing is one of the affordable approaches for shipping in bulk quantities. Presort simply means sorting or grouping all the mails that are addressed to one zip code, and mailing them together. This is a cost-effective and time-saving option, especially when you are shipping many mails to a single location. Using it you can save on postage costs.

USPS Presort Mailing

USPS Presort mailing

USPS Presort mailing is a feasible option that is cost effective for sending a bulk quantity of mails. They offer discounted rates based on the dimensions of the package, the mail class, and the weight of the package. USPS splits presort mailing into Standard Mail and First-Class Mail. 

The Standard Mail is usually coupons, catalogues, and advertisements that are not personalized. You need to send around 200 pieces minimum for the Standard Mail per USPS Presort Mailing. The First Class Mail is mostly used for personalized mails such as account statements or bills. There’s a minimum of 500 pieces for First Class Mail per Presort mailing.  They offer a sliding scale of discounts with First Class Mail. With Standard Mail, you get only a flat Presort rate. Hence in both cases, you save plenty when you are sending in bulk.

First-Class Mail Presort Rates
Ounces Normal Rate Presort Rate Savings 
1 $0.44 $0.36 $0.12
2 $0.61 $0.48 $0.17
3 $0.78 $0.61 $0.17
Standard Mail Presort Rates
Ounces Normal Rate Presort Rate Savings
1 $0.44 $0.25 $0.19
2 $0.61 $0.25 $0.36
3 $0.78 $0.25 $0.53

Choosing USPS Presort mail completely depends on the number of mails you are sending. If you are sending bulk mails regularly, then the USPS Presort Mailing option is indeed the best.

Let’s get to understand this with a simple example:

Suppose you are handling a bulk shipment to your customers for your online store. The USPS Presort mail rates per ounce for a standard mail presort will be almost half that of the normal shipping rates in this case. For example, the standard rate for a USPS standard mail is $0.44 per ounce, which again increases with the weight of the package. So if you are sending a 3 oz package they will charge you $0.78.

However, with USPS Presort mail, they will charge you $0.25 per ounce, whether you ship 1 or 3 oz packages. Essentially, you can see that the weight of the package does not affect the shipping rate. But it increases your savings.

USPS Presort Standard

The USPS Presort Standard mail is known as bulk mail. It works similar to the First class mail, with few differences. You need to ship at least 200 pieces to qualify for Presort Standard mail. This mail is not suitable for a time-sensitive delivery item, as there is no fixed time for delivery. A minimum of 1-14 days is taken to deliver the items shipped via USPS Presort Standard. The major advantage of this service is that it is 50% cheaper than the first class service. Also, it allows weights of up to 3.3oz without any increase in mailing costs. You can see that the increase in cost is gradual and nominal.

Presorted First Class Mail

The Presorted First Class Mail is suited for options that are to be delivered within a time. Mostly these include bank statements, bills, and official documents. The service includes guaranteed delivery and tracking service. In this service, you need to ship at least 500 pieces. It is a priority service, hence the service is quite expensive. The service offers discounts only on a sliding scale, which means when you ship larger volumes you save a lot. 

For example, in the case of a 1oz package, the normal charge is $0.44; and for a 3oz package, the normal charge is $0.78. However, for presorted First class, the charge is just $0.36 for a 1oz package, and the fee is $0.61 for a 3oz package. Hence with these charges, you surely can slash those mailing costs at the maximum lowest rate possible.

How much does Presorted Mail Cost?

With the USPS Presort mailing, we simply calculate the cost based on the number of pieces and the weight of the individual piece. However, for First class resort mailing, each weight class has its own discounted rate. Whereas in the case of the standard presort mailing service, the total number of mailing pieces won’t matter to your overall savings amount. As you can see, your savings vary drastically with the choice of your service.

For example, if you are sending 15000 packages of 10z each, the ideal normal rate is $6,600. However, by Presort First class mail, it would only cost you $5,400. Hence when you are shipping more items, your savings rise significantly. But for smaller volumes, the standard presort should be fine.

Save Money with USPS Presort Mailing

To save on your bulk shipments you can easily make use of the USPS Presort Mailing. With this shipping option, you can obtain discounted rates for your shipping. Indeed, by using the USPS Presort Mailing, you not only save time but also your cost for shipping. 

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