USPS Parcel Select Ground: What You Need to Know

If you are looking for low-cost shipping options from USPS, then USPS Parcel Select Ground is the ideal one. Let us get to know about it in detail here in this article.

What is USPS Parcel Select Ground?

USPS offers a plethora of services that are useful to eCommerce customers. If you are looking for a less expensive service [ Compare the Shipping Cost & Estimated Delivery Date from Leading Shipping Carriers ] then USPS Parcel Select Ground is the one ideal for you. The service is actually the slowest in its delivery process. You can choose this shipping option if you are not sending a time-sensitive parcel. Previously, USPS offered merchants a shipping option to ship their items using ParcelPost. Later this was modified as Parcel Select Ground. This was advantageous for the merchants as the shipping cost was extremely low, even if your package was heavy and big.

How are the rates calculated for USPS Parcel Select Ground?

The shipping rates completely depend on the weight and dimensions of the package and also the place to which it is shipped. To calculate the same, for every dimension over 1 cubic foot or 1728 cubic inches dimensional weight fees (DIM) will be charged. The dimensional weight pricing can be applied to:

  • Parcel Select Destination Entry packages for all entries and zones 1 through 5.
  • Parcel Select Ground Packages for all zones 1 through 9.

For oversized packages that are more than 108 inches but not more than 130 inches (both length and girth combined), they may be charged Oversized charges. Weight is not a factor if it does not exceed 70 pounds.

What is USPS Parcel Select Ground best for?

It is ideal for merchants who are looking for cheap and secure options to ship their parcels to customers. This is ideal when the shipments are not to be delivered urgently and the package dimensions do not fall within the stipulated limits of other shipping options. Moreover, it is easy to book the shipping through USPS Parcel Select Ground to ship anywhere domestically. This shipping option is best suited for light and medium-sized shippers who are looking for an economical option to ship packages. And also you can save huge when it comes to shipping with the same.

Features of USPS Parcel Select Ground 

The unique features of USPS Parcel Select Ground that make it ideal for merchants are:

  • The ideal combination of low cost and quality when it comes to shipping.
  • Designed for large and medium type shipping.
  • Tracking at no extra cost.
  • No extra fuel charge, Saturday delivery charges and residential charges.
  • Delivery options are available to military addresses and PO boxes.
  • It lets you deliver extensively to other locations using the combined options of USPS extensive delivery network and parcel consolidation expertise.
  • The package can weigh up to 70 lbs and a dimension of 1130 inches with length and girth combined.

Destination: It delivers to almost every domestic location in the US.

USPS Parcel Select Ground Delivery time: It takes up to 2-8 business days to deliver. 

Restrictions: It includes certain restrictions in terms of weight of the package should not exceed 70 lbs and the maximum combined length and girth must be 140 inches. Again as per USPS limitations on restricted items, no shipping of smokeless tobacco and cigarettes are allowed.

USPS Parcel Select Ground Insurance:  There is no insurance offered while shipping with USPS Parcel Select Ground, but again you can always opt for external insurance options

Scheduled Pickup: You can easily schedule a pickup option in this shipping option. 

Additional Information on USPS Parcel Select Ground 

Since shipping with this option does have a longer transit time, it also has its risks. There is a possibility that packages can be jostled and also roughly handled while in transit. Hence it is important to ensure that you pack items carefully and intact so that it is not damaged while it is on its way to the customer. In that way, with proper packaging options, you can minimize the risk of damage. Yet again here are some perks of using this service:

  • It allows signature confirmation. An adult signature option is available.
  • Offers discounted retail pricing.
  • If you need additional information then you can avail of it by paying extra charges.

Does USPS offer more than one Parcel Select Rate?

Yes, USPS does offer more than one Parcel Select mail class. Prices are determined by delivery address and dropping of the shipping packages at a destination facility that is located closer to the delivery point.

Parcel Select: This Service is available only online through vendors such as are no minimum package thresholds.

Parcel Select – Destination Entry: Minimum package should be 50 packages. This service requires the shipper to enter packages at the Destination Network Distribution Center (DNDC)/ASF for delivery within the DNDC/ASF service areas.

Parcel Select – NDC Presort: This service also must have 50 minimum Parcel Select packages. The packages must be presorted to be shipped to NDC/ASF Destinations.

Parcel Select – ONDC Presort: This service also requires a minimum of 50 Parcel Select packages. All packages must be presorted and include proper destination addresses.

Parcel Select Lightweight: This service is designed for packages weighing less than 1 lb and is also subject to a specific volume.

It is important to know that these services are not extensively available at post office locations. But again if you use authorized USPS business partnerships then you can still make use of this service from the post office locations. You can avail of this shipping service from  always.

How to incorporate services into your WooCommerce store?

To incorporate services into your WooCommerce store, you can make use of ELEX Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce plugin. The plugin is easy to include on your WooCommerce store and lets you avail yourself the USPS Parcel Select Ground services easily to ship the packages to your customers.

Here are some of the features of the plugin:

  • It lets you fetch real-time shipping rates on your cart and checkout page
    USPS Parcel Select Ground
  • It lets you offer discounts or add a markup on shipping rates, with price adjustments
    USPS Parcel Select Ground
  • Help to pack items into custom boxes using effective algorithms.
    USPS Parcel Select Ground
  • Guarantee packages with insurance amount.
    USPS Parcel Select Ground
  • Track shipments effectively.
    USPS Parcel Select Ground
  • Generate bulk shipment for shipping.
  • Configure several USPS Flat Rate boxes, and much more!

This is How USPS Parcel Select Ground can help your business

If you are looking out for easier shipping of your shipments domestically at a cheaper rate, then make use of one of the USPS Parcel Select Ground services. All you just need to do is choose the right service for your business.

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