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Use WooCommerce to easily create a product catalog

WooCommerce is a popular plugin for WordPress used to make compelling eCommerce websites. With WooCommerce, it is easy to manage your eStore orders and also to set eCommerce features quickly. Even though you might want to build big commercialized stores for your WordPress site, sometimes you might want to just display your products as a catalog. Product catalogs are a very competitive marketing approach by vendors to lure potential customers to the website or even stores. Using WooCommerce, you can easily create a WooCommerce product catalog either with a plugin or even without a plugin.

WooCommerce Product Catalog using ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode Plugin

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode || WooCommerce Catalog Mode

The free plugin helps you easily set up a catalog for your WooCommerce store products. The following features are inbuilt in the plugin to make it work like magic. The plugin can perform the following functions in the shop as well as the product page.

  1. Remove Add to Cart button.
  2. Customize Add to Cart button.
  3. Hide Price for products
  4. Hide Cart and Checkout pages.

Remove Add to Cart Button

When the WooCommerce website is set up, usually every product has an Add to Cart button, which helps a customer add the product to the cart and then purchase it. It is easier with a plugin to remove the Add to Cart button. Once the vendor selects the option from the plugin, it is easy to set up a shop and the product page without the button.

Hide Add to Cart || catalog mode plugin

You can also replace the button with any alternative text . The setting will let you remove the Add to Cart button from the Shop page as well as the Product Page.

Hidden Add to Cart || Placeholder Text || Catalog mode plugin


The product page will look like:

Add to Cart hidden on Product Page || Catalog mode plugin Customize Add to Cart Button

If you want to create navigation to another website then you can use the Customization option and provide links to the customers via the customized Add to Cart button.

Customize Add to Cart || WooCommerce Catalog mode

You can change the button text on the product page and the shop page as per your need. Here you are using the WooCommerce page just as a catalog and want your customers who are visiting the page to navigate to another page. If you want to direct your customers to a page where the products are available to purchase, then you can do the same using the customization option.

Customized add To cart to link || woocommerce catalog mode

The Product page will look like :

Customize Add to Cart on Product Page || Catalog Mode plugin

Hide the Price for the products

When you are promoting a catalog for your products,you might also choose to hide the price. It mostly happens when you do not want to post the price details in advance, or maybe the overall estimated price is different once purchased. In such instances, it is ideal to hide the price of the products. You can easily do the same using the plugin.

Hide Prize || WooCommerce Catalog Mode

Once this setting is updated, the whole eCommerce store will not be displaying the prices to the customers. If you are looking for specifically removing prices from individual products then the premium version of the plugin comes in handy. The premium version of the catalog mode plugin helps you customize the catalog page with respect to user roles.

Hide Cart and Checkout Pages

Using the catalog mode plugin, you can even disable the cart and checkout page access to customers easily. With the setting, the customer, even on adding products to the cart, cannot navigate to the cart or the checkout pages. In short, the page will act as a pure catalog.

Hide Cart and Checkout Page || WooCommerce Catalog mode

Apart from these settings, the plugin also lets you exclude administrators from all the above settings like hiding Add to Cart or Customize and hide price settings.


The plugin eases the creation of a catalog on a Woocommerce site.  There are plenty of ways to create a catalog mode without a plugin too.

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