UPS Shipping Calculator: Shipping to Mexico

Being a large shipping firm, UPS offers you several services during the shipment process. One of the most beneficial features is the UPS Shipping calculator, which provides an approximate cost estimate.

Knowing the shipping prices will enable you to select the most effective carrier for your shipment requirements and make well-informed selections.

UPS offers a variety of services domestically as well as internationally. UPS operates in 220 countries and territories worldwide making it suitable for businesses with international shipping needs.


Overview of UPS Shipping services to Mexico

  • UPS Worldwide Express Freight
    For palletized freight shipments, this service offers time-definite, quick delivery. Delivery usually occurs in one to three business days.
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus
    This premium express service provides the quickest possible delivery when shipping critical items. Delivery usually occurs in one to three business days.
  • UPS Worldwide Express
    For overseas packages, the expedited shipping option offers prompt, guaranteed arrival. Usually, deliveries happen in one to three business days.
  • UPS Worldwide Saver
    At an affordable cost, this service provides fast worldwide delivery. Usually, deliveries happen in one to three business days.
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited
    For overseas shipments, this service offers affordable, reliable delivery. It usually takes two to five business days for delivery.
  • UPS Worldwide Standard
    This service provides affordable shipping for overseas shipments that don’t require urgent delivery. It usually takes four to six business days for delivery.

Factors affecting Shiping costs

The UPS Shipping Calculator considers the following parameters while estimating the shipping costs:

  • Package Dimensions and Weight
    Heavier and larger packages increase the shipping charges due to increased handling and transportation requirements.
  • Shipping service
    UPS provides various international shipping services if you opt for faster delivery then your shipping charges will be increased.
  • Destination in Mexico
    Shipping prices are influenced by the distance between the package origin and destination; longer distances usually translate into higher charges.
  • Declared value
    The value placed by the importer on imported goods. This will also affect your shipping charges.
  • Additional services
    Additional services such as signature confirmation, insurance, and special handling (e.g., fragile items) may increase shipping costs.

Packaging types provided by UPS to Ship to Mexico

  • UPS Letter
  • UPS Express Box – Small
  • UPS Express Box – Medium
  • UPS Express Box – Large
  • UPS Tube
  • UPS Pak
  • UPS Worldwide Express 10 KG Box
  • UPS Worldwide Express 25 KG Box
  • Pallet

UPS Shipping Calculator

1. Access the UPS Shipping Calculator

  • Go to the UPS website (
  • Click on the ‘Shipping’ option on the main menu.
  • Select ‘Calculate Shipping Cost’.

2. A. Enter the Shipment information

Information about the origin and the destination must be provided.
As an example, the shipment, in this case, is being sent from Birmingham, Alabama,
USA, to Mexico City, Mexico.

The Zip code, City, and Country name must be included here. We will see information on UPS’s services on the right side.

Next, we need to enter the kind of destination and the shipment day.
The customs value, which is the total value of all the items in the shipment, must then be entered.

After updating this data, you will receive a list of the services UPS offers for shipping goods from the US to Mexico on that specific day.Calculate-Time-and-Cost-UPS-United-States 1


B. Enter the package-related information

Input the type of packing, together with details about the length, breadth, and height of the package, the weight, the number of packages, and the declared value (the amount the importer places on the imported items).

Update it by adding information about Value-Added Services, the type of shipment, and how you plan to pay for the shipment.Calculate-Time-and-Cost-UPS-United-States 2


After this, you will finally get a list of services, the time and date of the delivery, and the Total Rate Quote. By clicking on the view details you will get the breakdown of the Total Rate Quote.Calculate-Time-and-Cost-UPS-United-States 3


There are other third-party shipping calculators that you can use to calculate shipping costs other than the UPS Shipping calculator like:

  • Easyship
    Easyship offers a shipping calculator that can give estimates of the shipping costs of various major shipping carriers it takes into account package size and dimensions, origin, and destination.
  • Shippo
    Shippo offers a dashboard and multi-carrier shipping API that includes UPS. With the help of their calculator, you can compare prices for different services and carriers to determine which shipping option will work out the cheapest.
  • Shipstation
    Shipstation provides a shipment calculator that displays shipping costs and interfaces with numerous shipping providers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
  • ShippingEasy
    ShippingEasy offers a shipment calculator that works with several carriers to calculate shipping costs.
  • Parcel Monkey
    Parcel Monkey allows you to compare rates from UPS and other carriers for domestic and international shipments.

Last Shot

Utilizing the UPS shipping calculator offers a strategic advantage by accurately estimating shipping charges. Integrating these tools into your business operations through plugins like ELEX EasyPost and ELEX ShipEngine further enhances efficiency and convenience. These plugins seamlessly connect your system with UPS, granting access to real-time shipping rates and services. By leveraging this integration, you can make informed decisions regarding shipping methods, ensuring timely delivery while optimizing costs. Embracing UPS integration with plugins simplifies logistics and enhances customer satisfaction through reliable and transparent shipping processes.


1. Do I pay Mexican taxes when I ship from the US?
Yes, the recipient in Mexico typically pays import duties/taxes. These are not included in the UPS shipping cost estimate and vary greatly depending on the goods’ value and type.

2. What if my package gets delayed? Do I get a refund?
Generally, no. Delays due to weather, customs, etc. are outside UPS’s control. Money-back guarantees usually apply only to service failures by UPS itself.

3. Can I track my UPS shipment to Mexico?
Yes, UPS provides tracking services for shipments to Mexico. You can track your package’s status online using the tracking number provided by UPS after shipping your package.

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