ultimate guide on Woocommece Australia post shipping

An Ultimate Guide on WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping



Australia Post, formerly known as the Australian Postal Corporation, was into providing postal services. AusPost as it is commonly known, provides impressive shipping services across locations without any interruptions. The large network of tailored shipping solutions of AusPost adds much more value to any business and offers convenience to any business irrespective of size. When you consider shipping options with Australia Post, then you have a large of boxes and services to ship your items depending on your need at an affordable rate. Let us try to understand more about Australia Post and how to get WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping done on your WooCommerce Store.

Services offered by Australia Post

Major services offered by Australia Post are :

-Parcel Post services & Startrek services.

Domestic Services

Letter Services includesParcel Services includes
Regular letters & cardParcel Post
Priority lettersExpress Post
Express Post lettersCourier-Post
Registered Post lettersStarTrack Courier
Bulk mail

Parcel Post Services

Get your delivery within 2+ business days with Parcel Post services. Majorly it is a cost-effective and completely reliable service and regular service offered. Parcel Post service covers all of Australia and is much economical when considering domestic delivery. There delivery network span covers all of Australia with efficient tracking provided.

If you are planning to send within the same state, then you are likely to receive your order within two business days in a metro city and if it is the countryside, you might receive it within 5 business days. If you are sending parcel intrastate then the minimum time taken is 3-6 business days.

Express Post Services

If you want the delivery to speed up, then the Express Post Services is the best option you can avail of. Mostly the parcels are delivered at the most, the next day after sending. Yet again it is cost-effective and simple post service. The service offers convenient lodgment. Almost 80% of Australia is under the reachable network. Also, there are options to add extra cover and insurance coverage for your order.

What is Express Post best suited for?

When you have orders worth $100 value or equivalent then you can make use of the Express Post. If the order value increases beyond $100 then you need to get an extra cover for the same. The major advantage of using an extra cover is that it provides a damage coverage of $100 to $5000. Hence without using the extra cover, you cannot ship an item with Express post which exceeds $100 value.

Want to send 5kg or lesser? If it packs, it posts

The If it packs, its posts contain a wide new range of express post services which are quite popular ones in  Australia post. In these express post satchels, you can pack up to 5kg and send them at a flat-rate depending on its size anywhere.

Packaging sizeSatchel dimensionsParcel Post
postage only
Express Post
postage only
Small355 x 225mm$8.95$11.95
Medium390 x 270mm$12.20$15.70
Large405 x 315mm$15.35$19.35
Extra Large510 x 440mm$18.50$25.50


 Express Post Parcel Boxes

Any package under 5kg can be sent using the express post parcel boxes, which is also under if it packs, it posts.

Note :

Compared to the earlier methods, the express Post satchels, the weight-based is changed to size based satchels. Now any item up to 5kg can be packed into these satchels and shipped.

500g satchelSmall Express Post satchel
1kg satchelMedium Express Post satchel
3kg satchelLarge Express Post satchel
5kg satchelExtra Large Express Post satchel


Rates for Shipping with Express Post

Express PostSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Individual satchels$12.20
220 x 355mm
270 x 390mm
315 x 405mm
440 x 510mm
Individual Parcel Boxes$13.95
220 x 160 x 70 mm
240 x 190 x 120 mm
390 x 280 x 140 mm
440 x 277 x 168mm
Prepaid satchels in bulk10-pack:
$118.95  Or $115.90when you buy 10 or more x 10-packs at a time
$155.55 Or $151.55when you buy 10 or more x 10-packs at a time.
$192.10 Or $187.15when you buy 10 or more x 10-packs at a time
$253.05 Or $246.55 when you buy 10 or more x 10-packs at a time


If you are planning to send packages with own packaging, then the rates are different.

Up to 500g500g to 1kg1kg to 3kg3kg to 5kg
Express Post postage price$11.95$15.70$19.35$25.50


Sending packages over 5kg using Express Post

If you are planning to send any package over 5 kg, then you can make use of the Express Post as well. Even though it is allowed using own packaging and even available boxes with own packaging, there are so many packaging guidelines upon weight to follow.


Startrack is the fastest, speedy delivery that offers quick delivery with Australia Post. The StarTrack offers easy booking, efficient tracking as well as electronic proof of delivery, which makes it much more reliable and chosen one among the popular couriers.

Benefits of using StarTrack

Here are some benefits of StartTrack that makes it all the more popular :

  1. Fast and secure.
  2. Quick delivery -within a time of 3-4 hours.
  3. Can choose from priority, express and even standard for shipping.
  4. Transparent pricing.
  5. Extended delivery options through metro, CBD, etc.
  6. Easy to track real-time transit.
  7. Electronic proof of delivery.
  8. Can also opt for SMS, Email notification upon pickup and delivery as well as booking.
  9. Organized and disciplined staff.

Service Options with StarTrack

To ensure that deliveries are possible at the fastest pace, StarTrack has few service options. Being a time-sensitive option, it is important to ensure that the deliveries are happening right on time. To do so, StarTrack has three services to meet the need :

Standard – The most economical service with pickup and delivery service that is done within 3-4 hours from the time of booking. Again the delivery depends on the distance too.

Express – When you are in an urgency, Express deliveries take a step above Standard deliveries to deliver quicker.

Immediate Priority-It is meat for extremely urgent jobs that need to be done on an imperative basis. In this, the first available pickup option and the first possible delivery is done.

Special Delivery Services

AusPost offers special delivery services for unique items. Mostly delivering wine, medical and educational supplies, etc. If you are a vendor who is into sending more than 20 cartons of wines per week, then this service is an affordable choice for you.

Here are the features for special wine delivery

  1. Specialized containers for transporting wine with a lower risk for damage.
  2. Efficient tracking system.
  3. Customized delivery options even including return and pickup.
  4. dedicated support team to assist.

If you are into medical and educational services, make use of the prompt medical and educational supplies. To ship medical supplies, you need to meet the criteria for them enlisted by AusPost.

Just Three basic steps and you get your shipping done :

  1. Ensure you meet the items criteria.
  2. Enlist the delivery, as well as return addresses, are clear.
  3. If you are planning for remote area parcel service, ensure that you priorly inform it.

Allowed Medical Packages are :

Prescription medicine
Non-prescription pharmacy medicines
Other medical products specified by a registered medical practitioner
Parcels must also be posted by or to one of the following:

A registered medical practitioner
A practicing ophthalmologist, optometrist, optician
A dentist
A retailer or wholesaler of medicines and medical supplies
The following items are not eligible for remote area reduced postage rates:

Dietary supplements
Alternative, complementary or herbal remedies
Veterinary supplies

Allowed Educational Supplies are :

Written, printed or electronic media related to recognized courses of study, administered by a certified educational institution
Parcels must be posted by or to an educational institution or private tutor
Stationery, educational toys, office supplies or books are excluded unless specifically related to a course of study.


Delivery Speed Options with AusPost

Most deliverable locations accessed by AusPost ensure the fastest delivery among all the locations. Here is a brief note on the delivery speed depending on the service :

ServiceDelivery speedCoverage
Express Post parcels and Express Post lettersNext business day deliveryCovers 80% of Australian business addresses, private addresses, and even the  Post Office Boxes. Service operates between all capital cities and some of the major centers. Outside metropolitan areas guaranteed service is to and from townships only.
Parcel PostDelivery in 2 or more business days after posting
  • Covers all of Australia.
  • Sending to the same state:
  • Metro – up to 2 business days
  • Country – up to 5 business days
  • Sending interstate:
  • Metro – up to 3-6 business days, depending on lodgement and destination points
  • Country – Please ask at your local Post Office
Priority letters1-4 business days after posting depending on lodgement & destination locations
  • Covers all of Australia.
  • Sending to the same state between:
  • Metro locations – 1 business day
  • Metro & country locations – 2 business days
  • Country locations – 2 business days
  • Sending interstate between:
  • Metro locations – 2 business days
  • Metro & country locations – 3 business days
  • Country locations – 4 business days
Regular letters2-6 business days after posting depending on lodgement & destination locations
  • Covers all of Australia.
  • Sending to the same state between:

Metro locations – 2-3 business days

Metro & country locations – 3-4 business days

Country locations – 3-4 business days

  • Sending interstate between:
  • Metro locations – 3-4 business days
  • Metro & country locations – 4-5 business days
  • Country locations – 5-6 business days


Packaging options 

Australia post gives you plenty of options to send and receive items across locations. Each box offers you a varied level of packaging, that is secure and compatible.

Parcel Boxes

Parcel Boxes are apt for sending irregularly shaped items to locations. Being lightweight, strong and easy to put together things, the boxes are apt for shipping.

BOX and SIZEPriceBulk Packaging priceEligible for If it Packs, it PostsFlat-rate
Parcel Box Small




Parcel Box Medium
240x190x120 mm


Parcel Box Large






Parcel Box Extra Large




YesExtra Large
Parcel Box BX5

405 x 300 x 255mm



Parcel Box BX23

485 x 385 x 265mm



Parcel Box BX20

500 x 440 x 350mm




Padded Mailers

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Water-resistant
  • Self-seal closure to ensure that the bag stays closed during the transit.
  • Barrier bubble cushioning for supporting
  • The smooth inner layer that allows easy insertion of products

Dimensions (H x W): 265 x 380 mm , Weight: Single Unit: 50 g


BOX and SIZEPriceBulk Packaging priceEligible for If it Packs, it PostsFlat-rate
Padded Mailer PM0

125 x 160mm



Padded Mailer PM1

151 x 229mm



Padded Mailer PM2

215 x 280mm





Padded Mailer Small

240 x 340mm



Padded Mailer Medium

265 x 380mm




Recycle Padded Bags

If you want impeccable rigidity and support as well as cushioning, then this is the right box for you. Ideal for mailing photos, documents, etc. The best part is they are 100% recyclable.

Description and sizeIndividual priceBuy in bulk online or in-store (participating Post Offices)Eligible for If It Packs, It Posts flat postage rates?
Recycled Padded Bag Small

245 x 335mm



Yes – Small


Recycled Padded Bag Medium

380 x 270mm



Yes – Medium
Recycled Padded Bag Large

353 x 469mm



Yes – Large

Tough Bags

These bags are the most economical way to ship non-fragile items

Box Names / SizeIndividual priceBulk options to buyEligible for If It Packs, It Posts/ flat postage rates
Tough Bag TB1

211 x 269mm



Tough Bag TB2

236 x 329mm



Tough Bag Small

261 x 369mm



Yes – Small


Tough Bag Medium

304 x 435mm



Yes – Medium


Tough Bag Large

405 x 435mm with 70mm gusset



Yes – Large
Tough Bag Extra Large
405 x 670mm with 115mm gusset


Yes – Extra Large

Gift Bags and Boxes

Australia Post also facilitates sending gifts securely removing the hassles of wrapping it. You can opt for varying cors and sizes and is available at all post offices.

Gift Box/sizePriceEligible for If It Packs, It Posts / Flat postage rates
Gift Padded Bag Medium GPB3

266 x 381mm 

$3.80Yes – Medium
Gift Padded Bag Large GPB4

361 x 483mm

$5.30Yes – Large
Confetti Gift Padded Bag Small GPB3

266 x 381mm

$3.80Yes – Small
Confetti Gift Large Padded Bag GPB4

361 x 483mm

$5.30Yes – Large
Gift Box Small GPX1

165 x 137 x 114mm

$3.95Yes – Small
A4 Gift Box GPX4

310 x 225 x 102mm

$5.30Yes – Small

Tubes, mailers, and wine boxes

Can post anything from photos, posters, plans, etc with these strong, rigid mailer envelopes. Even wine bottles can be safely shipped, with these boxes.

Box/ sizePriceBulk options to buyEligible for If It Packs, It Posts / Flat rate box options
Wine box, single BX10

132 x 105 x 395mm



Yes – Large
Wine box, twin

240 x 105 x 395mm



Yes – Large
Mailing Tube TU1

60 diameter x 420mm long



Yes – Small
Mailing Tube TU2

60 diameter x 660mm long



Yes – Medium
Mailing Tube TU3

90 diameter x 850mm long



Yes – Large
Rigid Mailer A5

228 x 170mm



Rigid Mailer A4

326 x 239mm



Rigid Mailer A3

420 x 297mm



Yes – Medium


Tape, bubble wrap and liners

These items help to protect your items while packaging. It is essential to have these while sending any packages to ensure extra safety.

ITEM / SizePrice per pieceGet it in Bulk for / Price
Padded satchel liner

195 x 335mm



Padded satchel liner

280 x 384mm



Padded satchel liner

425 x 499mm



Bubble wrap BW1

300mm wide x 3m



Bubble wrap BW2

300mm wide x 10m



Bubble wrap BW3

280mm wide x 25m



Bubble wrap BW4

280mm wide x 50m



Bubble wrap BW5

700mm wide x 10m



Packaging tape, clear




Economy packaging tape, pack of 6 rolls




Tape dispenser, low noise




Tape dispenser, single-use





How to Choose your Shipping carrier for your WooCommerce Store?

WooCommerce by default has certain shipping options like flat-rate, free shipping and even local pickup. But charging default charge irrespective of the locations and the weight and the dimension of the package doesn’t suit the need. It might cause ambiguity in customers, like on what basis these charges are calculated.

What if you can obtain live rates from the popular shipping carriers and then show it on your WooCommercce store? In this way, you can let your customers choose from whatever services they want to ship their products. This can be achieved using various WooCommerce plugins that can integrate the shipping carriers with the store.

Integrate Australia Post with WooCommerce

Let us see, how you can integrate Australia Post with the WooCommerce Store by making use of the ELEX Australia Post shipping plugin.

Firstly you have to install the plugin into your WooCommerce store.

After installation, you get to choose the options that are required for your store from the Shipping settings. Here, you can choose the corresponding services from Australia Post. The plugin supports three types of Australia Post services :

  1. Australia Post non-contracted account. – only to access real-time rates
  2. Australia Post eParcel contracted account-  If you are into shipping bulk quantities then eParcel is ideal for you.
  3. StarTrack account- Caters mostly the domestic areas, hence perfectly suited for shipping with Australia.

WooCommerce Australia Post

If you have a contracted account or StartTrack Account, you need to choose accordingly while setting up the Australia Post Shipping plugin.

When  you select the Australia Post non-Contract account, you get certain services that come under it like :

  • Regular / Parcel Post (with respective Satchel & Letter services)
  • Express Post (with respective Satchel & Letter services)
  • Courier-Post (with respective Satchel & Letter services)
  • International Post Courier
  • International Post Express
  • International Post Standard
  • International Post Economy Air
  • International Letter Courier
  • International Letter Express
  • International Letter Registered Post DL
  • International Letter Registered Post B4
  • International Letter Economy Air

Also, you get Extra cover on all packages through the plugin.

Services Offered by Contracted Account with Australia Post

If you choose for eParcel, then you avail certain shipping services from Australia Post, they are :

Australia Post Domestic Services:
Regular / Parcel Post
Express Post

Australia Post International Services:

International Post Courier
International Post Express
International Post Standard
International Post Economy Air
International Letter Courier
International Letter Express
International Letter Registered Post DL
International Letter Registered Post B4
International Letter Economy Air

Services by StarTrack Account

Since only domestic services are offered, there are few only to be listed.


The API key is provided by the Australia  Post to the genuine businesses on account of purchasing Australia Post services.

WooCommerce Australia Post Plugin | Australia Post API Key

Setting up Rates and Services

Here we configure the rates and services, that are displayed in the front end.

WooCommerce Australia Post Plugin | Rates & Services

Here, you can disable or enable any other services like Extra cover, Signature requirement or even price adjustments upon services offered.

Label & Tracking

Here all the necessary settings for label generation and tracking are done to ensure that the customer is kept informed about the movement of the package.

WooCommerce Australia Post Plugin | Label & Tracking

Parcel Packaging

You can either pack the items individually or even into boxes of different dimensions and weight as well you can opt to pack weight-based.

WooCommerce Australia Post Plugin | Parcel Packaging

Once all these settings are done and saved, in the front end your customer gets to view the Australia post shipping services in the cart page.

WooCommerce Australia Post Plugin | Australia Post Services

Once the order is processed, you can create a shipment for your order on the WooCommerce order page.

After the shipment is created, you can create a shipment for the corresponding order.

You can print the label for your order to affix it on the shipment.


Along with the label, tracking info is generated which is used for reference by the customer to track the information about the package.


Australia Post Manifest

Australia Post lets you generate Manifest for your orders too. The plugin supports generating manifest for orders.


You can generate manifest concerning order-id or even the date of label generation. A sample order Manifest looks like this :

WooCommerce Australia Post Plugin | Sample Australia Post Order Manifests

Once the order is processed and the tracking information is generated, a customer gets the overall information of the order from the order page in the customer’s account.

WooCommerce Australia Post Plugin | Shipment Tracking Information

To Wrap Up,

To set up a WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping option on your WooCommerce store is easy and effortless with ELEX Australia Post Plugin. With the plugin, you get all the possible services offered by Australia Post which makes it easier for any business to include the shipping option on their store itself.

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