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Top Ways You Can Use Live Chat in Conversion Rate Optimization

The toughest part of any business is not just commencing it, but getting enough potential customers. Even after successful marketing campaigns and an increase in website traffic, the conversion of visitors to potential customers is comparatively low. It clearly upsets the business and leads them to wonder, why there are no conversions happening in spite of receiving huge traffic and attention from the public. Luckily there are proven methods to detect conversion rates through live chats. Let us browse through the following tips to increase the conversion rate using live chat software.

Completely automated chat greetings

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It sometimes happens that a customer who lands on your page randomly browses through the products and is still skeptical about what they need to buy. If it was in a real space where a customer walks through the store, worrying about what needs to be brought, they get immediate attention and a salesperson might help them.  In the case of online shops, chat greetings work in a similar way. It will at least invoke the customer to seek attention when they are truly confused about the products or their needs. This automated chat greeting can be propelled when you see that the customer is still on your page for more than 5 minutes or so.

It is found that visitors who chat tend to become a potential customer.

Personalize your customer service

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Service always counts when you own a shop. Ideal customer service helps the customer be bound to you always. If your customer service is not up to the mark, you tend to lose your customers. Every customer wants to enjoy a personalized experience. As a store owner, all you need to do is make them feel special.

Give a personalized touch to the chat by using photos of an agent to make the customer feel like they are talking to a real person on the other side. It will also make chat engaging and natural. Personalized greetings are again ideal. Understand your customers. Make use of a CRM like helpdesk and track the purchase history or any other data that was saved during previous visits to understand their purchase behavior.

The more details you gather and understand, the enhanced customer experience you can provide.

Avoid Cart Abandonment using Chat invitation

Cart Abandonment || live chat

Cart abandonment is a serious concern for many e-stores. Again, it is not uncommon either. Around 5-10% of customers abandon the cart just before a purchase decision. It just means that they wanted to buy the product but they resigned the thought in the last moment. Plenty of reasons can be there behind it. Maybe because the price might be higher, or the shipping cost or even they decided to look for a better cheaper one.

Now, how do you find , why this happened?

It can be found using a live chat. Once you find a customer in a dilemma and are sure to abandon the cart, then ensure that your assistance is provided at the right time. For example, if you find a customer, switching windows between products, then it is probable that the customer is comparing the products. Personalize the chat greeting, focusing on helping the customer choose. Maybe provide a discount or even a better product on display.

Chat invitations truly assist customers with a lot to avoid cart abandonment.

Chat Surveys

Chat surveys || live chat

It is important to keep track of your customer interests. Surveys are found to be an ideal way to understand and analyze your customer interest. It would be a better way to formulate certain questions that will assist you to find out what exactly impresses your customers. You can set surveys for knowing the quality of your product, service or charges and much more. In this way, it would be easy to analyze your customer’s interests and perform well according to the survey results.

Most of the businesses, track the service team performance using a post-chat survey at the end of their assistance to get to know who is performing highly in customer service.

Track the effectiveness of your team

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Service quality is always measurable. It is important to keep a check on how your team is performing in providing accurate and necessary assistance to your customers. Note that a better agent can drive your sales. It is not just the team alone, even the website experience, the page-speed, the services everything accounts for when you are considering offering exemplary service to your customers.

You must track every related factor that lets you work effectively. Track all the related data for your effective customer service and work on them will ensure to augment the customer experience.

To Conclude :

You might find several ways to augment your conversion rates, but live chat is one effective way to do it. Consider using live chat software like WSChat, which can provide you with umpteen options to work effectively with your customers. Empower your live chat experience with the best and most powerful live chat plugin in the market to ensure you retain your customers. Overall your live chat plugin will help you optimize your sales and improve your conversion rate.

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