6 Things You Must Know About Australia Post MyPost Business

To stay up with shifting consumer needs, several small businesses have changed their business models to focus specifically on eCommerce shipping. When starting a new small business, you will most probably work alone or alongside a handful of friends or family, and you frequently have to juggle many roles, from the front office staff to top management. Most small business entrepreneurs lack time if there is one resource they lack. In order to manage their small business more efficiently, business owners are constantly looking for new ways to save time, expenses, and effort.

However, the cost of shipping products can be really high if you do not have a set volume of orders going out on a regular basis. Fortunately, it appears that the people at Australia Post understand the problems of smaller businesses, as they have improved their service with projects like MyPost Business, a selection of time-saving tools built exclusively for small businesses. In this article, we will be discussing all the things you must know about Australia Post MyPost Business, so let’s get right to it.

What exactly is MyPost Business?

Since they don’t send enough packages to qualify for a parcel-sending service, many small firms must handle the shipping themselves, frequently at a greater cost. However, they lack the volume to be eligible for this service, unlike big corporations. With the support of MyPost Business, numerous Australian small businesses have been able to manage their shipping through a single account over the course of the past four years and save money on the volume of qualified parcels they ship. Both online and in-person payments are accepted for parcel postage.

With the help of Australia Post’s MyPost Business business account and courier service, you may ship goods on a budget in a number of different ways. It works well for companies that ship less than 2,000 shipments annually. If you ship more than 2000 items annually, the Australia Post eParcel courier is an appropriate substitute. MyPost provides volume-based discounts and incentives to comparatively new eCommerce businesses. With MyPost, you can ship more packages for less money, which results in substantial postage savings. For sales volume of between 10 and 200, MyPost Business, which provides volume-based discounts in five bands, is probably the best place to start. Your weekly limit is evaluated and changed based on how many parcels you ship and how much you save on shipping. 

No financial or background checks are required, there is no minimum shipment volume restriction, and you may register a MyPost Business account for no cost, which has helped a number of new Australian businesses effectively manage international and domestic shipping. The amount of money you’ve spent in MyPost Business, i.e. your total package shipping expenses, determines your savings band. When applying the savings band that will save you the most money, MyPost Business takes into account all of your eligible spendings over the past four weeks or the previous year.

Things You Must Know About Australia Post MyPost BusinessServices offered by Australia Post MyPost Business

  • Spend amount-based savings
  • Print labels
  • Order packaging
  • Book pickups
  • Send parcels
  • Track parcels
  • Customer support

6 Things You Must Know About Australia Post MyPost Business

Services offered by Australia Post MyPost Business

Discounts on a low but consistent amount of shipping

Not all new businesses are experiencing a significant increase in orders, despite the rise of eCommerce shopping. The amount of savings increases with the amount spent on parcel delivery. Your savings range will be determined by your past four-week or past 12-month package shipping expenses, whichever results in the highest savings. Longer access to savings is made possible by being able to keep your new band qualifying period. Additionally, opening a MyPost Business account has benefits like creating shipping labels, offering a choice of delivery speeds, and shipment tracking, as well as having a single online shipping account that connects effortlessly with your WooCommerce store. Adding your online orders as a CSV file will also allow you to generate shipping labels in bulk.

You can go through this pricing guide for a comprehensive breakdown of MyPost Businesses savings bands.

6 Things You Must Know About Australia Post MyPost Business

Small businesses growing in size

Numerous businesses have noticed a sharp increase in eCommerce orders and new customers. Earlier, the quantity of qualifying shipments dispatched through MyPost Business determined the savings band. Right now, the entire amount you’ve paid for package shipment in MyPost Business—i.e., your spending—determines your savings band. When applying the band that will save you the most money, MyPost Business takes into account all of your eligible spendings over the past four weeks or the previous year. In other words, your savings will increase together with the size of your business.

Convenience of Postage

You can schedule package pickups from your home or place of business in addition to sending packages from your neighborhood post office or street posting box, providing you live in an urban region. Your package labels just need to be purchased, printed, and affixed on  A4 paper; the rest will be handled by Australia Post. You can also integrate MyPost Business directly into your WooCommerce store using the ELEX WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin, thus removing the need to visit any third-party website.

The fastest and simplest method to manage Australia Post shipping is to link your WooCommerce store with Australia Post MyPost Business, eParcel, and StarTrack Courier. It displays shipping costs on the cart and checkout pages, keeps track of shipments, and more. By eliminating the need to visit the Australia Post MyPost website or the post office and streamlining all of your shipping processes from the admin area of your website, this plugin will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to ship packages.

Smooth out initial cash flow lulls

Despite the fact that you might not have any control over the fluctuating eCommerce market, you do have some control in terms of how your customers are treated. By creating a MyPost Business account, you can take advantage of Australia Post’s countrywide network of more than 12 million distribution centers to provide your customers with full tracking information while they wait and deliver packages to their most convenient locations. The band-based savings could assist balance out those cash flow low points and ultimately improve your bottom line, all while maintaining customer satisfaction.

WooCommerce Integration

You may import all of the delivery information for your customers at once if you link your WooCommerce store to MyPost Business. Then you can create parcel labels and handle deliveries for various customers all from one location. You can now import your client order records from online marketplaces like WooCommerce using the bulk label generation feature of Australia Post MyPost Business offered by the ELEX WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label & Tracking. Then, you can manage shipping and payment for several purchases placed through your online businesses from a single, accessible location.

24/7 customer service

Anyone who has worked in a small business understands that managing one requires far more time than the typical 9 to 5 workday. Thankfully, MyPost Business is always available to answer any queries you may have regarding sending packages. You can reach them by phone during extended hours (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. AEST) or by using the online chat support feature available around-the-clock. Therefore, assistance is always available, even if you’re working at odd hours and encounter difficulty.


We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of Australia Post MyPost Business and all of its advantages. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about MyPost Business.

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