How to Ship Dry Ice Frozen Items Using DHL?

Shipping with confidence can be challenging. Whether it’s your first time mailing a package or your hundredth time, you want to be sure your products arrive at their destination in the same condition you shipped them in. When you need to ship dry ice frozen items, the stakes are even higher. Encasing sensitive materials in dry ice isn’t as simple as slapping a label on and dropping it off at the post office.

Today, we’re here to walk you through exactly how to effectively and safely package and ship your dry ice frozen products using DHL. We’ll discuss tips and tricks for preparing your items for shipment, how to determine which containers are suitable for packing dry ice, how long you can expect the shipment process to take, and more. By the end of this article, you should have everything you need to confidently send off your frozen goods with DHL. Let’s get started!

Why Should You Ship Frozen Items With Dry Ice?

Ship Frozen Items With Dry Ice

Do you need to ship food, medical samples, or other items that need to stay frozen during transit? If so, DHL has the solution for you. So why should you choose this method?

First of all, shipping with dry ice is more reliable than traditional methods of insulation and cooling—it can keep your items cooler for longer. Additionally, it’s a safer option for those sensitive products that could be adversely affected by sudden temperature changes.

Plus, DHL provides dedicated priority service so your frozen items get delivered faster, even if they’re sent in less than ideal conditions. So, not only will your items arrive safely and on time; but they also won’t spend too much time in transit.

In short, dry ice is the perfect way to ship frozen items with DHL whenever you need them to arrive quickly and without running the risk of spoilage or damage due to temperature fluctuation.

What Kind of Products Can You Ship With Dry Ice?

The Various Products You Can You Ship With Dry Ice

Whether you’re a food business looking to send frozen goods or a health and beauty company shipping special creams, there are many items that can be sent with dry ice using DHL.

Thanks to DHL’s custom solutions for packaging and shipping, you can rest assured that your items will arrive at their destination safely and securely. To ensure your products are protected during transit with dry ice, you should use:

  • Polystyrene foam container with an airtight lid
  • A box with an insulated liner; or
  • An insulated shipping container made from cardboard.

Using the right packaging is key when sending products with dry ice, as this might involve extra considerations and precautions to ensure the product is well protected. That’s why it’s essential to always choose suppliers who have experience in this area and can correctly pack the products before shipment.

Choosing a Suitable Shipping Container

Choose a Suitable Shipping Container

So, now you know that DHL is a great choice for shipping your dry ice frozen items, but what about the container? Well, this is something you need to consider carefully.

Appropriate Size

The size of the container depends on what you’re shipping and how much. If you’re shipping a small amount of dry ice frozen products, you can use a Styrofoam cooler. If not, you should use an insulated container that’s insulated with at least 2 inches of insulation, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane foam.

Your container should also be large enough to provide sufficient space for the protection and cushioning of your product. The packaging should also be strong enough to protect your product from any potential damage during transit.

Air Tight Seals

Make sure that the container you choose has tight-fitting lids or seals. You don’t want any air or moisture to enter or leak out of the container during transit as this could damage your products and any temperature-sensitive materials inside. You might want to consider investing in a sealer if needed.

Packaging Materials

Once you have determined your appropriate shipping container and lid/seals, it is important to pack it properly so that nothing moves around during transit which could potentially cause damage to your items inside the box. Make sure to fill any extra gaps with proper thermal packing materials such as bubble wrap or foam sheets for added insulation and protection for your products.

Understanding DHL’s Requirements for Shipping Frozen Items With Dry Ice

If you’re shipping a frozen item with dry ice, there are some important requirements to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to make sure that you understand the regulations for shipping with dry ice, as well as the necessary labeling requirements.


For shipping packages with dry ice using DHL, you must follow the regulations set out by international organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). DHL also has its own set of specific regulations that must be followed in order for your package to be shipped safely. We will not be able to go through the regulations as the number of rules may vary depending on the contents of the parcel as well as the country.

Labeling Requirements

It’s important that the package be labeled correctly before shipping. The two basic requirements for all packages containing hazardous goods are:

  1. A hazardous goods label which includes information about what is inside, how much is inside, and who it is from
  2. A complete and accurate address of where it’s going, plus any additional special handling information such as weight restrictions or refrigeration requirements

It’s also a good idea to include a “Dry Ice” label on your package. This will notify anyone handling your package that there is dry ice present and that extra caution should be taken when opening it up.

Packing and Labeling Your Package for Shipping

Shipping your dry ice frozen items with DHL is easy when you do it the right way. Here are the steps you should follow before sending out your package:

Step 1: Prepare Your Box

Prepare your box by sealing all the edges

Choose a sturdy box that is large enough to hold all of your items securely and cushion them against shock during shipping. Fill any empty space in the box with additional packing materials like foam or bubble wrap. Securely tape the box closed and make sure that no air can escape, as dry ice sublimates (turns directly from a solid to a gas) quickly.

Step 2: Label Your Package

Label your package with the appropriate labels

You’ll need to put a label on all sides of your box which includes a warning about the content inside. Use phrases like “Contains Dry Ice” or “Fragile/Perishable” on each side so that shipping handlers know how to safely handle it. You will also need to note an expiration date for your package, based on when exactly you plan to ship it out.

Step 3: Add Dry Ice

Finally, Add Dry Ice

Put the dry ice into an appropriate container and place it inside your package. Make sure there are no gaps in which air can escape so that the dry ice lasts as long as possible during transit.

With these simple steps, you can rest assured knowing that your product will arrive safe and sound.

Shipping Healthcare and Biomaterials

The new service by DHL Global Forwarding combines fast delivery speed and Cryoport’s cooling service for delivering biological items in a deep-frozen form for clients in the life science and healthcare sectors.

A non-hazardous liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper with an IATA A152 waiver and a non-hazardous classification that offers 10 days of holding duration at minus 150 °C in a secure and ecologically responsible way is a key component of the new service. This method offers more dependability compared to dry ice, which must be supplied every few days and is susceptible to temperature variations. 

Reliability is crucial for delicate and temperature-sensitive biomaterials. Customers may trace their shipments at any time via an online tracking system, and the solution will feature a temperature monitoring tool.

Calculating the Cost of Shipping With DHL

When shipping with DHL, you should always calculate the cost of shipping and make sure it fits within your budget. This can be done by looking at the many factors that influence the cost: package size, weight, destination, the value of the package, etc. You also need to factor in any taxes and duties associated with the delivery.

Luckily, DHL makes it easy to find all these costs and estimate them beforehand. With their online calculator, you can get a quote on your shipment quickly and easily.

How much does DHL charge for dry ice frozen items?

DHL charges an additional fee for packaging and shipping dry ice frozen items. The cost for this service may vary depending on factors like weight and delivery address. For most domestic shipments within the US, however, you will be charged anywhere between $30 to $50 per shipment in addition to the usual rate for ground delivery.

Insurance Fees with DHL

If you want to insure your dry ice frozen item shipment with DHL there is an additional charge to cover this which will be calculated at checkout. There are two options available—the Full Coverage plan which covers all losses and any damages up to $100 USD; or the Regular Coverage plan which covers any losses or damages up to $50 USD.

You can also add extra coverage if needed by filling out a form provided on the website. As always, make sure you double check everything before submitting so you know exactly what’s covered in case something goes wrong during transit.


For perishable, frozen, or cold items to arrive at their destination undamaged and free of harmful contamination, effective transportation is essential. If you follow the proper packaging and shipping instructions and take care of any other needs, DHL frozen food delivery is feasible and effective.

Despite a few restrictions, dry ice delivery is still an option, however, it can only be accessed via the DHL website and not a plugin. Solutions are available for big orders from DHL Global Forwarding, a logistics division of DHL, for things that need to be kept at temperatures below -150 degrees and require intense refrigeration.

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