How To Ship Dry Ice Frozen Items Using Australia Post?

Shipping frozen items may seem like a challenge, but with the correct process and guidelines, it’s actually rather simple and quick. Australia Post provides a number of services to meet the demands of both customers and companies, including the use of dry ice for the shipping of perishable items.


However, there are various factors to consider when shipping with dry ice, including the correct handling and packaging of the items, the safe containment of the dry ice, and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. This article will walk you through the process of shipping frozen goods utilizing Australia Post’s dry ice service.


We’ll cover everything from choosing the right packaging to choosing the right delivery method to labeling your package correctly. Whether you’re delivering food, pharmaceuticals, or other frozen items, this article will provide the information you need to ensure a hassle-free and effective shipping experience.


What Exactly Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice, or frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), is commonly used as a chilling agent while transporting food and other perishable items. When melted, dry ice does not convert into a liquid but rather sublimates (changes directly from a solid to a gas).


Its ability to keep a temperature of -78.5°C (-109.3°F) for a long time makes it a great option for shipping perishable items that must be kept frozen or refrigerated.


When dry ice is used for shipment, it is typically packaged inside an insulated container with products that must be kept frozen or refrigerated. The dry ice maintains a constant cold temperature inside the shipping container, preserving the integrity of the perishable contents by preventing them from thawing.


But it’s important to remember that dry ice can be dangerous if it’s not handled correctly. It can release a lot of carbon dioxide gas, which can make it hard to breathe in small spaces. Because of this, it’s important to follow all safety rules and guidelines when using dry ice for shipping.


Moreover, each shipping carrier has its own guidelines when it comes to the process of shipping with dry ice. We will discuss the various dry ice related rules and regulations in the following sections.


Why Should Frozen Items Be Shipped Using Dry Ice?

Why Should Frozen Items Be Shipped Using Dry Ice? | Ship Dry Ice Frozen Items Using Australia Post Dry ice is especially important when shipping perishable items such as food, meat, medical supplies, or biological samples, which must be maintained frozen or chilled to prevent deterioration or rotting. Using dry ice as packaging material guarantees that the contents will remain as frozen as they were when they were shipped.


Dry ice is the best option for transporting perishable items since it maintains a constant, low temperature even when exposed to fluctuations in ambient air temperature. In contrast to ordinary ice or gel packs, which can melt and lose effectiveness over time, dry ice can maintain a cold temperature for an extended duration.


It is a more effective chilling agent than conventional ice or gel packs because it requires less space and does not add extra weight to the shipment. This may help to lower overall shipping costs for frozen items.


Also, as dry ice doesn’t need electricity or other specialized equipment to keep its temperature stable during shipping, it can be a more affordable option than other refrigeration methods.


Overall, shipping frozen items using dry ice can help ensure that perishable products reach their destination in the best possible condition, while also providing a cost-effective and flexible option for businesses and individuals.


How Long Does Dry Ice Maintain Its Temperature While Shipping?

The amount of dry ice used, the temperature and packaging method, the transportation distance and mode, and the environmental temperature levels can all affect the amount of time dry ice remains stable during shipping.


On average, five to ten pounds of dry ice should sublimate every 24 hours. Depending on the insulation of the container, dry ice can maintain its temperature for up to two days.


However, if the ambient temperature is too high or if the container is not well insulated, the dry ice may sublimate faster and last for a shorter period of time.


Guidelines To Ship Dry Ice Frozen Items Using Australia Post

There are a few guidelines to adhere to if you want to ship frozen items using dry ice with Australia Post so that they reach their destination safely and properly. The necessary steps are as follows:


  • Package your frozen items securely – Securely package your frozen goods by using a container that is both durable and insulated. This will ensure that your goods remain frozen during transportation. Ensure that your products are boxed securely so that they do not move during transportation.
  • Use the right amount of dry ice – Make sure to use enough dry ice; the amount you’ll need is determined by the package’s weight, size, and length of time it will be in transit. It is recommended that, for every 15 kilograms of package weight, 2.5 kilograms of dry ice be used throughout the shipping process.
  • Dangerous goods label – Make sure to include a “Dry Ice” label on your package, as this is a mandatory labeling requirement from Australia Post. This label needs to be prominently displayed on the outside of your package.
  • Dangerous goods labelDeclaration – When shipping dry ice, a “Dangerous Products Declaration” form must be completed for each package. This form can be received from Australia Post, and as the shipper, you are responsible for filling it out, as well as signing it.
  • UN3373 | Ship Dry Ice Frozen Items Using Australia PostPick the right shipping service – Australia Post provides many shipping services, including Express Post and Parcel Post, that make it possible to ship dry ice. Choose a shipping method that can accommodate the size and weight of your package.
  • Restrictions – It’s important to research any applicable restrictions, as the shipping of dry ice may be governed differently in each Australian state and territory. Before you send your package out, you need to confirm that these regulations are followed.


How To Efficiently Ship Dry Ice Frozen Items Using Australia Post

Now we’ll address the key question, which is how to generate shipments and shipping labels with dry ice declaration right from your WooCommerce store, without having to constantly between your website and the Australia Post website.


This can be done by using the ELEX WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label & Tracking. This plugin will allow you to display real-time shipping rates for Australia Post, as well as indicate if a product is being shipped with dry ice automatically on the shipping label.


It has a number of features, including the capacity to generate shipping labels, display delivery estimates, track shipments, and customize your own box packaging.


Let’s go over the three-step process of setting up the plugin for shipping with dry ice. The product documentation will provide you with a thorough rundown of the steps required to configure the plugin from scratch.


Step 1. Packaging

First things first when a customer orders something that requires dry ice: make sure each product is packaged separately. The ELEX WooCommerce Australia Post Shipping Plugin has a section labeled “Packaging” where you may customize how your orders are sent in boxes. The option to “Pack Items Individually” should be chosen from this menu.


Step 2. Individual Product Level Settings

You can mark products on an individual basis with the help of the plugin when you know that they will be packaged and transported with dry ice and you want to specify this on the shipping labels.


Navigate to the WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > Products > Edit Individual Product to configure this.


Next on the edit product page, under Product Data > Shipping Settings > set the tariff code, country of origin, shipping description(mention includes dry ice), commodity uuid, enable the checkbox for dangerous goods, and under dangerous goods description select Biosubstance B UN337.

Individual Product Level Settings | Ship Dry Ice Frozen Items Using Australia PostWhen a customer places an order for that product, the shipping label will already include the dry ice information.


Wrapping Up

Dry ice shipping with Australia Post is an easy and dependable choice for sending perishable goods to customers around the world. The package’s and everyone’s safety in the transportation chain depends on adhering to Australia Post’s rules and guidelines.


By adhering to these tips and guidelines, you may ensure that your frozen items arrive at their destination in the same condition in which they were shipped through Australia Post.


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