How to Set Up a Ticketing System to Sell Customer Support?

Customer support is essential to keep connected with your customers and solve their problems and doubts while they are using your products or services. Customer support will begin from the presale stage to the day customers stop using your products or services. Hence, you need to provide customer support services in a systematic way using a ticketing system.

Why do you need to use a ticketing system for selling customer support?

If you need to charge your customers for solving each problem or if your business is totally based on services like providing consultation, you can use a customer support ticketing system that allows charging from customers for assisting them each time.

It is inconvenient to charge for support when customers contact you through phone calls, SMS, chat messages, and emails. Hence the better way is to choose a ticketing system in the market, which allows you to implement an option to charge for support.

What is a ticketing system?

Tickets are the queries submitted by customers to get a solution from your side. They can submit a query or concern through email, social media, or phone calls, etc. But, you need to make sure that you have answered all customers through these multiple channels every day. It is difficult, isn’t it?

Yes, you may skip some queries or may forget to answer some questions. This will make your customers disappointed with your assistance. Each customer is important in any business. If you make a customer unhappy, this will affect the overall growth of your business. But, what if they write a bad review based on the lack of promptness from your part? It is scary, right?

A ticketing system can gather queries from multiple channels and convert them to tickets and organize them in an intuitive dashboard. From this dashboard, based on the date and time of submission and the priority of the issues, you or your agents can solve them one by one.

There are many benefits of using a ticketing system for providing customer support over using other mediums like email, phone calls, social media channels, and so on. They are as follows:

  • You can manage the overall customer support process in a systematic way.
  • Admin can create tickets on behalf of customers who raised concerns through conventional mediums.
  • Admins can track the overall performance of the support system by analyzing the number of tickets raised, solved, and the time taken to close a ticket.
  • Also, the performance of agents can be tracked using the number of tickets they have solved and the time they have taken to solve an issue.
  • Agents can assign tickets to another agent or expert who can handle it more efficiently.

There are many ticketing system software and plugins available in the industry, which can be integrated based on your website platform and domain of your business.

But, not all ticketing systems come with the perfect feature set which fits into your business. In such a scenario, you can think about the personalization of a help desk ticketing system.

Many help desk ticketing systems are not available to do customization on their features. If you need to build a system for your business from scratch, you have to spend a lot of money on it and its maintenance.

The best way to get a personalized help desk ticketing system is, choosing an open source ticketing system and customizing it to fit into your business requirements.

Why an open source ticketing system?

Open source systems are available to tweak their features and specifications based on a customer’s business requirements. You do not need to worry about building a system from scratch if you choose an open source ticketing system and are tweaking it.

The best open source ticketing system in the industry is Open Source HelpDesk & Customer Support Ticketing System – Simple & Flexible.

So, let us check its major functionalities and go through how to set up a ticketing system to sell customer support with it.

Open Source HelpDesk & Customer Support Ticketing System 

This open source help desk system is one of the top-notch help desk ticketing systems in the industry. It is developed by the experts behind the popular WordPress help desk ticketing system plugin WSDesk.

Open-Source-HelpDesk-Customer-Support-Ticketing-System-–-Simple-Flexible (1)

It comes with interesting pricing plans that start at $10. All subscription plans allow you to add unlimited agent profiles to your ticketing system. You can opt for a plan based on the number of tickets you need to manage in a day.

Check out other major features of this open source help desk ticketing system:

  • Works well on any website platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, etc.
  • Open to integrate the ticketing system with third-party plugins and extensions to enhance the scope of your customer support experience.
  • Efficient ticket management allows agents to take over a ticket based on priority and solve it within a timeframe.
  • Advanced triggers to provide frequent reminders to agents for opening and closing a ticket as soon as possible.
  • Provides 100% security and privacy on your data by allowing you to store it on your own server.
  • No external entity or system can hamper the workflow of your help desk system.
  • The ticketing system can be hosted as a subdomain of the main website.
  • Can also be integrated as an out-of-the-box solution if you are convinced with the default features.
  • Can alter the system from scratch to fit into any business domain like IT services, educational institutions, hospitals, etc.
  • 24/7 expert consultation to solve your issues and concerns.
  • Efficient knowledge base integration.
  • There is a Managed Hosting plan for you, if you need to give your complete attention to your business and cannot spend on managing the help desk system.

These are the major features of this ticketing system.

Now, let us check how to set up a ticketing system to sell customer support with this open source system.

How to Set Up a Ticketing System to Sell Customer Support with Open Source HelpDesk & Customer Support Ticketing System?

As the first step, install and activate the WSDesk plugin in your WooCommerce store. For more details, refer to its product documentation.

Create a form with the help of the product documentation for customers to submit a query. You can add the required fields to the form. Here, I have created a ticketing system for a consultation agency and featured a form for customers.

How to Set Up a Ticketing System to Sell Customer Support? |

After entering the details, customers can submit the request. All information will be submitted as a ticket in the backend from where you can solve them one by one.

How to Set Up a Ticketing System to Sell Customer Support? |

The ticket can be opened, assigned to an agent, so that the solution can be provided to the customer. After the problem has been solved, submit the response as ‘Solved’. You can also submit as ‘Unsolved’ or ‘Pending’ as per the status of the ticket.

How to Set Up a Ticketing System to Sell Customer Support? | sending-reply-to-customer

The status of the ticket can be checked by customers at any time from the front end.

How to Set Up a Ticketing System to Sell Customer Support? | existing-tickets

To integrate the charge for support in your ticketing system, add the Pay for Support add-on with the help desk system.


With this add-on, your customers can purchase points as a one-time payment or as a recurring payment on a monthly basis. For each assistance, a specific point will be deducted from the credit they have purchased. This is how it works, and is a great solution for businesses that need to charge for support and assistance..

To sum up,

If you need a unique help desk ticketing system that completely fits into your business requirements, contact the support team and get your personalized help desk ticketing system done as soon as possible!


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