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Can You Send a TV in the Mail (Without Breaking It!)

Are you looking to send a TV in the mail without breaking it? Then this is the perfect article for you.

Televisions are one of the fragile items in the household, which are quite expensive as well. For this reason, it is hard to move a TV around from one location to another. If you are planning to ship your TV you need to know certain things. Here are some concerns that will come to your mind while shipping TV.

  • Should we lay down the TV or should we keep it upright?
  • What is the best way to protect it while shipping?
  • Do you need any professional assistance while shipping a TV?

We have discussed pretty many things like moving furniture, shipping dangerous goods and even prohibited items via several shipping carriers. So let’s see how a fragile item like a TV can be shipped effortlessly.

Positioning is Important

While packing a TV it is important to keep it upright always to keep it safe. It is because in transit it will experience lots of movements and vibrations, which might cause damage to the screen. Being in an upright position reduces the chances of damage.

What Packing Materials Do I Need?

Yes, the material you use is indeed an important factor to be considered when you are packing. Ensure you have these things in hand before you begin to pack.

  • TV box
  • Extra sturdy box
  • Packing tape
  • Marker
  • Plastic bags
  • Twist-ties
  • Padding material like styrofoam
  • Protective material like foam wrap, packing peanuts, or plastic wrap

You might notice that most of them throw away the TV box once they install it at their home. Don’t worry if you do not have a TV box, because there are many options for obtaining one based on cheap shipping supplies and boxes.

How Can I Send a TV in the Mail Safely? 10 Steps for Packing it Appropriately

Once you have sorted out the packing materials, the next important issue to be looked into is how to prepare it to ship. So here are some important methods to keep in mind and put to practice while shipping a TV.

  • Choose the necessary packing materials carefully.
  • Ensure that the TV box fits your screen adequately well.
  • Place styrofoam around the edges of the TV to act as a protective barrier.
  • Encase the screen in foam wrap or packing paper.
  • Seal the box with packing tape securely.
  • Transfer the sealed box into a second, sturdy carton – if there’s any space between the boxes, fill them with padding material to reduce any kind of movement while shipping.
  • Tape the second box securely and close it.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote control and wipe it clean and place it in a separate plastic wrap.
  • Tidy the cables before wrapping them.
  • Place the nuts and bolts and other equipment in a secure plastic bag that will be placed inside the TV box while shipping.
  • Properly label your package – make sure you use directional arrows to indicate which way up the package should stand and mention “fragile” and “handle with care” on the box.
  • You can again secure the package with twist-ties or ropes to keep it sturdy while in transit.

So How Do I Ship a TV?

Now that we got to know how to pack the TV, let’s see how we can ship it using popular shipping carriers. Moreover, this might help you to decide which is the best one that can ship TV safely.

How to Ship a TV with USPS

This has the most budget-friendly shipping plans and options like:

  • Regular Ground service
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Express Mail

And luckily all these offer services like tracking, shipping insurance and much more, which affirms that they are much more reliable.

What about UPS?

UPS is an excellent shipping carrier that gives several customer-centric options, which are excellent for shipping several gadgets. Moreover, they have an excellent insurance option, which can be availed easily. If you think the insurance is not enough, you can even pay a little more and get the item insured with an additional charge to increase the declared value of the package and protect it from damages. You can also ask the UPS staff to pack the TV properly if you cannot do it using appropriate UPS boxes and other materials as per their guidelines. The services which you can opt for are:

  • US Express Critical – Domestic
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS Worldwide Express Shipping

You can make use of the UPS Calculate Time & Cost Tool to find the estimated cost to ship a TV.

Does FedEx ship too?

FedEx being one of the popular choices is ideal for shipping electronic items too. They also have several shipping plans that will suit your needs. Additionally, FedEx also has TV boxes up to 55 inches that you can get for free depending on the FedEx shipping service you choose. Some of the services that are apt for shipping TV are:

  • FedEx SameDay
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • FedEx Ground

You can either drop off the TV packed securely at the FedEx drop off locations or even schedule a pickup for the same.

You can automate the process of fetching the real-time shipping rates, printing labels and also tracking the shipment sent via USPS, UPS and FedEX using an efficient shipping plugin. The ELEX EasyPost shipping plugin is one such shipping plugin, which can let you include USPS, FedEx and UPS services on your online store. The plugin has several features which will streamline your shipping processes efficiently and comprehensively.

send a TV in the mail

Check out the features of the shipping plugin from its product page for a better understanding.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a TV?

Wanna know the cost of shipping a TV? There are several factors to look into before we arrive at the cost of shipping. The cost of shipping is calculated based on various factors like the weight and dimensions, the origin and destination etc. Moreover, taxes, duties, insurance and fuel charges also come into the picture when considering the cost of shipping a TV. You can make use of the shipping calculator to derive an estimated cost for shipping always. There might be even shipping and handling charges included when it comes to shipping too in most of the cases.

send a TV in the mail

What if you want to Ship a TV internationally?

When you want to sell your products to international customers, then you need to know all about the taxes and duties for shipping and not just how to ship the TV. Also, remember to have the right harmonized code.

Make sure:

  • All customs clearance papers are filled and are readily accessible.
  • Find out the taxes and duties you need to pay in a country exactly when shipping to and from there.
  • Get to know more about shipping a TV from experienced shipping carriers to decide which is ideal for you.

Get your TV in on piece

Shipping a TV is quite a task. It needs to be done rightly. But again if you know exactly how to pack and ship a TV and also what services you can avail for doing it, the task is simplified. Also, your shipping origin and destination do affect the cost of shipping a TV.

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