Programmable Chat: Embed Advanced Messaging into WordPress and WooCommerce Sites  

Chatting is one of the most convenient and personalized methods to communicate with your customers. Even if your business website uses various customer service methods like chat forms, help desk system, toll-free calls, SMS, etc live chat helps to initiate communication from new live visitors also.

Hence, it will help to boost sales as it is best suitable for presale communications. Since customers spend more time on your website, it will improve customer engagement time on your website. Thereby, it will increase the Google ranking of your website and increase the potential customer flow into your site.

If you are managing a WordPress website or WooCommerce store, you can easily integrate a live chat into your site using live chat plugins. There are so many free and premium plugins available on WordPress and WooCommerce repositories. But, based on the nature of your requirements and the profession you are working in, some personalized changes may be required for the live chat system that is going to integrate with your site.

The concept of programmable chat

If you are a blogger, you may require a simple live chat that needs to be used for chit-chatting with your followers regarding your latest write-up, or receiving their feedback and giving them a chance to suggest a new topic. But, if you are a WooCommerce store owner, you may need to use this live chat as a customer service option and a platform that helps to track the order done by the customers and a feature to suggest a perfect product for them.

In accordance with the nature and day to day workflow of your business, you may require some personalized live chat option. If you check the available live chat plugins in the market, you can see that almost all live chat plugins come up with a default set of features. If you choose one from the list, you are required to make it fit into your system by compromising on some features.

This compromise may affect your performance and will somehow disappoint your customers sooner or later. Hence, you have to find one plugin which is open for customization and the option to tweak the existing features according to your business requirements.

Programmable chat is basically used to tweak the existing live chat and its features into the way the customer requires by adding some changes to the code. If a chat plugin is required to be added on iOS, Android, some other native apps, and so on, you may be required to tweak the code to make it more compatible with these platforms. For some plugins, you can find the code as they publish it on a GitHub repository, or some other platform from where you can find them to make it compatible for different platforms with the programming language they use such as Java, Swift, Objective – C, Node.JS and so on. The code can be tweaked according to your requirements with the help of a developer.

But what if you are not technology savvy or you don’t have an in-house developer to do the same. Or you are a perfectionist and need to tweak a live chat by an expert? The best solution is to choose a live chat plugin that provides expert customization support.

Which live chat plugin in the market provides extensive customization by changing the code to build a perfect system for your website? I would recommend WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin!

Integrate WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat plugin for advanced messaging

If you are planning for a tailor-made live chat by tweaking this WSChat plugin, I must say about its default specifications. Because, if you get to know about the rich features it offers, you can even integrate it with your system directly. And, it also covers almost all the essential features. But still, you may require some alterations on the features to give the best live chat experience to your customers according to your area of work and the market you target.


They have an expert developer and customer service team and they will sit with you and understand every essential feature you require. Based on that, they will help you to tweak the existing plugin. You can share your ideas and check out the plugin’s functionalities and decide which feature you need to make it personalized.

It will be great and perfect if the builder itself alters the system. It will ensure the quality of the live chat system as well as it will be built strongly without any flaw. So, rather than going for a code that is available on the internet and try to build it by yourself, you can choose this plugin and personalize it effectively. This will save your time as well as reduce the glitches and bugs you may encounter in the future.

Well, now you have got an idea of the availability of customization in WSChat.  Now, I would like to discuss some of the default features available in this plugin. You can go through these features to get to know about the plugin in detail.

Default features of WSChat

As the title suggests this plugin works on both WordPress and WooCommerce seamlessly. You do not require to do any additional setup for integrating WooCommerce into it. When you install and activate the plugin into your WooCommerce store, it will fetch the required details from WooCommerce automatically. And, it is well optimized to work on computer screens as well as mobile screens perfectly.

Now, let us get into the features.

Security and privacy of your data

Security and privacy are one of the major concerns in chatting platforms. Even some major chat platforms had data breaches, it is quite important to take care of the live chat you use on your site. So you have to make sure about data security and privacy before choosing a chat plugin. Unlike other SaaS-based systems, WSChat does not store your data on any external server. You can manage your data by yourself without any third-party integration as you can store your data on your server itself.

WooCommerce integration

If your site is a WooCommerce store, you or your agents can suggest products to your customers directly from the backend chat dashboard. You can even monitor the products in their cart and their purchase history in your store. There is an option to view the page they are viewing in real time. All these details can be used for better customer assistance in shopping.

Programmable Chat: Embed Advanced Messaging into WordPress and WooCommerce Sites | customers-cart-details

Real time tracking of visitors and their details

You can track the IP address, the page they are currently viewing, the OS, and the time they spend on your site in a dedicated dashboard. You can even see the same details of unregistered guest users. From this dashboard, you can start a conversation in just one click. This will be very helpful for presale assistance.

Programmable Chat: Embed Advanced Messaging into WordPress and WooCommerce Sites | live-chat-visitors

Option to add unlimited agent profiles

There will be multiple agents to chat with the customers as it is a part of customer service. You can add as many agents as required without any limit or additional charge. You can even import the agents from WSDesk – WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System plugin, if it is your help desk system. And there is an option to trigger an email notification to the agents. And a sound notification will be triggered to both agents and customers when they receive a new chat automatically.

Unlimited chat history storage

If you have enrolled in this robust plugin, there are no worries about the chat record storage. You can even take a chat conversation which you have done from the day you started using this plugin. There is no additional charge for deciding the storage of chat history.

Customizable theme and widget

It is important to focus on the look and feel of the chat widget on your website. Because customers should be comfortable chatting with you and it should be in sync with the entire view of the webpage or mobile screen. You can choose custom colors for the chat widget as you need.

Programmable Chat: Embed Advanced Messaging into WordPress and WooCommerce Sites | widget-colors

The agents can also choose a comfortable theme color they need. And on the chat header, you can add 4 custom buttons besides a default mute option. They are as follows:

  • Attachment: For sending the attached files to you.
  • Video recorder: For recording and sending a video.
  • Send chat history: For sending the entire conversation to the entered email ID.
  • Chat rating: Users can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the chat to notify their satisfaction.

Pre-chat form

The pre-chat form helps to collect basic details of customers before proceeding with a chat conversation with them when you are online or offline. This will be very useful if any message is received when you are offline. Using the details from the pre-chat form, you can contact the visitor later. You can add custom fields and make them mandatory fields to be filled up by the customers with this feature.

Programmable Chat: Embed Advanced Messaging into WordPress and WooCommerce Sites | pre-chat-form-settings

Monitoring details of customers

It is important to know your customers. You can view customers’ names, email IDs, phone numbers, locations, time zone, and the page they are viewing from your dashboard.

Programmable Chat: Embed Advanced Messaging into WordPress and WooCommerce Sites | Customer-details

AI integration for automated responses

This plugin can be integrated with Google’s Dialogflow for triggering automated responses to customers in the form of text, audio, video, images, and in any file format. You can feed the training phrases based on the frequently asked questions and the probable questions, and set corresponding replies to them with its AI and NLP integration.

To sum up,

You can either go for the plugin directly if all these above listed features match your requirements. If not, and need some tweak on certain features, you can contact their support team and share your concept. They will build a live chat system in the way you require it.

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