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The WSDesk – WordPress Support Ticket System – Pay For Support Add-On allows website owners to get paid for the premium consulting & help desk services they provide. The customer support tickets requests can be purchased as a one-time payment or recurring subscription payments using any WooCommerce payment methods. The seller can configure their service as a WooCommerce Virtual Product and when the customer purchases it, a certain amount of credit is added to their account. The customer can then make use of these credits to submit tickets through the WordPress Support Ticketing system configured using WSDesk. The seller can easily configure how much credits to be automatically deducted for each support request customer has raised. The plugin comes with a lot of configuration and customization options.

About WSDesk - WordPress Helpdesk Plugin

WSDesk is a Premium WordPress Support Ticketing System and Helpdesk plugin that offers top-notch features for the best customer support experience. With this plugin, receive all your customer queries, issues, and suggestions in the form of tickets.


WSDesk Pay For Support | Credit Management for Customer

Easily Accept Payment for Support & Convert to Credits

As a store owner, you can accept payments for the support service you provide and convert them into credits. Support Service can be configured as Simple, Variable and Subscription type Virtual Products using WooCommerce. These credits can be used by your customers for the services and support you offer. After every support transaction you make, the required credits will be deducted from the customer's account.

Customers can check their current balance, manage their account, add child accounts - that makes a transaction on behalf of the parent account, and view the transaction history.
WSDesk Pay For Support | Credit Balance in User Profile

Check Credit Balance of the Customer

Site owners can track the credit balance of the customer in their WordPress user profile page. They can also see the subscription that the customer has currently subscribed to.
In addition to this, site owners can also manually add credits to the customer's account.
WSDesk Pay For Support | Credit History in User Profile

Track all Credit Transaction History

Apart from checking the balance, site owners can also view the transaction timeline that shows all the transactions made by the customer. The transaction information includes date of transaction, credit status, order number (if any), credit deduction (if any), and the current balance after each transaction.

Check Subscriptions and Balance from Users Dashboard

Site owners can get a highlight of the subscriptions and credit balance associated with all the user accounts in the WordPress Users dashboard.
In addition, they can get view the user accounts that are associated with parent account and child account.
WSDesk Pay For Support | Create Rules

Create Unlimited Credit Rules

The Credit Rules allow store owners to set up the desired credit amount and associate with products in their store. You can create any number of credit rules.
WSDesk Pay For Support | Creating Triggers

Create Triggers that deduct Credits

Store admins need to associate their WSDesk Ticket Status with desired credits. Whenever the ticket status is moved to any of the configured statuses, the credit amount is deducted from the customer's account.
WSDesk Pay For Support | Apply Credit Manually

Manually Apply Credit Rule to User account

The store owners have the option to manually assign a credit rule to the desired user on their website. This feature is useful when the payment is done offline or by any other means.
WSDesk Pay For Support | All Credit History

Easily Track All Credit Transactions

Store owners can track all the transactions of users in the History tab. They can see information like date of transaction, user's email address, request number (the WSDesk ticket number), the status of the transaction, credits deducted, and the remaining balance.
WSDesk Pay For Support | Credit Reports

Credit Reports

Reports are essential to analyze the performance. Hence, the report section shows the status of new requests, the status of agent requests, and the status of new and solved requests. Store owners can see the reports for the last 7 days.
WSDesk Pay For Support | Add Custom Logo

Add Custom Logo

Store owners can choose to add a custom logo of their organization/store to the credit balance and subscription page. This is a simple effort in branding your business.
WSDesk Pay For Support WSDesk Ticket Page

View Credit Details in WSDesk Ticket Page

When you click on the Request Number in the History tab, you will be redirected to the respective WSDesk ticket page to manage the ticket. The credit details containing the subscription method and credit balance will be shown on the top.

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Can the plugin work without the WSDesk plugin?

No, the plugin is an add-on for the WSDesk plugin

What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires, the plugin will continue to work as usual, but the download permission will revoke. So, the updates for the plugin will stop.

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