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Are you looking for driving better-qualified leads & broader presence to your WooCommerce store by listing your products on Google Shopping? Here, we present our WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin  (Google Product Feed), to help you in promoting your online store products on Google Shopping as well as drive more traffic from potential customers to your WordPress eCommerce store.

By incorporating with Google Merchant Center with our plugin, you can make a strong impression of your products with Google as well as make your WooCommerce store get ranked on top. The ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin (Google Product Feed) for Google Shopping Integration is a robust and handy plugin to feed your WooCommerce products to Google Shopping for displaying your products and shopping ads when online shoppers search for it. 

The plugin fetches required information about your WooCommerce products and generates an XML/CSV/TSV file that ready to upload in your Google Merchant account. Scheduling cron jobs for daily, weekly or monthly basis to make sure the changes made on the properties and price of products are updated on Google. Easily map your product categories to Google categories as well as Google attributes to your product attributes based on the rules you can set. The ability to set the rules and conditions while mapping the categories and attributes makes this plugin so powerful tool to integrate WooCommerce with Google Shopping.

WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin Features

ELEX Google Product Feed Plugin | Google Shopping Feed

Display WooCommerce Products On Google Shopping

Easily creates Google Product Feeds for Google Merchant and displays your products on Google Shopping! Listing the products on Google Shopping helps to drive more brand awareness and outperform your competitors. It helps to achieve better-qualified leads and better ROI.
ELEX Google Product Feed Plugin | Unlimited Feeds

Unlimited Feeds, Feed Templates & Jobs

Easily create Google Product feeds and schedule the execution as and when it is required. A powerful filtering option helps to create the google feeds for only those products you want. These filters can be saved as Jobs for scheduled or recurring execution. There is no restriction on the number of feeds and the jobs you can create.
ELEX Google Product Feed | Setting Product Variation On Google Product Feed

WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed for Variable Products

Get all the variations of your products to get displayed on Google Shopping feed and let the users explore the variations of their favorite product of your store.
ELEX Google Product Feed | Setting Country In Google Product Feed

Supports Multiple Countries & Feed File Formats

Choose where ever you want to sell your products by selecting the target country. And generate your shop’s Google product feed file as easy as pie! Choose XML/CSV/TSV format according to your convenience.
ELEX Google Product Feed | Schedule Cron Jobs In Google Product Feed

Update the Feed Automatically with Schedule Feature

Fix a time for a regular refresh of the details you have updated on your products based on daily, weekly or monthly, to feed them to Google for updating them on the Google Shopping as well.
ELEX Google Product Feed | Multi Language

Support Multiple Languages for Google Product Categories

Choose a language, based on your countries for your Google Product Categories. English, Russian, Spanish, German and French languages are supported out of the box. We will be including more languages in the upcoming releases.
ELEX Google Product Feed Plugin | Map Categories

Easily Map WooCommerce Product Category with Google Category

Map your product categories to Google product categories for fetching your categories to Google and, directing the users to your products when he searches for your product!
ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin | Map Product

Map Individual Products with Google Category

Map specific products with Google categories for directing the users to your products when they search for your products. List your selected products on Google Shopping with this advanced feature.
ELEX Google Product Feed Plugin | Map Attributes

Powerful Attribute Mapping Based on Rules & Conditions

Well, Google also needs to get the attributes of your products as well to list them on its feed. You can easily map your product attributes to Google’s default attributes in simple steps! Wanna make Google map them based on some rules and conditions?! Follow the user-friendly steps of this plugin to set up them without confusion.
Map any custom fields with Google Product Feed attributes

Easily Customise the Feed Attribute Values

Create custom fields by appending and prepending attributes with the attribute to be mapped with Google product feed attributes.

Map Any Custom Fields with Google Product Feed Attributes

Create custom fields according to your requirements and map with Google product feed attributes.
ELEX Google Product Feed Pugin | Product Level

Set Product Specific Values at Product Level

Go to your product page and set GTIN, MPN, and Brand for individual products!
ELEX Google Product Feed Plugin | Manage Fields

Dashboard to Create and Manage Multiple Feeds

Need some edits? Or want to pause the schedules for a while? Simply go to the feeds and make whatever changes you want, copy or even scrap. The options available on feeds are,
  1. Edit: To edit the feed for changes.
  2. Copy: Generate the same copy of a feed.
  3. Pause Schedule: Pause the schedule from a refresh for a period of time.
  4. Regenerate Feed: You can use this option if you need a quick refresh rather than a scheduled refresh.
  5. Download Feed: To download your feed.
  6. View Feed: For a quick view of your feed.
  7. Delete: For deleting the feed.
ELEX Google Product Feed Plugin | WPML Compatibility

Plugin Compatibility

What is the Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center account helps in “feeding” your products to Google to appear in the Google search results, shopping ads, and other Google services. When a user searches with keywords related to your products, Google searches the related product categories, grabs all products and shows them in the user’s search results. This gives major exposure for your products without the user even entering your website.

You can connect your Google Ads account to monitor the shopping activity. The product feeds can also be boosted with ads using Google Ads. If users just visit your site without purchasing anything, it would still improve your Click Through Rate (CTR). If they end up buying your products, it would increase your sales as well as improve your conversion rate. Hence, having a Google Product Feed for your WooCommerce store is a win for you on both sides of the coin.

Product Video

Check out the product video to understand how the plugin works.


Check out our documentation on Setting Up, Trouble-shooting, FAQs & Code Snippets.


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Can this plugin work in my country?

The plugin works in all the countries where Google Merchant Center service is offered. You can check the list of countries supporting the Google Merchant Center service.

Can the plugin generate the feed in any other file format?

Although Google Feed accepts various other file formats for uploading the feed, the plugin currently generates XML files only, but we do plan to include other file formats in the future.

I do not want to include a few products in the XML. Can I do this with your plugin?

Yes, you can exclude products by specifying their product IDs.

Can I schedule automatic refreshing of my product data?

Yes, you can setup Cron jobs for daily, weekly, or monthly refreshing of the XML file.

Google needs a set of required attributes to be mapped. Can I add and map more attributes?

Yes, the plugin allows you to add any number of product attributes and map them accordingly.

What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires, the plugin will continue to work as usual, but the download permission will be revoked. So, the updates for the plugin will stop.

How ELEX Google Product Feed / Google Shopping Plugin handles Unique IDs like GTIN & MPN?

You will see a meta box on each of the WooCommerce Product Pages to enter GTIN & MPN. Once it is done, Google Shopping Data will be updated accordingly. 

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  1. macdonald
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by macdonald (verified owner)

    The technical support team customized the ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin per our request within a day. We requested that the plugin provides the solution to our Google Merchant product feed warning affecting VARIABLE products that alerted the “product description too short”. The plugin was customized to fetch the description of variable products from the main description page. With such a technical support team, we feel we made the right choice in picking the ELEX WooCommerce Google plugin.

    • ELEXtensions

      by ELEX

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave an excellent feedback. We really appreciate it.

  2. accounts25
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by accounts25 (verified owner)

    The service I received from Chaitanya was absolutely amazing! I will highly recommend him to family and friends. He was able to quickly resolve my issues and make great recommendations. Chaitanya has made me gain a lot of trust in your company and you should be very proud to have him representing your company in such a way. Thank you Chaitanya 🙂

    • ELEXtensions

      by ELEX

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and feedback! We will make sure to share this with the team to let them know to keep up the amazing work.

  3. rwolter
    Rated 4 out of 5

    by rwolter (verified owner)

    The plugin is relatively easy to set up, but my products were not approved by Google right out of the box. I contacted Elex Customer Support and we were able to arrange screen-sharing meetings where they helped work through the issues and further customize my feed plugin. After their assistance, I am confident setting up new feeds and editing the feeds that I have saved. My feeds are set to refresh daily so any changes I make to my WordPress WooCommerce site will relay through to Google Merchant Center. I currently have 100% of my products approved and live on Google Merchant Center, 524 in total.

    Out of the box, I would rate the plugin a single star, but their support staff was easy to work with and I would give them 4 stars (deducting one star for a missed meeting). Scheduling proved slightly difficult because of an 11.5 hour time difference! Thanks for your help Elex!

    • Raji

      by Raji

      Thank you for your kind words.
      We are working on a major revamp of the plugin incorporating the feedbacks/suggestions from our customers.

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