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Looking for the easiest & efficient way to integrate Stamps.com USPS Postage with WooCommerce shopping cart? Tired of copying and pasting order details just to create a label? Here is the solution from ELEX; a Stamps.com Approved Integration Partner!

Our ELEX Stamps.com Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce is a WordPress / WooCommerce extension that helps you to completely automate USPS shipping using Stamps.com by displaying shipping rates in cart/checkout page, pay postage & print label from within WooCommerce, pack items automatically into boxes and enable tracking.


How does ELEX Shipping Plugins work?

1) Install the Plugin, input your Stamps.com Account details and enable Stamps.com – USPS Shipping Method for WooCommerce.

2) Customer sees USPS shipping rates provided by Stamps.com, based on items in their cart before placing an order.

3) Pay Postage, Print Label and Generate Tracking info from within WooCommerce order page.

4) Customise the plugin using various settings options. Contact our support if you want to do a custom work specific to your business need.


ELEX Stamps.com Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce | Live Shipping Rate & Estimated Delivery Date

Live Shipping Rate & Estimated Delivery Date

Based on the product weight, box dimensions, shipping destination, etc., this plugin fetches USPS postage rates from your Stamps.com account for both domestic and international shipping services.

You can choose to return list rates or account / negotiated rates. There is also an option to set conversion value in case the shop uses a different currency.

Display the estimated delivery date on the cart page based on your working days as well as the cut-off time. If any order placed after the cut-off time, it will be shipped on the next working day.
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | Domestic Shipping Label

Print Shipping Label

Print shipping labels within WooCommerce. After logging in to the WordPress admin area, you can create a shipment by clicking on the ‘create shipment’ button on the right side of the order details page.

Shipment details would automatically be sent to Stamps.com online account and then the shipping label (GIF / JPG / PDF) would get generated which you can print. Postage is automatically paid on these labels using your Stamps.com account. There is an option to change the shipping service and box/parcel dimensions (if enabled in the plugin settings) manually before generating the label.

This plugin integrates with Stamps.com APIs to print domestic or international shipping labels with a tracking barcode. Although you can create shipments in bulk in the WooCommerce Orders Page, you can use the bulk label printing add-on to create multiple shipments at once as well as print them in a single PDF file.

If you wish to take out the overhead of generating shipping labels manually, you can try our auto-generate and email labels add-on.
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | Shipment Tracking ID

Shipment Tracking

The tracking number returned from Stamps.com while generating the label would be added to order notes and will be sent as part of the order completion email. This enables Shipment Tracking for customers and shop owners.
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | Packaging Method Types

Parcel Packing Options

Based on the weights and dimensions of the products in the cart, the rate will be calculated and applied to the final price of the order. Once the order is placed, the items will then be automatically packed into the configured boxes.

You can choose from the following Packing options:
  • Individual Item Packing
  • Pack Into Custom Boxes with Weights and Dimensions
  • Weight-Based (You can pack heavier items first, lighter items first, or pack purely divided by weight)
Further, under Weight and Dimension based packing method, you have two packing algorithms; Volume-based and Stack First Algorithm.

Not just this, you can configure how the Unpacked items have to be processed.
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | Flat Rate Boxes

Flat Rate Boxes

Flat Rate Boxes cost you a fixed price as long as the parcel weighs less than 70 lbs. The boxes come in multiple sizes which makes them suitable for products of different sizes and weights. These are easily available and are economical packing materials. You can enable one or more Flat Rate Boxes, based on your requirement:
  • Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Express Legal Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Express Padded Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box
  • Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box
  • Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Board Game Box
  • Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box
  • Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Gift Card Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Window Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A
  • Priority Mail Regional Rate Box B
  • Priority Mail Express International Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Express International Legal Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail Express International Padded Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope
  • Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box
  • Priority Mail International Medium Flat Rate Box
  • Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box
  • Priority Mail International DVD Flat Rate priced box
  • Priority Mail International Large Video Flat Rate priced box
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | Price Adjustments

Price Adjustments

Configure handling fees for each shipping service, in terms of amount or percentage value. A positive value results in markup, whereas negative value results in a discount.
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | USPS Services

USPS Services for Real-time rates

Stamps.com uses USPS API to access real-time rates. You can access following USPS Services:

USPS Domestic Services -
  • First-Class Mail® Parcel
  • First-Class™ Postcard Stamped
  • First-Class™ Large Postcards
  • First-Class™ Keys and IDs
  • First-Class™ Package Service
  • First-Class Mail® Metered Letter
  • First-Class™ Package Service Hold For Pickup
  • Priority Mail Express™ Hold for Pickup
  • Priority Mail Express™
  • Priority Mail Express™ Sunday/Holiday
  • Media Mail
  • Library Mail
  • Priority Mail®
  • Priority Mail® Keys and IDs
  • Priority Mail® Hold For Pickup
  • Priority Mail® Regional Rate Box A
  • Priority Mail® Regional Rate Box B
USPS International Services -
  • Priority Mail Express International™
  • Priority Mail International®
  • Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG)
  • Global Express Guaranteed® Envelope
  • Global Express Guaranteed® Non-Document Rectangular
  • Global Express Guaranteed® Non-Document Non-Rectangular
  • USPS GXG™ Envelope
  • First Class Package Service™ International Letters
  • First Class Package Service™ International Large Envelope
  • First Class Package International Service™
  • International Postcards
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | Bulk Label Generation

Print shipping labels in Bulk

With the help of Stamps.com USPS Bulk Label Printing Add-On, you can generate shipping labels in bulk and download them in a single PDF file. You can bulk print labels using WooCommerce Order IDs or Order date range. This saves a lot of your time on printing labels one at a time.
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | Auto-Generate and Email Labels

Auto-generate and email your shipping labels

The Stamps.com USPS Auto-generate and Email labels Add-On makes your label generation task easier by automatically creating shipments, generating labels, and sending an email notification with the shipping label, for you and your customers. This saves your time on manually generating shipping labels.
ELEX Stamps.com Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce | Add the Custom Reference Number for Seamless Shipments

Add the Custom Reference Number for Seamless Shipments

Feed your shipper tax registration number to create shipments to any country barrier-free for your customers. This number will be printed on the shipping labels, which makes the customs process easier.
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS Pickup Request Add-On | Confirmation Number

Schedule a USPS Pickup with Stamps.com

Using the Stamps.com-USPS Pickup Request Add-On, you can easily schedule a Manual or Automatic USPS Pickup with Stamps.com for your packages. Once you schedule a request, a confirmation number is returned from USPS that allows you to uniquely identify the request.

After the pickup request is scheduled, you can view a confirmation number returned from USPS, Date of Creation of the Request, Pickup Date, Pickup Day, and Package Information.
ELEX WooCommerce Stamps.com-USPS | Stamps.com Integration Partner

Stamps.com Integration Partner

Another reason to trust this plugin for your WooCommerce-Stamps.com integration is that our plugin is approved and is one of the most sought-after WooCommerce plugins for Stamps.com integration. Not just that, Stamps.com provides special offers to our customers! Read more...

About Stamps.com

Stamps.com is a leading provider of Internet-based postage services. With over 500,000 customers, Stamps.com’s online postage service simplifies access to the lowest USPS shipping rates and the most popular USPS services for small businesses, enterprises, and online retailers. Whether you ship one package a day or 1000, from your garage or from a giant warehouse, Stamps.com has the tools to make your USPS® shipping process faster, more affordable and more efficient than ever before.


For the integration to work, you need to enter user credentials in the settings screen of Stamps.com plugin
For obtaining Stamps.com credentials, you have to signup for a Stamps.com account.

Top Testimonials

CharlesVerified owner
We had a small issue after install related to a no longer supported API by the shipper. XAdapter responded to our ticket quickly and immediately fixed the issue. Great support from a fantastic company.
SteveVerified owner
I have to say that this developer has excellent response time to any issues. The stamps.com plugin works great and adds a lot of functionality to the shipping process.
AmieVerified owner
Very easy to install and Im not very techy. Customer service is great, very responsive. Plugin works seamlessly.

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What happens when the one year license expires?

After the plugin’s one year license expires, the plugin will continue to work as usual, but the download permission will be revoked. So, the updates for the plugin will stop.

Can I offer flat rate/free shipping in the cart and use the plugin only for labels?

Yes, you can disable the Real-time rates option in the plugin settings and use the plugin only to create Shipment labels.

Will the plugin work if my shop location is out of the United States?

The ELEX USPS service works if the ‘ship from address’ is US. It will not work if you have a ship from an address outside of US.

Will the tracking information be sent to the customer once the labels are generated?

Yes, Once the labels are generated, you need to mark the order as completed. Make sure you have enabled the email service enabled in the WooCommerce settings for order completion.

Is there a monthly fee I need to pay to Stamps.com?

Yes, for maintaining the stamps account you have to pay a monthly fee. But their postage charges are lower compared to USPS retail rates.

Can we set the USPS retail rates in Stamps.com plugin?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Stamps plugin since the API only returns the discounted rates. But you can use the Price adjustment field in the plugin settings to increase the shipping cost by a fixed value or percentage.

What are the label file formats & layouts supported by Stamps-USPS plugin?

The plugin supports PNG, GIF, JPG & PDF formats. PDF is the most popular format among our customers. The plugin supports most of the layout supported by Stamps.com. This includes 4×6, 6×4, 75×2, etc.

Can the plugin autogenerate the labels once the orders are placed?

Yes, you can use our ELEX Stamps.com USPS Auto-Generate & Email Labels Add-On to automatically create shipments and generate labels. The add-on will also send an email notification to the shop owner and customers.

Can we offer free shipping in the US and use the calculated shipping feature of your Stamps.com plugin for only international orders?

Yes, using the ELEX Stamps.com Shipping plugin, you can enable only the international services and disable the domestic services.

Can I change the Priority Flat Rate boxes like small to medium boxes after receiving the order and before generating the label?

Yes, you can change it from the WooCommerce order page after generating the packages by selecting the preferred services from the eligible options available.

What do I need to do for integrating the plugin?

You need to open a Stamps.com account and add billing information in your Stamps account. Use the login username and password in the plugin settings.

How to hide first class option when the order is over 16oz?

The API will automatically hide the first class option when order total weight is over 16oz. But make sure you use the packing option as ‘Pack based on weight’ or ‘Pack into boxes with weight and dimension’. If you select ‘Individual item packing’ and a few of the products’ weight qualify for first class, the First class option will still show up as an option.

Can I bulk print labels?

Although this plugin allows you to create shipments in bulk in the WooCommerce Orders page, we recommend using our bulk label printing add-on, as it creates multiple shipments at once and prints all the shipping labels in a single PDF file.

Can I export the orders to stamps and create shipment?

This is not possible with the plugin since the plugin already has the print label feature within the plugin.

Is this plugin compatible with TM Extra product Addon plugin?

Yes, the plugin is compatible. If you have the weight set in the TM Extra product plugin, it can retrieve the weight from there as well.

Is it possible to charge an insurance fee from the Customer for the items part of the order?

Yes. We have an option in the plugin which allows you to charge the customer for insurance. Insurance provides coverage in the event that the packages are lost or damaged while in transit.

I have lots of bundle products on my store and use WooCommerce Products Bundle plugin. Is your Stamps.com plugin compatible with the Product Bundles plugin?

Yes, our Stamps.com plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin.

Is this plugin compatible with a Multi-Vendor plugin?

Yes, the plugin works with multi-vendor plugins by associating with WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Support for ELEX Shipping Plugins.

Can I cancel the shipment created by mistake?

Yes, you can cancel the shipment from the WooCommerce order page by clicking the Cancel Shipment button.

Can I restrict the shipping services based on conditions?

Yes, it is possible to restrict the services based on your conditions using this plugin along with the ELEX hide shipping plugin.

Does this plugin comply with recent EU regulations?

Yes, this plugin complies with IOSS and completely follows EU regulations.

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  1. patterns2print.com
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by patterns2print.com (verified owner)

    Great support! Always respond quickly and can troubleshoot in a timely manner.

  2. scott2
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by scott2 (verified owner)

    ELEX stands behind their plugin with fantastic customer support! The plugin is great, they thought of everything! They are my go-to for anything Woocommerce related.

  3. phyo936
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by Paul (verified owner)

    After shopping around and even trying out an alternative plugin, I have to conclude (as other reviewers have) that there is nothing out there that comes close to offering the options and functionality of XAdapter for Stamps.com integration (at a good price). Not to mention the outstanding responsiveness of Lorenzo and the support team. I still wish it could do everything I wanted without hacking the php, but at least I have that option. I’ll be sticking with XAdapter. I’m leaving a 5 star review here to balance out my previous 3 stars.

  4. phyo936
    Rated 3 out of 5

    by Paul (verified owner)

    Customer service has been great. My disappointment has been with the limitations of the plugin itself. I use a variety of USPS shipping methods, including certain flat rate packages. I know exactly how many of my products will fit into each type of package. Once an order reaches a certain weight, I want certain shipping options to disappear. But I can’t adjust the weight limits of each service without without getting ftp access and changing the php file! This just seem like something a non-developer like me should be able to adjust inside the plugin options. I have been able to work around this with flat rate by using another plugin for flat rate weights and disabling those packages in XAdapter. If this were fixed so each package type was easily and totally customizable, I’d give 5 stars.

  5. AndreaBannerman21
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by udtfrog1 (verified owner)

    Great Plugin. We have been using it for a few years now. Whenever I have had an issue (only a few) these guys always respond quickly and can troubleshoot in a timely manner.

  6. Fanny_Trice99
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by Claudio (verified owner)

    Great plugin! Great Support!

  7. nosoybug
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by Cameron (verified owner)

    Works flawlessly. Great plugin. Also, XAdapter’s tech support response time is awesome. They helped us solve a couple of little problems within days. Can’t recommend enough!!!

  8. lo7avh7
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by Amie (verified owner)

    Very easy to install and Im not very techy. Customer service is great, very responsive. Plugin works seamlessly.

  9. KeithBrose98
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by Martin (verified owner)

    I love this plug in 🙂 I had some issue with product key and “Lorenzo Marak” from tech support resolve it in no time. Thank you Lorenzo 🙂

  10. shavonneemery
    Rated 5 out of 5

    by Michael (verified owner)

    Extremely responsive support and a great experience overall.

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